Krishnagar/Ranaghat (WB), May 4: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today accused Narendra Modi of inciting violence in Assam and demanded his arrest for allegedly trying to instigate caste-based violence in West Bengal.

“He wants to cause caste-based violence. We are telling the Election Commission that he should be arrested and should not be allowed to campaign in the state,” Banerjee said at an election rally here in Krishnagar.

“We will keep everyone close to our hearts – Hindus, Muslims, Bengalis and non-Bengalis. Let him touch a single one of them. We will rock Delhi,” she said while accusing the BJP of trying to spread the seeds of communalism.

Without naming Modi, she said “Those who cause riots cannot become the leader of the nation. It is because of their comments that innocent minorities are being butchered in Assam. Those who will lead the country if they themselves ignite riots, then what will happen to the nation”.

In a Facebook post also, the TMC supremo said certain comments of some political parties including the aspirant of the high office (PM post) are adding fuel.

The West Bengal said she had never seen politics at such a low, while addressing a poll rally in Nadia district, where election would be held in the last phase on April 12.

“If a party can go to this extent without being in power, it will definitely burn the country if it comes to power,” she said alluding to the BJP.

At a rally in Serampore recently, Modi had threatened to deport Bangladeshi immigrants if NDA came to power, saying they were being welcomed in West Bengal with red carpets for vote bank politics.

Today, at a rally in Asansol, Modi said Bangladeshi infiltrators, who were allowed into the country for votebank politics, would be sent back while refugees who were thrown out of Bangladesh on religious grounds would be greeted with open arms.

Countering him, Banerjee said, “Let him touch any such person, I will rock Delhi. He still doesn’t know me. I have fought with guns and have driven out the CPI(M) after 35 years”.

She accused Modi of not having knowledge of history of the nation saying under a pact between Indira Gandhi and Mujibur Rahman in 1971 Bangladeshis had come here.

“He (Modi) does not know the history of the nation, heritage and culture of Bengal and only doing politics to disintegrate this region by pitting one against other and playing politics of division, which will not be allowed,” Banerjee said at Ranaghat.

“I have never seen politics at such a low,” the West Bengal chief minister

Countering Modi’s charge that women were not safe in West Bengal, Banerjee said earlier, FIRs were not lodged in many cases, but after the new government came FIRs were being lodged and cases are being heard.

“You are insulting the women and brothers of Bengal,” Banerjee said.

On Saradha chitfund scam, she said chitfunds like Sanchayita had sprouted in the state when the CPI(M) was at the helm in the state and BJP was in the central government.

“You were in power in NDA. Why didn’t you take action against them that time? Why this ‘natak’ before elections?” Banerjee said adding that her government had formed a judicial commission in the case and also caught the prime accused Sudipta Sen.