IPL dates, Shreesanth married to whom, Hrithik-suzanne break up are the twitter trends of the past. It seems like Modi and Gandhi’s are catching up to be trending everyday. After filing his nomination from Vadodara yesterday, and entering the name of Jasodaben as his wife, there was a mixed reaction on twitter from all the corners of the world.


There was an interview by Times of India in February 2014, where Narendra Modi on the issue of corruption replied to the journalist, “Mere liye na koi aagey, na peechhey. Kiske liye bhrashtachaar karunga? (I’ve no familial ties. Who would I ever try to benefit through corruption?)”. The declaration is reported to have come after strict legal advice that he come clean on the marriage issue which, his family members say, was never consummated. His opponents hope that this disclosure will dent his popularity among women who might empathize with Jashodaben, whom he never returned to after two weeks of their nuptial. As per the Representation of the People Act, 1951, every candidate is required to declare even the assets held in the name of the spouse. In his nomination form, Modi has said he has no information about Jashodaben’s income, IT returns and PAN details.

The Supreme Court in November last year had refused to entertain a PIL accusing Modi of leaving the column blank in the nomination papers for the Maninagar Assembly seat in 2012. As far as Jashodaben is concerned, not much is known about her, except for a profile that was done by Open Magazine in 2009. According to the profile, “Jashodaben Chimanlal Modi worked as a school teacher in Rajosana village in Gujarat who lived in a small room with no bathroom and even any access to water.” While as in the village she is known as ‘Narendrabhai Modi’s wife’. However when asked to talk about herself, Jashodaben seemed unsure and said,“I will not say anything against my husband. He is very powerful. This job is all I have to survive. I am afraid of the consequences.”

Congress leader Digvijay singh tweeted, ‘’How can Modi look after the nation when he can’t look after his wife’’.  

Earlier in 2014, Indian Express also interviewed her, where she spoke about how she and Modi had never been in touch. Jashodaben and Narendra Modi were married at 17 and separated after about three years. She had told the paper, that she read every newspaper article on him, but doesn’t have any hopes of reuniting with him if he does become PM. “I have never gone to meet him and we have never been in touch. I don’t think he will ever call me. In whatever I say, I do not want it to harm him. I just wish that he progresses in whatever he does. I know he will become PM one day!”, she told the paper.

The uproar on the twitter as this is the first time that he has acknowledged Jashodaben in an official documentdespite, as a chief ministerial candidate he didn’t mention Jasodaben, 2007 and 2012 assembly election in Gujarat.

Rijo Stephen Cletus tweeted, India’s PM in the waiting was Bachelor with 56 inches chest on Election Campaigns,Married with unknown wife on Election Affidavit.