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Dr Harshvardhan, 59, is the BJP candidate for the LokSabha constituency of Chandni Chowk. A 5 time MLA, former Health & Education Minister in the Delhi government and former President of BJP Delhi, Dr. Harsh Vardhan joined politics in 1993 and has never lost an election since. A practicing ENT surgeon, he led the Pulse Polio programme in Delhi and also implemented the WHO’s Essential Drug Programme in the state. (Read the interview here)


Because local transportation system is a big issue there. You only have rickshaws and in this age if you have rickshaws being pulled up and carrying people and human beings doing all this, it is also some sort of a shame for the city.

If you still have dark spots in the capital of India, there you have most of these crimes against women taking place. That’s a matter of shame for the city.

There is no good quality mechanism to report crimes for women.  They are reluctant to go to police stations. We have to strengthen the online mechanisms, ensuring every FIR is registered. Issues

You see this is the constituency where you have a lot of traders. They are being harassed by the ruling officials on issues of sales tax and VAT department, etc. And the minister of the Central government could have ensured that there is transparency in collection of taxes, there is transparency in simplification of VAT collection procedures.

Health still remains the most neglected priority of successive governments. I would love to convince the new Prime Minister to make health a top priority.

Even if there is a wave, it does not mean that I will not work. And even if there was no wave, I have to work. So it doesn’t matter much to me. I am almost 100% confident that I will be able to win not only Chandni Chowk but all the seven seats in the city.

In this election the cadres of the RSS are also helping.Because they see in Modi, not an individual but something which is going to save the integrity of the nation. That’s how I interpret it. The way that the government has been working for the last 10 years, they don’t seem to be very serious about terrorism, naxalism or, maybe, separatism or things like that. They feel they can compromise anything for the sake of vote bank politics.

News about disagreements within the party ultimately doesn’t affect election results in any way.

Even if  the Supreme Court decides to dissolve the Assembly and order fresh elections and incur huge expenditure on this particular exercise what is the guarantee that you will not get this figure of 32, 35, whatever it is, for various political parties? That you will get a clear majority?