Today is, perhaps, the fifth or the sixth time that Arvind Kejriwal was reported to be a victim of physical assault in the run to Lok Sabha Elections 2014. Be it getting slapped by a random stranger in New Delhi or being shown a series of black flags at Aamchi Mumbai, Aam Aadmi Party’s Arvind Kejriwal has seen it all. In fact, he has also faced an ink attack in the temple town of Varanasi.

Now, that’s a creative way to express hatred. But the point is, why does Arvind Kejriwal seem to be the primary target of overt public bitterness? Why are other politicians left out? Surely, there must be people who are anti – BJP’s and anti- Congress too. There are a number of possibilities that can be considered to resolve this dilemma:

1) He really is getting targeted by his opponents as expressed by him. He is recorded as saying that he feels that the attacks that have been taking place against him is a ploy organized by his opposition to win the Prime Minister’s  seat.

2) Another possibility might be that a part of the population that believes in expressing resentment through violence, really does hate Kejriwal. And if so..

3) Physical incursion is bound to take place without security on spot. This way, the attacks can clearly be justified as a sense of consequence to Kejriwal’s refusal to opt for security during campaigning. Surely, that might go against Mr. Kejriwal’s principle of being treated as an aam aadmi, but then again, one must face the result of his/her decisions.

4) Since the Indian politics or politics in general for that matter, is full of surprises, it becomes critical for one to consider all possibilities while investigating issues concerning politics. Therefore, the likelihood that AAP itself might have arranged this drama should not be brushed aside. This can easily be classified as the most banality yet successful technique to be used under the hoarding of dirty politics.

The decision of speculating one’s purpose for relevant or non relevant issues will ultimately fall upon you. Maybe, we are wrong. Maybe we are the ultimate manipulators. But we assure you that we have left it up to you to decide for yourself, the sense of right and wrong.

By Krishna Makwana