modi selfie

Yet another election day and yet another controversy sparked with Modi when he was seen holding his party symbol ‘lotus’ while interacting with media. Congress has decided to complaint to EC crying a foul. AAP too has reacted in the same manner and has appealed EC to take action. Modi addressed a press conference right outside the polling booth in Ranip, Ahmedabad after casting his vote.

While addressing the media persons he was seen with a lotus in his hand. Also the press conference was looking much like Modi addressing public more and journalists less.

The lotus badge which he has been always seen wearing over his attire was seen in his hand for the first time and his opponents got a chance to take a dig at him.

Was it all strategic or just an incidence is the main question. Meanwhile, Modi has once again managed to grab attention towards him.

No matter, who he was addressing but he was promoting his party symbol on Election Day for sure. Experts say that Modi is smart enough to avoid these kinds of mistakes but if he has done this he must have done it with some intentions.

Well, Modi may be a smart leader but at the same time he is considered as a good marketeer too. First the release of manifesto, then nomination followed by a road show which saw massive gathering grabbing the whole media attention and now this flaunting of party symbol on election day that too right outside the polling booth.

All this clearly indicates that whatever he does, he does with a purpose and the first and the foremost purpose for him at the moment is victory at any cost.The election season has already turned into a war and Modi perhaps is just trying to prove that everything is fair in it.