IVORY COAST Vs Japan, Group C - Live Score




Ivory Coast vs Japan, Group C, FIFA World Cup 2014

Ivory Coast:  The Elephants look favourites to qualify for the round of 16 for the first time, considering they are not placed in the ‘Group of Death’ like previous occasions. 23rd ranked Ivory Coast relies heavily on their main players like Didier Drogba, Yaya Toure and Salomon Kalou to perform well. The highest ranked African side made a great impact during their qualifying stage of the World Cup and will be expected to continue their momentum.

Japan: Known for their conservative and school-book play, Japan is slowly adopting a more aggressive approach. With heavyweights like Shinji Kagawa and Shinji Okazaki, 46th ranked Japan is expected to deliver a better their record of reaching the round of 16 in their fifth World Cup appearance. Alberto Zaccheroni’s young side appears to be a fairly competitive side on their given day.


Total matches played: 3

Ivory Coast 1 Win, Japan 2 Wins, 0 Draws


(183 Mins)

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(180 Mins)

Ivory Coast celebrates at full-time. Their two goals which were less than two minutes apart granted them their victory over Japan.

(177 Mins)

Japan fans look on in disappointment as their team was denied a win, despite taking the lead at the end of the first half.

(175 Mins)

Ivory Coasts victory gives them three points, putting them tied at the top of Group C with Colombia.

(173 Mins)

Full-time - Ivory Coast 2 - 1 Japan.

(171 Mins)

Both teams are scrapping to get a last minute goal.

(170 Mins)

Gervinho had a clear run to the goal but was stopped by Japans defence.

(169 Mins)

Didier Ya Konan appears to be injured and is clutching his right knee on the pitch.

(167 Mins)

There will be four minutes of stoppage time.

(166 Mins)

Yamaguchi gives the ball away. Ivory Coast come in strong on the counter attack but Kalou doesnt quite get a shot on target.

(164 Mins)

Gervinho has a clear run at the goal, but is successfully tackled. The counter-attack proves unsuccessful for Japan.

(163 Mins)

Substitution - Yoichiro Kakitani on for Shinji Kagawa.

(161 Mins)

Drogbas attempt narrowly misses the goal after it deflects off the Japanese defence.

(160 Mins)

Less than ten minutes until the final whistle. Will Ivory Coast be able to hold on to the lead?

(158 Mins)

Drogba takes a powerful free kick but the attempt on target was blocked by Kawashima.

(158 Mins)

Free kick to Ivory Coast 30 metres from the goal.

(157 Mins)

Japan failed to penetrate through Ivory Coasts defence, and a poor attempt at a shot was stopped by goalkeeper Barry.

(154 Mins)

Substitution - Konan Ya replaces Wilfried Bony for Ivory Coast.

(154 Mins)

Ivory Coast maintained possession in an attempt to get close to the goal. Yaya Toure hits the ball wide.

(151 Mins)

Substitution - Constant Djakpa replaces Arthur Boka for Ivory Coast.

(150 Mins)

Ivory Coast celebrate their second goal which has put them in the lead.

(149 Mins)

Ivory Coasts Boka is taken off the pitch after he was seen clutching his left knee.

(146 Mins)

Wilfried Bony celebrates his goal, which equalised the game. Gervinho then scores two minutes later.

(145 Mins)

Substitution - Yoshito Okubo comes on for Japan. Yuya Osako is substituted off.

(144 Mins)

Gervinho heads the ball in to the goal just two minutes after Bonys header.

(143 Mins)

Ivory Coast 2 - 1 Japan (Gervinho)

(143 Mins)

Goal for Ivory Coast.

(141 Mins)

After many missed attempts, Wilfried Bony heads the ball in to the goal.

(141 Mins)

Goal for Ivory Coast. 1-1.

(140 Mins)

Yellow card for Morishige.

(139 Mins)

Didier Drogba comes on for Die Geoffroy Serey.

(138 Mins)

Didier Drogba is on the sidelines waiting to be substituted on to the pitch.

(136 Mins)

Salomon Kalou takes advantage of an open box, but his shot goes wide of the goal.

(135 Mins)

Zokora booked for venting frustration after Toure stumbles from a tackle in the box.

(134 Mins)

Yellow card for Didier Zokora.

(132 Mins)

Honda takes the free kick for Japan which is quickly cleared by Bony.

(131 Mins)

Souleymane Bamba is given a yellow card for a rough tackle on Shinji Okazaki.

(131 Mins)

Bamba is booked for Ivory Coast.

(130 Mins)

Substitution - Makoto Hasebe comes off and Yasuhito Endo comes on for Japan.

(127 Mins)

Free kick given to Japan, who run the ball in to the box. Hasebes attempt goes wide of the goal.

(124 Mins)

Bony misses the goal with a header, after a cross in by Kalou.

(122 Mins)

Japan restart the second half of the game in Recife.

(121 Mins)

Both teams head back on to the pitch for the start of the second half.

(117 Mins)

Japan attempting to tackle the ball from Yaya Toure. So far, their strong defending has denied Ivory Coast a goal.

(112 Mins)

Ivory Coast have so far been unsuccessful in penetrating Japans strong defence. The first half saw all of their attempts on target being blocked.

(109 Mins)

Japans Keisuke Honda celebrates his goal in the 16th minute.

(106 Mins)

The half time whistle is blown. Ivory Coast 0 - 1 Japan.

(106 Mins)

There will be one minute of stoppage time.

(105 Mins)

Yaya Toure crosses the ball into the box in the hope of equalising, but Japans defence quickly block the attempt.

(103 Mins)

Kalou misplaces a header, which ends up wide of the goal.

(100 Mins)

Didier Drogba waves from the bench. He has been featured in five out of the six World Cup games that Ivory Coast have played.

(99 Mins)

Ivory Coast denied yet another chance to score, as Bonys attempt goes straight over the crossbar.

(96 Mins)

Honda has a good run to the goal but is quickly blocked by Bamba on the edge of the box.

(95 Mins)

Missed chance for Gervinho when an attempt at a shot was blocked by Japans defence.

(93 Mins)

Japans coach Alberto Zaccheroni shouts to his team from the sidelines in determination.

(91 Mins)

Boka takes the free kick which narrowly misses the goal and goes over the crossbar. Missed opportunity for Ivory Coast to equalise.

(90 Mins)

Free kick awarded to Ivory Coast after a clumsy tackle by Okazaki.

(89 Mins)

A stumble by Aurier loses Ivory Coast the ball by the box, after a long run from the centre of the field.

(87 Mins)

Yaya Toure loses possession of the ball in the box. He appeals for a handball, which is denied by the referee.

(84 Mins)

Yaya Toure takes the free kick for Ivory Coast, but the ball goes over the crossbar.

(83 Mins)

Yellow card for Maya Yoshida.

(81 Mins)

Good attempt by Japans Atsuto Uchida with a shot on target, but blocked by the goalkeeper.

(80 Mins)

Japan celebrates after Keisuke Hondas goal, putting them in the lead.

(79 Mins)

Serey Die given a warning by the referee for knocking down goal scorer, Honda.

(77 Mins)

Goal scored by Keisuke Honda, hit with force into the top left corner of the goal.

(76 Mins)

GOAL Ivory Coast 0 - 1 Japan

(74 Mins)

Japans Okazaki is knocked down by Tiote, but no yellow card given.

(71 Mins)

Honda attempts to take the ball from Ivory Coasts Kalou, as both teams are trying to get a clear run to the goal.

(70 Mins)

Japan regain possession after a poor cross by Serge Aurier.

(65 Mins)

Wilfried Bony hits the ball towards the goal, but it goes over the net. Ivory Coast are showing great determination to push forward.

(62 Mins)

Missed chance for Ivory Coast. Salomon Kalou crosses the ball in, but it is cleared by Japan.

(61 Mins)

KICK OFF at the Arena Pernambuco.

(53 Mins)

Both teams are making their way on to the pitch. Ivory Coast and Japan have met three times before, with Japan winning twice. Who will take the lead tonight?

(46 Mins)

Japan fans show their support at the Arena Pernambuco in Recife, where the match against Ivory Coast will kick off in just over ten minutes.

(42 Mins)

Welcome to the live commentary of Ivory Coast v Japan.


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