New Delhi, Apr 12: It was the first major indirect face off between BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on two different new channels. People were eagerly waiting for what the two leaders who rarely give interviews have to say.A Super Saturday? In more ways than one. Rahul Gandhi’s first attempt to connect with the people ended up in a big disaster while Modi too stays away from the media.

It all changed on Saturday, April 12. For Rahul Gandhi it did not change for the better though but Modi made the most of the opportunity and answered all the charges from Adani, Advani, Jaswant to skull cap and puppy remark with wit and humour in his over close to two-hour interview. Rahul Gandhi kept his first complete interview in Hindi short and mercifully so ’cause he had nothing new to say. His previous attempt could have been played with subtitles.

With interview playing on channels, the BJP and Congress supporter were soon on twitter with both sides claiming who was better. Needless to say, Modi supporters outnumbered Rahul Gandhi’s supporters. Both #ModiKiAdalat and #RagaSaga continue to trend on micro blogging site Twitter and the Modi army was covering the interview live.

Check what the followers had to say about the event: