rahul Varun-Gandhi

New Delhi, Apr 2: Caught up in a piquant situation for praising the work done by his cousin Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, BJP leader Varun Gandhi today said that his comments should not be seen as an endorsement of any political party or candidate.

“It should NOT be seen as an endorsement of any political party or candidate,” he tweeted, after praising the work done by self help groups in Amethi to ameliorate the lot of women.

“My comment, last night, in a meeting with teachers and NGOs, in response to being asked whether I knew about initiatives in Amethi, was that although I had not seen the work done via self help groups in Amethi, I had heard it was fairly decent, and that I would stress on empowering people towards being self-reliant,” he tweeted.

While his party is attacking the Congress Vice President and his party, he was found praising his cousin in Amethi, where the saffron party has fielded TV actor-turned-politician Smriti Irani to give him a tough fight.

Addressing a group of teachers in Sultanpur last night, Varun Gandhi had said that Rahul is doing good work through his self help groups for ameliorating the lot of women and added that he would like to follow it in his constituency.

Rahul Gandhi was quick to respond to Varun’s comments, saying, “Varun sahi kah rahe hain” (what Varun is saying is right).

“We have been working continuously in Amethi according to a strategy… we have laid foundation of education hub..done work for farmers according to a long planning got a food park.. what Varun is saying is right”, Rahul said.

“I am very happy that others are appreciating the work being done in Amethi .. doing as per a strategy , connecting farmers to the world , and will continue to work in the field of agriculture, education”, he said.

Varun had stated that there was a need to work like his cousin Rahul Gandhi through self help groups for amelioration of women.