New Year might come once in a year for people across the world, but people in many parts of India can’t wait to make merry and indulge to their heart’s content to celebrate their respective regional new years. Bengalis not just in West Bengal but around the globe will celebrate Pohela Boishakh (1425th Bengali New Year) on April 15, 2018.  Also known as Pahela Baishakh or Bangla Noboborsho, the auspicious day marks the first day of the first month (Baishakh) of the lunisolar Bengali calendar.

The grand festival is celebrated on 14th April as a national holiday in Bangladesh, marking it one of the biggest events and the only secular festival in the country. Pohela Boishakh also coincides with the other regional festivals like Vishu (Kerala), Puthandu (Tamil Nadu), Baisakhi (Punjab), and Bihu (Assam), when people celebrate the new year with their own local traditions and customs.

Though many people believe that the Bengali New Year or Pohela Boishakh is linked to the harvest festival of Baisakhi, actually many people may not know that the Bengali calendar is one of its kind that was introduced by the Mughal Empire, Emperor Akbar to be specific in the 15th century.

On this day, the Bengalis clean their houses and paint beautiful alpona (Bengali version of rangoli) in their courtyards. Women and men wear new clothes and sing and dance along the Bengali classical and folk tunes. Bengalis greet each other by saying ‘’Shubho Naboborsho’’ and worship God. As no Bengali celebration is ever complete without mouth-watering Bengali dishes and sweets, Pohela Boishakh sees a variety of veg and non-veg delicacies that are prepared across all Bengali households.

Pohela Boishakh Greetings, Quotes, Messages to Share With Your Family and Friends

”Wishing you a wonderful Pohela Baisakh.
May all your dreams come true, your aspirations find bigger wings and most importantly you feel loved wherever you go”.

”May you come up as bright as sun, as cool as water and as sweet as honey.
Hope coming new year fulfill all your desires and wishes.
Happy Bengali New Year 2018”

Let this year be one that brings you peace, joy and fulfillment. Happy Pohela Boisakh!”

May this Pohela Boisakh fill your life with abundance of hope and happiness!”

Choitrer Raater Sheshe Surjo Ashe Notun Beshe, Shei Surjer Rongin Aalo Muchhe Dik Jiboner Sokol Kalo Shubho Nobo Borsho!”

”Notun asha, notun rod, notun alo, notun bhor, misti hasi, dustu chokh, swapno gulo safol hok…….Subho Nabobarsho !!
Notun asha,natun pran,
natun sure natun gaan,
natun usha,natun alo,natun bachar katuk valo…

”Sukher smriti rekho mone
Mishe theko apon jone
Maan-Abhiman sokol bhule
Khshir prodip rekho jele
Hazar SURJO tomar chokhe
Bandhu tumi theko sukhe“Subha Nababarsho”

Here’s wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Pohela Boishakh!