By Sanjiv Arora

Who is the real the man of this election? With BJP leaders and followers having tens of names full of insults for Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Nitish Kumar, even L K Advani, Sushma Swaraj and Jaswant Singh – Narendra Modi has got to be the real man. He is the man with the wave. He is going to be our next prime minister. If you checkout the #modimanics on social media – all the BJP candidates, including him should be elected unopposed.

Anyone even contesting against him or other BJP leaders is the ultimate disrespect of intellect. Overtime there has been three key issues with BJP – declare a victory before crossing the final line, derogatory towards the opposition and following a Hindutva agenda. The BJP supporters will not read these as problems, they feel and will express (in comments after the article) that these are their strengths – and end up calling all kinds of names for the author. Go ahead, make my day.

Now let’s focus on the real man – NaMo, as he likes to be referred to! Although the RSS chief does not like it, he refused to chant NaMo NaMo and publically expressed his views. Here are his real man qualities:

1. Despite claiming a big wave, he looks for a safe seat. Oops, not just one but two – he could have gone for one more, but then that is the limit. Very Manly (Bahut hi Krantikari as made famous by Aaj Tak anchor).

2. He almost never gives an interview; the real men do not talk to media one on one. They just evade questions and walk off from interviews.

3. There is no question of having a press conference – the real men get nervous having lot of people around asking questions. Being a real man, since talking to even one journalist is an issue, several will be a disaster.

4. He talks in big rallies from a safe distance. He does not come within 200 feet range of common people – since he is the real man.

5. He is not open to a public debate. And is absolutely closed to a public debate on economy and his views on how to revive the economy. His solution to the economic problems is the real man, which is him – it may not sound grammatically right – but that is his solution. He and the BJP supporters claim, when he will come to power – economy will get fixed automatically. Fiscal deficit will be fixed, suddenly the exports are going to rise – and imports will decrease – why? Since he is the PM, what a man! What a man!

6. US and some other countries would not give him a visa. These countries feel that he was responsible for genocide in Gujarat. A country like American, if you do not like you – you must be a real man. This is his claim to fame to be a real man, there is lot of credible evidence including some comments by Vajpayee himself – that he was responsible for the riots. Even Supreme Court made a statement on it, but could not write it in the judgment for lack of proof. What does this prove, Modi is a real man – and was the chief minister during the Gujarat riots where thousands were killed. The least he could have done is say that his government was inefficient – since so many people died in riots. Instead, the real man said, if it was not for Modi government more people would have died. But what does this mean for #modimaniacs, America and UK are useless countries, why bother about them.  Modi has nothing to do with riots, and Supreme Court judges who made the statement were wrong.

7. Modi is a single man, which is being a real man. Oh wait, he is married but does not live with his wife. But why? Because that is what real men do, get married and then do not live with the wife. There is no clarity on the fact, if he is divorced. That makes this “real man” unclear on family values, who is claiming to protect Hindutva values and values/beliefs of the Nation and constitution. In Hindutva, real man is not defined as the man who does not live with his wife after marriage. What are the values of this real man? #modimanics will answer in form of various kind of abusive vocabulary – probably that are the values.

So we have concluded, that Modi is the real man. Whereas, Rahul is a Buddhu, Arvind is AK49, Kejru, mad, Paki Agent, Nitish is a pseudo secular, Sonia is Italian spy, Manmohan has no credibility, Advani is too old, Jaswant has gone nuts and MM Joshi, you got a sure shot seat – let a real man prove his manhood over there.

#modimaniacs, go ahead – have field day.

Disclaimer: These are author’s personal views.