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Honduras vs Switzerland, Group E, FIFA World Cup 2014

Honduras: Making their third appearance in the World Cup (second time in a row), Honduras will try to take their oppurtunity to go beyond the group stage. If they manage to do so, it would be the first time they qualify for the Round of 16. Honduras will count on Wilson Palacios, Carlo Costly and Jerry Bengtson to make history.

Switzerland: The Swiss side known for their famous victory over Spain, the eventual winners of 2010 world cup in last edition will look forward to improving their recent records. The sixth ranked side led by Captain Gokhan Inler consists of a bunch of young players like 21 year-old playmaker Granit Xhaka and Xhardhan Shaqiri. Even though Ottmar Hitzfeld’s side lacks the experience, Switzerland can count on history as they have reached the quarter-finals thrice, the last in 1954 when they hosted the event.


Total Matches Played: 1

Honduras 0 Win, Switzerland 0 Win, 1 Draw


(171 Mins)

FULL TIME - Honduras 0-3 Switzerland

(171 Mins)

Jerry Palacios over-hits a cross and the ball goes straight out of play. That looks like that will be that.

(169 Mins)

There will be three minutes of injury time. Switzerland look set to go through. Two European teams look set to go through in Group H which is something considering how dominant the South American teams have been in group qualification.

(167 Mins)

The game is certainly winding down now. Honduras seemed resigned to their fate. Switzerland look comfortable keeping things the way they are. The South American side have failed to score against European teams in their last four attempts at the World Cup and it looks like it will be a fifth as Figueroa lets rip from distance but its straight into Valladares arms.

(164 Mins)

Shaqiri comes off with four minutes to go and receives a standing ovation from the Manaus crowd. Blerim Dzemaili comes on in his place. Its not every day you can say you scored a World Cup, hat-trick.

(162 Mins)

At the moment, Switzerland look set to qualify for the next round but it could all change in an instant if Ecuador score against France in the other game happening at the moment. Its currently 0-0.

(161 Mins)

Inler fires one from range and it bounces just in-front of Valladares but hes equal to it as the game begins to wind down.

(159 Mins)

On another night Honduras could have had three or four here. A couple of great stops by Benaglio, a clearance off the line and a penalty denied. A very unlucky evening for the South Americans.

(158 Mins)

Benaglios denies Honduras once again. Garcia gets in down the left and feeds Chaves, his boot looks high on Behrami who challenges with his head but the forward gets the ball and puts in an inch perfect ball for Bengston who is free in the box and gets it on target but the keepers arm keeps his effort out.

(157 Mins)

Shaqiris hat-trick was Switzerlands first at the World Cup finals since 1954 and the 50th in the World Cups history. A place in the record books for the young forward.

(155 Mins)

Changes for both sides now as Granit Xhaka comes off for Michael Lang and Andy Najar is Honduras last substitute, replacing Oscar Garcia.

(154 Mins)

Honduras have a corner after Claros shot is deflected off Djourou. The defender is beaten to the ball on the set play by Figueroa but his header is over.

(152 Mins)

The assist is Drmics last action of the match as he comes off for Haris Seferovic, the late goal hero in the first group game for Switzerland against Ecuador.

(149 Mins)

Hat-trick for Xherdan Shaqiri. Brilliant movement from Drmic after Rodriguez launches a ball upfield and an onside Drmic tricks his way past Beckeles and could shoot himself but unselfishly plays in Shaqiri who gives the keeper the eyes and sends him the wrong way before firing into the bottom left corner of the goal.

(149 Mins)

Honduras 0-3 Switzerland (Shaqiri)

(146 Mins)

Switzerland living very dangerously this half, Honduras cross into the Swiss area, it looks wide but its headed back in and toward Juan Carlos Garcia who finds himself in the box but his effort is tame and Switzerland recover.

(144 Mins)

A frantic few minutes for Argentinean referee Nestor Pitana and his "unique" hair style. Denied Honduras a penalty and the first booking of the night.

(144 Mins)

Jerry Palacios is the first player to go into the book tonight after a reckless challenge on Schaer. No complaints.

(142 Mins)

Switzerland break from a Honduras corner and Shaqiris away. He sprints forward but takes too heavy a touch and Honduras recover. Bad play from the goal-scorer, Drmic was looking clear and it could have been a great chance for Drmic to open his World Cup goal account.

(139 Mins)

A great ball from midfield takes out three Switzerland defenders and Jerry Palacios is in but falls down just as hes about to pull the trigger. Replays seem to show Djourou, who was coming back to cover seemed to connect with Palacios. Could have been a penalty but referee Pitana shakes his head and Honduras are furious.

(137 Mins)

Shaqiri almost gets his hat-trick! Mehmedi and Shaqiri toy with the Honduras defence before the midfielder lofts a great ball over Beckeles. Shaqiri gets on the end of it and hits a first time volley but its straight at Valladares.

(135 Mins)

Drmic is played through by Shaqiri again and gets a shot away but Valladares is equal to it. Minutes earlier Jerry Bengston looked like hed put his side back in it as Djourou and Benaglio looked on in despair.

(134 Mins)

Its all Honduras at the moment. Luis Suarez will have wanted a response from his side and they have certainly not disappointed. The crowd responds in earnest, cheering every attack, they want a match in this second half.

(131 Mins)

Off the line from Honduras! Again Djourou is caught napping and Bengston is on the end of a great pass. He rounds Benaglio and it looks like a goal for Honduras before Rodriguez races back to the line from nowhere and hooks the ball clear. Great defending.

(129 Mins)

Some uncomfortable viewing for Switzerland fans. A ball comes toward Djourou but the defender misjudges it completely and misses his header. He manages to recover and put off Jerry Palacios but some suspect defending from Djourou.

(127 Mins)

Great chance for Honduras. Their best of the game. A great ball from out wide curls into the Swiss box, it looks like Bengston can just tap it in but for some strange reason he elects to dive in with his head and messes the chance up completely. Nine goals in 12 in qualifying for the forward, yet to score at the World Cup.

(125 Mins)

A brilliant ball in from Shaqiri but no Swiss players can get their heads on it. The ball comes out to Djourou who elects to set-up Inler. But the captain screws his shot well wide.

(125 Mins)

Some neat Swiss play, one touch passing between Inler and Drmic. The forward passes to Lichtsteiner who is fouled by substitute Chavez and Switzerland have an early free kick, deep in Honduras territory.

(123 Mins)

And we start immediately with a change for Honduras. Roger Espinoza comes off for Marvin Chavez.

(123 Mins)


(122 Mins)

The teams are back out and the second half is just about to begin.

(119 Mins)

For Switzerland, more of the same. Shaqiri has always been held in high regard but has yet to prove himself on the big stage, and what better way announce yourself on the world stage than at the World Cup.

(115 Mins)

Honduras have played more matches at the World Cup without winning than any other side. Theyre still attempting to win their first having lost five and drawn three in their competitive history at the tournament. Theyll certainly want to go down fighting if indeed they end up losing this match and could still qualify if they managed to turn this match around and France defeated Ecuador, though their poor goal difference makes this highly unlikely.

(109 Mins)

A great first goal from Shaqiri. Weve seen some brilliant goals of all shapes and sizes from the likes of Van-Persie, Messi and even Australias Tim Cahill, where does Shaqiris screamer rank?

(108 Mins)

Two goals for Shaqiri mean Switzerland head in two up at the break. As it stands the European side are going through.

(107 Mins)

HALF TIME - Honduras 0-2 Switzerland.

(107 Mins)

Drmic again denied by Valladares. Probably Honduras best player this half, hes kept the score looking respectable for the South American side.

(105 Mins)

A terrible Wilson Palacios pass almost lets the Swiss in again. Honduras are really making problems for themselves. There will be two minutes of added time at the end of the first half.

(103 Mins)

And it almost leads to a goal. Benaglios kick is brought down and the ball comes to Shaqiri. He again links up with Drmic who times his run beautifully to beat the offside trap and almost gets his left footed shot in between Valladares legs but the keeper manages to keep it out.

(102 Mins)

Theres some concern for Benaglio but he looks okay to continue and restarts play with a hoofed ball up field.

(101 Mins)

Jerry Palacios gets his first touches and Honduras have a corner. In the resulting set-piece, Benaglio comes to punch a corner but misses and in his fall to the ground seems to hit the back of his head on Lichtsteiners knee. Hes down and in pain.

(99 Mins)

Looks like an earlier than anticipated change for Honduras. Its forces as Carlos Costly limps off, helped by Wilson Palacios, with what looks a hamstring injury. Jerry Palacios, Wilsons brother, will replace the striker.

(97 Mins)

Switzerland have a free kick in the Honduras half and some quick thinking from Inler sees a lobbed pass find a Granit Xhaka who has broken away from the Honduras defence. He can only fire his shot over but once again, one simply ball lets the Swiss in.

(93 Mins)

Honduras are looking understandably deflated after that second goal. Head coach Luis Suarez will be hoping his side can bite back in a not too similar fashion to a certain Uruguayan striker with the same name.

(91 Mins)

Honduras just cannot handle Shaqiris movement. Inler plays a great ball forward but Bernardez should intercept, he misses and the ball goes straight to Drmic who breaks forward with Shaqiri and finds his man with an inch perfect pass. Shaqiri keeps his composure and places his shot in the bottom right corner. Two for him, two for Switzerland.

(91 Mins)

Honduras 0-2 Switzerland (Shaqiri)

(88 Mins)

Its a staggering 88% humidity in Manaus. This might explain Switzerlands tactic of sitting deep and inviting Honduras on since Shaqiris goal. These conditions have seemed to hurt teams in the last few rounds, particularly Italy and England.

(87 Mins)

Figueroa flies in, literally, on Shaqiri but takes down Claros who now requires treatment from the physio. Figueroa does like a tackle, but maybe not on his own teammates.

(85 Mins)

Honduras fire long into the Swiss penalty area but Figueroa cant get there. Benaglio almost puts his side in danger with a terrible goal kick but the chance is wasted when a ball crossed into the box is over-hit.

(82 Mins)

Danger for the Swiss. The corner comes in, it deflects off a couple of bodies and comes to Beckeles who is unmarked. Unfortunately the right back has his back to goal, he tries to turn and fire but sends his shot flying into row Z.

(80 Mins)

Shaqiri in again but this time his shot is well wide. Hes giving the Honduras backline all sorts of problems. Honduras respond and come forward themselves, the ball is crossed in to the Swiss box but is forced out for Honduras first corner.

(78 Mins)

Xhaka takes the free-kick and the wall does it job but the ball is deflected high and out for a corner. Espinoza clears at the back post.

(75 Mins)

Switzerland break and Shaqiri gets the ball, Drmic is with him. The two forwards race forward and Shaqiri tries to play the ball through to Drmic, its blocked, but the goal-scorer was fouled by Figueroa as he made the pass. Free kick Switzerland.

(73 Mins)

Since Switzerlands goal they havent really had much possession. Honduras are trying to play through them but lack that final pass. A move breaks down when Behrami is fouled on the edge of his penalty area and Switzerland now have the ball back.

(71 Mins)

What a start for Switzerland, just what the doctor ordered after losing 5-2 to France. Coach Ottmar Hitzfeld says he will retire from football after this World Cup, Shaqiri may just be ensuring he gets one match more with that strike.

(70 Mins)

The Manaus pitch has already begun to tear up. Players have having to pat down the turf with their feet after tackles to keep the surface flat.

(69 Mins)

Honduras look to get back into it immediately, theres a neat one-two on the edge of the box but Juan Carlos Garcia fires well, well wide.

(66 Mins)

Screamer from Shaqiri! The forward receives the ball on the right side of the box, there are players around him but he has only one thing in mind. He cuts inside under pressure from two Honduras defenders before unleashing an almighty shot that powers into the top left corner. Valladares had no chance. Thats the Bayern Munich mans first goal at this World Cup.

(66 Mins)

Honduras 0-1 Switzerland (Shaqiri)

(62 Mins)

Massive chance for Switzerland. Palacious loses possession in his own half and Drmic races down the lift and plays a brilliant left cross. Shaqiri is on the end of hit but fires straight at Valladares. The rebound comes to a Swiss player but the shot is again blocked and Switzerland concede a free-kick.

(60 Mins)

KICK OFF - Argentinean referee Nestor Pitana blows his whistle and we are away. Ecuador kick us off in an all white kit, Switzerland in all red.

(59 Mins)

The anthems are played and we are just one minute away from kick off.

(59 Mins)

Fabian Schaer, not Phillipe Senderos, replaces Steve von Bergen who has been sent home after fracturing his cheek in the first 10 minutes against France. Dzemaili who scored against France, again starts the match on the bench and Josip Drmic is recalled. If Tranquillo Barnetta comes on as a substitute tonight he will equal the record of World Cup appearances by a Swiss player.

(53 Mins)

For Switzerland, their 5-2 defeat at the hands of France was just their second defeat in 20 matches. A draw would be sufficient for them to qualify if Ecuador are beaten by France. A win would give them the best chance of qualification but theyll be hoping to wrap up any win earlier than the last 10 minutes; three of their four goals have come after the 80th minute.

(53 Mins)

In terms of team news Wilson Palacios is back from suspension and Carlos Costlys goal against Ecuador ended a 32 year scoring drought. The man who ended their 569 minute goalless streak starts tonight.

(48 Mins)

Honduras havent had the best World Cup, winning the two matches theyve played to France and Honduras. But there is some hope Los Catrachos who could qualify if they beat the Swiss and France defeat Ecuador.

(46 Mins)

Theres a sense of déjà vu about this particular match-up. Four years ago, to the day, we saw these two sides meet in South Africa in the last round of group games in the 2010 World Cup. It was a 0-0 draw that day and still the only time Switzerland and Honduras have played each other competitively.

(41 Mins)

Hello and welcome to live commentary of the Group E game between Honduras and Switzerland at the Arena Amazonia in Manuas.

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