Indian festivals are celebrated with much enthusiasm. People love decorating their houses,preparing delicious sweets and snack, putting up fancy lights and putting on new dressed. All this is a part of Diwali celebrations. This is also that time of the year when the women love stocking up on some essential makeup products. Makeup is a big part of dressing up for every style lover. And since Diwali is just few days away, here is our list of 7 must have makeup products for every woman who wants to look gorgeous on Diwali this year. Check out our list.


revlon correcting primer

No makeup is complete till you apply a primer as a base. For the uninitiated, primer is basically applied first on your face and it is used to make sure your makeup lasts longer. If you don’t know what brand has the best primer, then here us our list of the top 5 primers that are available in the market.


After you have applied your primer and left it on for sometime, then you can move on to the second step of your makeup routine and that is to apply a good foundation or a BB/CC cream. Applying a foundation will even out your skin tone. And to ensure that it does not look patchy or cakey, you have buy a foundation that matches with your skin tone.


Concealer is a must have because it helps in covering your dark spots and all other marks that you think should be hidden. You skin will look flawless once you apply a concealer. All your pigmentation will be hidden.


maybelline eyeliner

Eye makeup is incomplete without an eyeliner. Get a long lasting, waterproof eyeliner and you can apply it to make wings to any other style you prefer. We have already given you a list of good eyeliners that you can buy for long lasting effect. Since Diwali will be a long day, you can pick any one of these eyeliners.


the second thing you need for a complete eye makeup is a good color eye shadow. Most women love using eye shadows that match with their outfit. With so many options available for eye shadows, you will be spoilt for choice. You can also buy an eye shadow palette that will different colors. Here are the eye shadow palettes that you can choose from.


Highlight your eyes and make it look glamorous by applying some good mascara. It makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. Mascara makes your eyes look glamorous. Just make sure the mascara you choose is also waterproof.  If you want to add volume to your lashes, here are some effective mascara hacks.


woman applying lipstick

Now finish your look with a good shade of lipstick that complements your outfit well. If you have used bright shades for the eyes, you can keep your lipstick subtle. The trick is to keep either the lips or eyes glamorous and vibrant. If you highlight both of them, it might look a little over the top.  Depending on what your outfit is and the rest of your makeup, these are the 5 lipstick shades that you can choose from.

So now that you know what are your must have makeup products, stock them up and slay the Diwali look flawlessly.