Colombia Vs IVORY COAST, Group C - Live Score




Colombia vs Ivory Coast, Group C, FIFA World Cup 2014

Colombia: Los Cafeteros have never made it past the group stage at the FIFA World Cup. Ranked 8 in the FIFA rankings, Colombia boast a strong squad that can frustrate any side on their day. Without their star striker Radamel Falcao participating in the tournament, they still have enough fire-power up front to send Colombia past the group stage.

Ivory Coast:  The Elephants look favourites to qualify for the round of 16 for the first time, considering they are not placed in the ‘Group of Death’ like previous occasions. 23rd ranked Ivory Coast relies heavily on their main players like Didier Drogba, Yaya Toure and Salomon Kalou to perform well. The highest ranked African side made a great impact during their qualifying stage of the World Cup and will be expected to continue their momentum.


The two sides are meeting for the first time.


(175 Mins)

FULL-TIME - Colombia 2 - 1 Ivory Coast

(175 Mins)

The full-time whistle is blown and Colombia are out of danger as they take a 2-1 win against Ivory Coast.

(173 Mins)

Danger for Colombia. They lose the ball, which is kicked to the box. Drogba runs for it but is just beaten by goalkeeper Ospina who manages to clear it just in time.

(172 Mins)

We are into four minutes of stoppage time.

(170 Mins)

YELLOW CARD - Tiote is booked for his rough tackle on Cuadrado.

(168 Mins)

Toure takes a free kick for Ivory Coast near the goal line but outside the box, which is cleared by the defence. Colombia seem to be doing well here to prevent another goal against them.

(167 Mins)

Yepes was down briefly after a rough tackle on his upper leg by Mathis Bolly. Both teams have made all of their substitutions, and Yepes makes his way slowly back on to the pitch.

(166 Mins)

Chance for Kalou. Gervinho passes him the ball, but Kalou hits it to the centre of the goal, where Ospina comfortably catches it.

(163 Mins)

Bolly misjudges a header, which goes over the crossbar. Slight desperation here from the Ivorians who are trying hard to get a goal back.

(162 Mins)

Ivory Coast are trying their best to break down Colombias defence. Auriers shot is caught easily by Ospina.

(161 Mins)

Quintero celebrates after scoring the second goal for Colombia.

(159 Mins)

SUBSTITUTION - Alexander Mejia replaces Abel Aguilar for Colombia. Both teams have now used up their substitutions.

(158 Mins)

In an attempt to score an equaliser, Boka passes the ball in to the box, but it is too high for Drogba to reach.

(156 Mins)

Colombias players do a celebratory dance on the pitch after their first goal, scored by James Rodriguez.

(154 Mins)

Gervinho skips past three defenders to get a clear shot of the goal, and slams it into the left of the net. Ospina cannot do anything to save it.

(154 Mins)

GOAL - Colombia 2 - 1 Ivory Coast (Gervinho)

(153 Mins)

SUBSTITUTION - Ivory Coast also make a substitution, as Die Serey is replaced by Mathis Bolly.

(152 Mins)

SUBSTITUTION - Colombia bring on Santiago Arias for Pablo Armero.

(151 Mins)

Die Serey loses the ball for Ivory Coast, and Colombia take advantage, passing the ball to Quintero who runs into the box and slams the ball into the back of the net. Colombia are now two goals ahead of Ivory Coast.

(150 Mins)

GOAL - Colombia 2 - 0 Ivory Coast (Quintero)

(148 Mins)

Toure takes the free kick, which hits the wall of players. He appeals for a handball, but referee Howard Webb calls to play on.

(148 Mins)

SUBSTITUTION - Salomon Kalou replaces Gradel just before the free kick is taken.

(147 Mins)

Drogba wins a free kick after he is pulled down by Aguilar, just outside of the box.

(146 Mins)

The noise in the stadium has dramatically increased as the Colombian fans celebrate and cheer on their team, who are now one goal up.

(144 Mins)

Cuadrado takes a corner for Colombia, and Rodriguez is able to jump and heads the ball into the back of the net, past the goalkeeper.

(144 Mins)

GOAL - Colombia 1 - 0 Ivory Coast (Rodriguez)

(143 Mins)

Zapata shuts down Gervinho in the box and stops him retrieving the ball. The tempo is quickening here in the Estadio Nacional.

(141 Mins)

SUBSTITUTION - Didier Drogba comes on to the pitch to replace Wilfried Bony.

(140 Mins)

Cuadrado takes a shot from the side of the goal, but the ball bounces off goalkeeper Barry and then hits the goalpost. Close chance for Colombia.

(138 Mins)

Gradel takes advantage of a missed block by Colombian defender, Zapata. The midfielder tries to get to the goal, but he was successfully blocked. Ivory Coast showing a lot more determination in this half so far.

(137 Mins)

Bony misses a shot at the goal. The ball is passed to him from outside the box, and he misjudges a kick, leaving it to roll behind the goal line.

(135 Mins)

The Ivorian is booked after tackling from behind. His booking means that he will miss the next game.

(135 Mins)

YELLOW CARD - Didier Zokora is booked for Ivory Coast.

(133 Mins)

SUBSTITUTION - Colombia make the first substitution of the game bringing on Juan Quintero for Victor Ibarbo.

(133 Mins)

Toure takes another shot at the goal, but it goes far wide of the right goal post, to the delight of the Colombian fans.

(132 Mins)

Toure wins a free kick after another rough tackle on him, this time by Aguilar. It will be taken just outside the box.

(130 Mins)

Gervinho was passed the ball by Toure in the box. After a tackle by Yepes he loses it, and Colombia win a goal kick.

(128 Mins)

Now it is Toure to take a free kick outside the box on the left side for Ivory Coast. His aim for the goal was comfortably saved by goalkeeper Ospina.

(127 Mins)

Tiote concedes a free kick after a foul on Sanchez, who he tackles from behind.

(126 Mins)

The second half is now underway.

(121 Mins)

Didier Drogba watches on from the bench. He was not in the starting line-up for Ivory Coasts game against Japan either.

(119 Mins)

In their first meeting, Colombia and Ivory Coast have played a fast first-half. However, there were a few good opportunities that were missed from both sides.

(111 Mins)

It was a goal-less first half for both teams. In Ivory Coasts last seven World Cup games, only one has ended with the team failing to score when they drew 0-0 with Portugal in 2010.

(109 Mins)

HALF-TIME - Colombia 0 - 0 Ivory Coast

(108 Mins)

Boka crosses the ball into the box, but no one was able to hit at the goal. Colombia come in strong on the counter-attack, but are called offside.

(107 Mins)

There is just one minute of added time.

(105 Mins)

Good opportunity for Ivory Coast. Gervinho manages to tackle the ball around the Colombian defence. He passes the ball to Gradel, who is pushed back.

(104 Mins)

We are just under five minutes away from half-time, and neither team has been able to create many shots on target so far.

(102 Mins)

Bambas stumble in the box nearly loses Ivory Coast the ball at a crucial place, but he recovers well and retrieves the ball back, giving Ivory Coast possession again.

(99 Mins)

Gradel takes a corner for Ivory Coast, but Zuniga clears the ball out of the box and out of danger.

(97 Mins)

Gutierrezs missed shot after a cross in by Rodriguez. This was Colombias best chance at a goal so far.

(95 Mins)

Free kick given to after a foul on Cuadrado just over the halfway line. Serey grabs hold of him too hard in a scrap for the ball.

(93 Mins)

Serge Aurier takes a shot for Ivory Coast. He left-foots the ball towards the right of the goal, and goalkeeper Ospina dives to the left to save it.

(90 Mins)

Missed chance for Colombia. James Rodriguez runs down the left side of the pitch and sets up Gutierrez perfectly. But the Colombian forward misjudges his hit and the ball flies to the left of the goal.

(86 Mins)

Miss for Ivory Coast. Tiote takes a left-footed shot from just outside the box. Ospina jumps to make the save, but the ball was already hit too high, and goes over the crossbar.

(83 Mins)

Cuadrados run to the goal is interrupted by Boka, who clears it behind the goal line. Corner awarded to Colombia.

(83 Mins)

Despite being outnumbered by Colombias fans, Ivory Coasts fans are seen singing and chanting in the Estadio Nacional.

(80 Mins)

Colombia given a free kick after a bad tackle from Die Serey. Rodriguez takes a shot towards the goal, but it is headed away by Ivory Coasts defence.

(79 Mins)

Sanchez takes a shot towards the goal after Colombia were awarded a corner, but Barry makes an easy catch.

(76 Mins)

In a moment of opportunity, Rodriguez hits the ball into the box for Gutierrez, but he cant quite get there in time.

(74 Mins)

Colombia on the counter-attack, but the ball is kicked out of play by Zokora before it reaches the box. Great determination shown by both teams so far.

(73 Mins)

Ivory Coast awarded a free kick after a rough tackle on Gradel by Armero. Yaya Toure takes it just outside the box.

(71 Mins)

Colombia with another chance. Cuadrado crosses the ball across the goal but it is blocked by Ivory Coasts defence.

(69 Mins)

Ivory Coasts midfielder, Die Geoffroy Serey is overcome with emotion at the countrys national anthem.

(68 Mins)

Missed chance for Colombia. Gutierrez takes a shot at the goal, but it goes to the right of the post. Ivory Coast take possession.

(65 Mins)

No real chances created yet from either team. The ball is passed forward from Ivory Coast but as no one was in the box, Ospina makes an easy catch. Colombia are back in possession.

(62 Mins)

The whistle has blown and the game is underway.

(57 Mins)

Ivory Coast starting XI: Barry, Aurier, Zokora, Bamba, Boka, Gradel, Tiote, Y. Toure, Die Serey, Gervinho, Bony.

(56 Mins)

Colombia starting XI: Ospina, Zuniga, Zapata, Yepes (c), Armero, Cuadrado, Sanchez, Rodriguez, Aguilar, Ibarbo, Gutierrez.

(55 Mins)

The teams are making their way on to the pitch in the Estadio Nacional in Brasilia.

(50 Mins)

This is the first time that these two teams will play each other. Colombias fans will be hoping for a win like the 3-0 victory against Greece last Saturday.

(47 Mins)

Welcome to the live commentary for the Group C game, Colombia v Ivory Coast. Both teams are currently tied at the top of their group, after winning their first games.


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