The entry of AAP has become the main cause of worry for many prominent leaders of both BJP and the Congress. The seats which were considered to be the safest to contest for the selected leaders from the main line parties are witnessing the toughest fight this election season. The prestige and even the political careers of some big wigs are at stake just because of the so-called underdog of Indian politics.

Arvind Kejriwal’s nomination from Varanasi turned the BJP bastion into a battle field witnessing one of the toughest fights. With Ajay Rai entering the scene on a Congress ticket with the support of QED in hand, nobody is willing to take a guess and the thriller of the temple town is worth watching.

Amethi, which is said to be the ancestral constituency of Gandhis is ready to see a stiff three way contest between Kumar Vishwas of AAP and Smriti Irani of BJP. The road to parliament is not that smooth for Rahul Gandhi this time and his main cause of worry is AAP candidate Vishwas who is cutting into Congress votes. Thus this seat too is grabbing all the attentions as for the first time Gandhi siblings are sweating out to retain the legacy of their ancestors.

These two seats are just examples to illustrate that it’s not only Congress who is facing a hard time due to the presence of AAP. But BJP is also suffering because of this AAP mania. Although Congress is projected to be the biggest loser, AAP factor is affecting BJP’s numbers also. There are many other seats which despite of Modi wave and anti incumbency factor, have turned from safe to sensitive.

However, no leader is ready to accept the fact that AAP is the main agent to this kind of a change in the traditional politics where a six time MP was considered unbeatable.

If we consider Delhi assembly poll as a trailer, this general election is a whole picture depicting a progressive ice-breaker to the orthodox polity.

The two main parties in the fray i.e. BJP and Congress along with other claimants to the throne can see this clearly but can’t admit before public to have observed it as all of them have been quite comfortable with their safe zones since long which no more exists.

Whether the game changer is AAP or some other party, the hard reality is that, no seat is safe enough to ensure a win and no leader is unbeatable.

People are eagerly waiting for the results, interesting will be to see the results of specially those who are considered unbeatable like Kapil Sibal, Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh, Sharad Yadav, Sandeep Dixit and many more.