Laxmi Pooja is celebrated in the festive month of Agrahayana or Marghashirsha. And today is the first auspicious Thursday of the pious month and meritorious devotees perform puja and observe fast on every Thursday of this month. The whole month is celebrated with great zeal and fervor. After Diwali Laxmi Puja, Thursdays of this month are very special. Read on to know how one can attract good fortune and abundance into one`s life by worshipping Her during this  Goddess’ special month.

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Laxmi, who is the presiding deity of wealth, bestows prosperity on devotees who makes Her happier with their devotion. In this month devotees must make sure that they install picture or statue of Maa Laxmi holding a lotus. Light up diyas and draw rangoli or alpana o the doorstep to please Her. As per rituals, devotees must serve different bhog or naivediye on every Thursday to appease Goddess. The special bhog of Kheer and puri are also made by devotees.

Laxmi Pooja celebrations


Miley Cyrus performs Lakshmi Puja at Malibu home! Is she embracing Hinduism?

Miley Cyrus performs Lakshmi Puja at Malibu home! Is she embracing Hinduism?

Holy Recitation of Sri Sukta and other Laxmi mantras are one of the ideal ways to invite wealth energies during this month.Another ideal way to please the Goddess of wealth and prosperity is by paying obeisance to the holy cow. As per folklore, Ma Laxmi resides in houses that clean and tidy. So devotees must make sure that their homes are neat and tidy. Remove clutter, cobwebs and unclean environment as these can drive Her out of your home. Devotees can please Maa Laxmi by doing Tulsi and Lord Kuber’s pooja as well. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi prefers staying at home where Tulsi and Lord Kuber stay.

This year, Argrahayana month has four Thursdays, viz. 9, 16, 23 and 30 November. Four prahars are dedicated to the pujas.Follow these ways to attract goddess Laxmi and soon your wishes will get fulfilled.Hope Goddess Mahalakshmi bless everyone with health, wealth and prosperity.