Tamil New year or Puthandu or Puthuvarusham are being celebrated this year on 14th April. This auspicious day marks the beginning of the New Year and Tamil calendar and is widely celebrated. Families get together to pray, wear new clothes and greet each other with messages and break bread together.

This festival is celebrated by Hindus all over the date is set in synchronisation with the Hindu calendar. On this day many parts of the country celebrate New Year. This day is also celebrated as Vishu in Kerela, Vaisakhi in Punjab, Tuluva in Karnataka, Pana Sakranti in Odisha, Biju in Tripura, Bihu in Assam etc.

This day brings about greetings from all over the country and is considered to be prosperous. Some of the noted tweets are as follows:

Here are some messages that can be shared while celebrating Tamil New year 2018:

Happy Tamil New Year 2

Happy Tamil New Year 1

Happy Tamil New Year 4

Happy Tamil New Year 5

Happy Tamil New Year 6

Happy Tamil New Year 7

Tamil New year is also celebrated in Sri Lanka. This festival brings with it certain norms, people visit temples and come together as families to celebrate with closed ones.