It’s that time of the year when thousands of people celebrate the highly anticipated Tamil New Year and what is a better way than to celebrate with delicacies that bring together food and families. This festival is celebrated by Tamilians all over the world on 14th April.

Also known as Puthandu, this festival marks the first day of the Tamil New Year. This time of the year is celebrated with grand fanfare especially in Tamil Nadu and Sri-Lanka. The date of the festival is based on the Hindu calendar. Many Hindus observe this New Year as well and it is known as Vishu in Kerela and Baisakhi.

People celebrate the Tamil New year by wearing new clothes, going to the temple and eating authentic scrumptious meals called ‘saapadu’. Here are some dishes to titillate your tastes buds:

Sambhar- This sweet and spicy lentil based curry is enjoyed with rice and usually served on a banana leaf. There are many variations of preparations and is enjoyed by many especially to celebrate New Year.


Rasam- This is a kind of sweet and sour lentil soup that is cooked in various parts of south India especially during New Year celebrations. This soup is even believed to improve digestion.


Mango Pachadi- This is a raw mango based dish is prepared simply by cutting it into small pieces and cooked in water with turmeric powder, jaggery and flour.

Mango pachadi

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Vadai- This fried doughnut-shaped vadai is deep fried in oil and is crunchy and flavoursome. It can be made with various ingredients in the flour or plain.

Rasam vada

Sweet Purana Poli- This sweet and fried flatbread is a traditional delicacy for special occasions. There are many popular variations of this flatbread including flavours like coconut and brown sugar.

Purana Poli

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