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Japan vs Colombia, Group C, FIFA World Cup 2014

Japan: Known for their conservative and school-book play, Japan is slowly adopting a more aggressive approach. With heavyweights like Shinji Kagawa and Shinji Okazaki, 46th ranked Japan is expected to deliver a better their record of reaching the round of 16 in their fifth World Cup appearance. Alberto Zaccheroni’s young side appears to be a fairly competitive side on their given day.

Colombia: Los Cafeteros have never made it past the group stage at the FIFA World Cup. Ranked 8 in the FIFA rankings, Colombia boast a strong squad that can frustrate any side on their day. Without their star striker Radamel Falcao participating in the tournament, they still have enough fire-power up front to send Colombia past the group stage.


Total Matches Played: 2

Japan 0 Win, Colombia 1 Win, 0 Draw


(173 Mins)

FULL-TIME - Japan 1 - 4 Colombia

(171 Mins)

Japan are desperately trying to block the last minute attempts by Colombia. The South American side are trying to keep possession in the last few minutes of the game.

(170 Mins)

We are into three minutes of stoppage time.

(169 Mins)

Colombia steal a fourth goal of the game, as James Rodriguez dribbles the ball round defender Yoshida and hits it into the right hand side of the net. Game over for Japan.

(169 Mins)

Japan 1 - 4 Colombia (Rodriguez)

(167 Mins)

Martinez celebrates his second goal of the game, putting Colombia another goal ahead of Japan.

(165 Mins)

Japan also make their final substitution, as Hiroshi Kiyotake replaces Shinji Kagawa.

(164 Mins)

Goalkeeper David Ospina comes on for Mondragon. His substitution means he is the oldest player to feature in a World Cup match.

(162 Mins)

Goal for Colombia as Jackson Martinez scores his second goal of the game. James Rodriguez passes him the ball inside the box, and Martinez left-foots it into the left of the net.

(161 Mins)

Japan 1 - 3 Colombia (Martinez)

(160 Mins)

Colombias coach, Jose Pekerman, watches on as his team are on their way to winning all three of their group games.

(158 Mins)

Japan are trying to penetrate through the Colombian defence, but the South American side are giving it everything to maintain their lead.

(155 Mins)

We are into the last 15 minutes of the game. As it stands, Japan lie at the bottom of Group C, following an equalising goal for Ivory Coast in their game against Greece.

(153 Mins)

Konno takes a shot from the edge of the penalty box, but as it goes through the Colombian defence, Ospina can make a save.

(151 Mins)

Corner for Colombia as a shot by Jackson Martinez bounces off the Japanese defence. Guarin takes it.

(150 Mins)

Colombia try to create a chance with a counter attack, but Ramos misjudges his kick to the box, and it goes too far for anyone to retrieve it. Possession back to Japan.

(148 Mins)

Japan make another substitution, as Okazaki comes off for Kakitani.

(146 Mins)

As in the first half, Japan are really bouncing back here, giving themselves more chances to steal another goal. But they will need at least two more to be in with a chance of going through to the next round.

(145 Mins)

Japan with another chance for a potential goal. Uchida crosses the ball into the box for Okubo but his hard shot goes just over the crossbar.

(143 Mins)

Kagawa falls from a bad tackle by Guarin, resulting in his yellow card. Honda takes the free kick, but it is blocked by Colombias defence.

(142 Mins)

Guarin is booked for Colombia.

(140 Mins)

Japan make their first substitution, replacing Aoyama with Yamaguchi.

(139 Mins)

Jackson Martinez celebrates his goal in the 55th minute of the game, which brought the score to 2-1.

(137 Mins)

Near miss from Kagawa. Japan give themselves a chance to equalise, but Kagawas shot goes just too high over the goal.

(134 Mins)

Colombia take the lead on the game after Martinez left-foots the ball into the right corner of the net. The goal was assisted by James Rodriguez, after he manages to find space to pass the ball to Martinez in the box.

(134 Mins)

Japan 1 - 2 Colombia (Martinez)

(133 Mins)

Colombia give a very good cross into the box. Carbonero gets there but his touch on the ball doesnt end up on target.

(131 Mins)

Jackson Martinez makes a good break away for the Colombians, but is just caught offside on his run to the goal. Colombia are showing great determination so far in this second half to regain their lead.

(129 Mins)

James Rodriguez with a shot at the goal. His attempt goes just right of the goalpost.

(127 Mins)

The stadium is mainly dominated by Colombian fans, who have come to support their side. They are unbeaten in the last nine games they have played.

(126 Mins)

The second half is underway.

(125 Mins)

Quintero also comes off for Colombia and is replaced by James Rodriguez.

(124 Mins)

Colombia make two substitutions. Cuadrado comes off for Carlos Carbonero.

(123 Mins)

Japan and Colombia are making their way back onto the pitch for the second half.

(118 Mins)

In the other Group C game, Greece are leading 1-0 against Ivory Coast. As it stands, Colombia and Greece will proceed to the next round. But with the second half still to play, it could all change.

(115 Mins)

Ospina dives, but fails to save the last minute header from Shinji Okazaki.

(110 Mins)

The game started off with Colombia setting the fast pace, but Japan bounced back with more shots at the goal. Despite the current score being a draw, Japan will need a win to be in with a chance of progressing through to the next stage.

(108 Mins)

HALF-TIME - Japan 1 - 1 Colombia

(107 Mins)

Japan draw level with a goal from Okazaki in the final few seconds of the first half. He heads the ball into the goal after a cross from Honda.

(106 Mins)

Japan 1 - 1 Colombia (Okazaki)

(105 Mins)

We are into one minute of stoppage time.

(104 Mins)

Japans forward, Okubo, tries for an equaliser.

(102 Mins)

What a good chance for Colombia. Ramos finds space and runs the ball into the box. He passes it to Jackson Martinez, but his shot goes just left of the goal.

(100 Mins)

Japan are given another corner after Kagawas attempt at a shot was blocked by the Colombian defence. But it does not provide them with an opportunity.

(98 Mins)

Okubo tries his luck at an overhead kick from a cross, but the ball goes just over the crossbar.

(95 Mins)

Ospina makes an easy catch after the ball was kicked high into the box. Japan are pushing forward again for another attempt.

(93 Mins)

Honda takes the free kick with his left foot. The ball curves around the wall of defenders but falls just right of the goalpost. What a close chance for Honda to equalise.

(92 Mins)

Foul on Yoshida by defender Valdes, just outside of the box.

(89 Mins)

Colombia take the ball into the box for a chance at a second goal. Cuadrado cant get a clear shot at the goal and passes the ball to Quintero, who falls down in a small tackle. Japan are back in possession.

(87 Mins)

Cuadrado with the penalty shot in the 17th minute of the game, which put Colombia one goal up.

(86 Mins)

Kagawa with a near miss for Japan. He manages to get the ball through the Colombian defence, but his shot on target is saved by Ospina.

(84 Mins)

Martinez falls just inside the penalty box after tripping over Konnos legs in a tackle, but no penalty is awarded.

(83 Mins)

Honda takes a free kick just outside the box, after a foul by Balanta. But as before, his shot hits the wall of defenders and is successfully cleared.

(80 Mins)

Honda takes a corner for Japan, but before they get a chance to equalise, Ospina clears the ball out of the box.

(78 Mins)

Cuadrado takes the penalty for Colombia. Goalkeeper Kawashima dives to the left as Cuadrado kicks the ball to the right, putting Colombia one goal up.

(77 Mins)

Japan 0 - 1 Colombia (Cuadrado)

(76 Mins)

Penalty is given to Colombia. Konno knocks down Ramos from behind in a rough tackle inside the penalty box.

(74 Mins)

Hasebe has a try at the goal, but it narrowly misses. Japan are making more chances for themselves to score here.

(73 Mins)

Japan win a corner, but it doesnt provide them with a good chance. Yoshida goes down in the box.

(72 Mins)

Japans coach, Alberto Zaccheroni, watches his team from the sidelines. The Japanese have never won against a South American national team.

(69 Mins)

Japan with a missed chance. The ball is played into the box, but the Colombian defence gets there before Yoshito Okubo has a chance to shoot at the goal.

(67 Mins)

Honda is given a free kick just outside the penalty box. He takes a shot at the goal, but the ball bounces off the wall of defenders and into the hands of Ospina.

(65 Mins)

Mejia concedes a foul to Honda after a bad tackle, but Japan are not able to keep possession for long.

(62 Mins)

Colombia are starting quickly, taking the ball to the penalty box, but the Japanese are defending well, determined not to give them an early chance.

(62 Mins)

The two teams on the pitch for their national anthems.

(60 Mins)

The game is underway.

(57 Mins)

Japan and Colombia have played each other twice before, which resulted in a win for Colombia and a draw.

(55 Mins)

Colombia starting XI: Ospina, Arias, Valdes, Balanta, Armero, Cuadrado, Guarin, Mejia, Quintero, Martinez, Ramos.

(55 Mins)

Japan starting XI: Kawashima, Uchida, Yoshida, Konno, Nagatomo, Okazaki, Hasebe, Honda, Aoyama, Kagawa, Okubo.

(55 Mins)

Both teams are on the pitch for their national anthems.

(53 Mins)

Japanese fans are hoping for a win from their team in the Arena Pantanal.

(49 Mins)

Colombia will already be through to the next round, as they are currently placed at the top of Group C with six points. Japan will need to win to be in with a chance of progressing.

(46 Mins)

Hello and welcome to the live commentary for Japan v Colombia, taking place at the Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba.

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