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It seems like there has been an energetic blink in the Congress camp after Priyanka Gandhi, a member of wider Nehru-Gandhi family heir has headed the campaign charge in her brother’s constituency. After Amethi, her campaign revolves around Rae Bareily, but she fills the substantial poster space in the one of the oldest parties of this country to a large extent. Her candidness and personal mannerism draws a parallel sight with her grandmother and her easy-going attitude and being a rhetorician draws a contrast with her brother and mother.

Her determination to take on BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is more palpable when she boisterously takes on every bite for a bite, barb for barb against him. Her confrontational aura is enough to bite his brother’s adversaries, who ridiculed him on his cult of being ‘Shehzada’. Media hives have hinted at par the exchanges done by Priyanka not Rahul Gandhi, followed by where she has become steadfast for Rahul in Amethi but the ‘chatteratti’ and twitterati discourse has united as one voice this election, its ‘Priyanka versus Modi’ rather than ‘Rahul versus Modi’.

If one goes with the timeline, after Rajiv Gandhi’s demise and post 1999 elections, the Congress was dismantled with a leadership crisis. Sonia Gandhi took charge and addressed the nation, followed by that Rahul when he took the charge as Vice President where the political pundits and media much anticipated the change of guards in Congress. Since then it all turned out to be the bubble which has busted with time. Since Priyanka took the campaign charge in Amethi and Rae Barely, it has invigorated the party workers which may buy the number equation back to the Congress.

Some in the Congress camps believe that the magic of late PM Indira Gandhi can only be revived by her granddaughter, but the inner confusion among the Congress is much large and wide than that. Sonia, Rahul and now Priyanka, it seems a lot of fissures are within a camp itself.

Evidently, Mahmoud Madani Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind general secretary was seen tilted more towards Priyanka rather than Rahul Gandhi. But his crisp baked bite has hinted that the party should give more thought to this matter. Speaking at the Idea Exchange interaction held at The Indian Express on Wednesday, Madani said:

“Do not think I am praising Priyanka, but from what we can see it seems, by her way of talking… Rahul is a bit subdued when he talks, a little on the backfoot… I really liked it when he said the opposition is selling combs to bald people. I told someone this is the first time I liked something he said. Whenever some people sit together, no matter what level they are — workers or leaders of various political parties — they say Priyanka has better fighting instinct and is more aggressive than Rahul, she understands things better.

Undoubtedly, the Priyanka card has turned into a master stroke which the Congress leadership perhaps went wrong with their timing. In the heat and dust of this election, the campaign is dominated much by abuse rather than the issues. At this end, Mrs. Vadra has shown lot of charisma and certainly has a lot to say.

But the only problem she faces is the identity crisis, whether she goes with Rahul’s sister, Sonia’s daughter or she plays herself as Priyanka Vadra. As far as the latter role is concerned she has lot to defend her husband who is alleged by the BJP in the fraud land deals. As far as her brother, her mother and the anti-incumbent UPA II is concerned, identity crisis is the factor where she is stuck up. But if there is anyone who is blown by the Priyanka wave, it would be the BJP only but that is also restricted till Amethi and Rae Bareily.