Photo: DNA RNA
Photo: DNA RNA

Few weeks back, BJP president and LokSabha contestant from Lucknow, Rajnath Singh, met the Shia clerics, post the Bukhari-Sonia meet. Modi interviewed with ANI and cleared his throat on the skull cap by fashioning it as an Act of Appeasement, despite the fact that he adores Sikh Turbans, several times when addressing his rallies in Sikh dominated regions. Yesterday, BJP approached Shehnai maestro, Late Ustad Bismillah Khan’s family to endorse BJP, which is likely to turn the decisive mandate into Modi’s favor in Varanasi, where he is getting the prick from AAP convener, Arvind Kejriwal and Congress candidate, Ajay Rai. Is Modi facing his tough fight in Varanasi?

With the latest political development in and around Kashi, the old city on the planet is adapting into the latest Peepli Live troll. It seems like everyone, from the voters to contestants, ideologue Varanasi as General Election’s new synonym.Its not hidden, the election is at its peak, rather than the issue-oriented turn into conventional tumultuous religious battle. So called act of appeasement, is the new good to sweep the polls and benefit the party with polarization wave.

Recently Congress candidate, Ajay Rai who diss the Samajwadi Party government by saying, “Khan sahib took the Shehnai to its zenith and popularized it through out the world. But the UP government couldn’t even fulfill building a grand ‘maqbara’ in his honor, eight years after his death.”

BJP was also not behind, as its party workers have been seen at Bismillah Khan’s grave at Fateman Dargah in Lallapura in this election season. No matter what, the local residents understand the gimmicks played by political honchos at the helm of this fervent electoral season, and that’s the only time when the Bharat Ratna recipient was remembered and missed.

This act of appeasement went to a new high when BJP prepared the list of people who could propose Narendra Modi’s name when BJP’s PM candidate files his nomination from Varanasi on Thursday. Amongst them is Zamin Hussian Khan, son of late Ustad Bismillah Khan.

BJP at its best this time left no stone unturned to appease minorities. Modi’s new mantra has swayed the minority votes as he is realizing the cult of ‘hard-liner’ might outcast his preference as PM amongst Muslims. At this time, approaching Bismillah’s son is one such step and measure to ensure and woo Varanasi, not just Mulims but also the multi-cultural demography.

If one knows sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar, Banaras is equally recognized as Bismillah and his belongingness from this city. Modi and his party have been reluctant to approach their family. If it was Pandit Ravi Shankar Khan, would the BJP have approached one of his family members based in the U.S too?

Arvind Kejrial’s AAP, has already emboldened its grip in Varanasi. Earlier the Muslim community has expressed its soft corner for AAP, in the Muslim dominant Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha seat in Delhi; the Varanasi Muslims have warmly acknowledged Kejriwal’s presence.

Narendra Modi’s contest from Varanasi could be the easiest and the toughest election so far. The right extremist thematic BJP might be their biggest strength in itself but this also turns out to be the one weakness. BJP in Varanasi is podcasting itself under the secular umbrella; this might be a lesson for the party on the pan-India presence. This time BJP is naively trying to put themselves in the shoes of the Congress, but Modi and his party must know that ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY!