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Korea Republic vs Belgium, Group H, FIFA World Cup 2014

Korea Republic: Qualifying for the eight consecutive World Cup finals should be morale lifting for Korea Republic. The only Asian nation to reach semi-finals in 2002, Korea Republic features themselves along with Belgium, Algeria and Russia in Group H in this World Cup. Korea Republic would like to better their record of the previous edition where they were knocked out in round of 16. Ja-cheol and goalkeeper Jung Sung-Ryong are the key players for the Reds.

Belgium: Belgium’s golden generation has evolved to get them to the finals of the 2014 world cup. It will be interesting to watch the Belgium players who ply their trade in some of the best clubs of the world week in week out play at a major tournament. Placed in a relatively easy group consisting Algeria, South Korea and Russia, they must be planning for a longer stay in the Samba nation.


Total Matches Played: 3

Korea Republic 0 Win, Belgium 2 Wins, 1 Draw


(172 Mins)

FULL - TIME - South Korea 0 - 1 Belgium (Vertonghen)

(171 Mins)

Lee Keun-Ho anticipates his marker and attempts to score with a back-heel flick. Courtois blocks it quite comfortably.

(169 Mins)

South Korea are desperately trying to find a late equaliser. Lee Chung-yong slams a ball towards goal, but Courtois is well-positioned and punches it wide.

(169 Mins)

There will be four minutes of added time

(167 Mins)

Chance for Belgium. Eden Hazard picks up a loose ball inside the box and gets a powerful shot towards the far corner. Kim Seung-gyu makes a good save to punch the ball away.

(166 Mins)

Divock Origi has caused havoc in the South Koreans half since he came off the bench. The 19-year-old is surely one of the most positive surprises of this World Cup.

(165 Mins)

Final substitution for Belgium. Eden Hazard comes on for Mirallas.

(164 Mins)

South Korea has a good opportunity on the counter attack, but Ki Sung-yueng gives the ball away carelessly before they can create any danger.

(162 Mins)

The South Koreans are finally showing some moments of brilliance. It is too little too late though as they will be heading home tonight unless a miracle happens.

(160 Mins)

South Korea have not given up hope yet, but they need a real miracle to get back into this game now.

(159 Mins)

Vertonghen is first on the rebound to tap the ball home. Its another late goal for Belgium.

(158 Mins)

Lee Keun-Ho runs in behind the Belgium defence to try and clip a searching ball over Courtois. He hits the ball too strong and sends it high over the bar.

(155 Mins)

10-men Belgium take the lead. Origi races past two Korean defenders before firing a powerful shot towards goal. Kim Seung-gyu can only parry it away and Vertonghen, who has followed it up, taps the loose ball into the back of the net.

(155 Mins)

South Korea 0 - 1 Belgium (Vertonghen)

(154 Mins)

Ki Sung-yueng takes aim and attempts a strike from the edge of the box. It is a good effort, but it is blocked by Van Buyten.

(152 Mins)

Hong Myung-bo makes his final substitution. Ji Dong-won takes the place of Son Heung-min.

(152 Mins)

The two defences are opening up and both sides are creating chances at will now.

(150 Mins)

Chadli breaks down the left flank and skips past Lee Yong with ease before firing a shot towards goal. The ball is deflected off by a Korean defender for a corner kick.

(149 Mins)

Lee Chung-yong tries to dribble his way into the box, but hes quickly crowded out by three defenders and loses control of the ball. He had much better options on his right hand side.

(148 Mins)

Divock Origi came off the bench to score Belgiums late winning goal against Russia. Could he repeat himself tonight?

(145 Mins)

Miralles whips in a beautiful corner to find Fellaini in the middle of the box who has managed to break free of his marker. Fellaini can send a free header towards goal, but his effort his poor and the ball goes out of play.

(143 Mins)

Second change for South Korea. Kim Bo-kyung replaces Kim Shin-wook up front.

(142 Mins)

Son Heung-min tries to burst into the box, but Vertonghen clears the ball off his feet with a perfectly-timed tackle.

(141 Mins)

A quick update from the other Group H game. Algeria have levelled things up converting a penalty.

(139 Mins)

Another substitution for Belgium. Chadli takes the place of Januzaj.

(138 Mins)

Origi comes on to replace Mertens. He got the winner against Algeria, becoming the youngest World Cup scorer since Lionel Messi in 2006 in the process.

(137 Mins)

Ki Sung-yueng miss-hits a cross from the right hand side and accidentally hits the crossbar catching Courtois off guard.

(136 Mins)

Mirallas charges past two Korean defenders to chase a loose ball heading into the box. He is anticipated by the keeper before he can get a touch on it.

(133 Mins)

South Korea have been the most threatening side after the break. If they manage to sustain this high tempo passing theyll surely trouble the Belgian backline.

(130 Mins)

Lee Keun-Ho is on the end of a curling cross by Lee Chung-yong and gets a free header away just outside the six-yard box. He is well-positioned to beat Courtois but only manages to flick the ball over the bar.

(129 Mins)

Hong Jeong-ho pulls off a karate move to clear the ball away and gets himself injured in the process.

(128 Mins)

Dembele delays play and is the second man to go into the referees book.

(126 Mins)

South Korea will be looking to be a bit more attacking-minded in the second half as this result is of no use to them.

(125 Mins)

It appeared to be a serious injury at first, but he has quickly recovered.

(124 Mins)

The game has stopped already as Hong Jeong-ho is lying on the ground injured after attempting an acrobatic clearance.

(124 Mins)

Hong Myung-bo has made his first substitution. Lee Keun-Ho has come off the bench to replace Han Kook-young

(123 Mins)

South Korea get the game back underway.

(122 Mins)

The teams have made their way back onto the pitch and we are almost ready to go.

(120 Mins)

In the other Group H match Russia lead Algeria 1-0. As things stand, Belgium clinch top spot followed by Russia who go through to the next stages in second position. South Korea need to score at least two goals if they want to avoid an early elimination.

(116 Mins)

Dries Mertens squandered a golden chance to put Belgium ahead when he fired a shot high over the bar from the edge of the six-yard box.

(113 Mins)

We are still goalless at the Arena de Sao Paulo, but it has been a very entertaining first half with both sides creating chances to score. Predictably Belgium have controlled most of the possession and dictated the tempo of the game, while South Korea hope to break forward on the counter attack.

(110 Mins)

Defour lunges forward to regain possession of the ball. Unfortunately for him, the Belgian midfielder is late and catches Lee Chung-yong on the shin. It is a dangerous challenge and the referee is right to show him a straight red card.

(108 Mins)

The players are being widely booed by the spectators as they head off the pitch. The fans have clearly not been much impressed by their first half performances

(107 Mins)

HALF-TIME - South Korea 0 - 0 Belgium

(106 Mins)

There will be two minutes of added time.

(104 Mins)

Belgium are down to ten men. Defour has been sent off after he planted his studs into a Korean players shin in a late tackle.

(102 Mins)

Mertens sends a volley towards goal from long range. It is a decent effort, but the goalkeeper is well-positioned and has no problems in collecting the ball.

(100 Mins)

In the other Group H match, Russia are leading 1-0 over Algeria. As things stand now, Belgium and Russia will be through to the knockout stages.

(97 Mins)

Vertonghen strikes the ball hard, but his shot is blocked by Lee Yong who was coming out of the wall.

(97 Mins)

Kim Young-gwon brings down Januzaj just a few metres outside the box. Belgium have a dangerous free kick.

(95 Mins)

Hong Jeong-ho is the first player to be booked after pulling Mirallass shirt.

(94 Mins)

Mertens is visibly disappointed after wasting a precious chance to put Belgium ahead.

(92 Mins)

South Korea are looking very dangerous on the break. Van Buyten has just had to clear the ball off the line as it was bouncing into the back of the net after a corner kick.

(90 Mins)

Ki Sung-yueng starts a counter attack and races towards Belgiums goal largely unchallenged. He gets a powerful shot away from the edge of the box, which Courtois sweeps away with an effective diving save.

(89 Mins)

Mirallas is running free towards goal before being flagged offisde.

(87 Mins)

Belgium are coming forward strongly now. They have been very close to scoring the opening goal in a couple of occasions in the last five minutes.

(84 Mins)

Chance for Belgium. After some scrappy defending Mertens receives a brilliant pass that sets him up in a perfect position to score. He thumps the ball first-time and sends it blazing over the bar. He should have done much better.

(82 Mins)

After a nightmarish performance against Algeria, South Koreas defence is being much more disciplined today.

(80 Mins)

Mirallas runs in behind the Korean backline to get on the end of a through-ball by Fellaini. It could be a good opportunity but he is deemed to be in offside position by the linesman.

(78 Mins)

Vertonghen attempts to score on a free kick 30 metres away from goal. It is well-struck, but he still sends the ball high and wide.

(77 Mins)

Kim Seung-gyu pulls off a flying save to push the ball out of the Korean penalty area.

(76 Mins)

Coach Hong Myung-bo blasted South Korea’s woeful defence in the aftermath of their 4-2 defeat at the hands of Algeria. Apologizing with fans for the poor showing, he told reporters:” The defence wasnt what it should have been, our players were not up to standard.”

(74 Mins)

Lee Yong breaks down the right flank before whipping in a searching cross. There isnt any Korean forward in the box to connect with it, though, and the Belgian defenders can easily clear the ball away.

(73 Mins)

Kim Shin-wook fights with Dembele to get hold of the ball.

(70 Mins)

Kim Young-gwon picks up a loose ball on the right hand side of the area. He is in a good position to take a shot, but he only manages to send the ball sailing over the bar.

(69 Mins)

Mertens swings a great curling cross into the box, but Kim Seung-gyu makes a spectacular save to punch the ball away before any Belgian player can head it home.

(67 Mins)

South Korea are appealing for a penalty as Lee Chung-yong goes down after making a nice turn a few metres into the box. It seems a rather soft challenge and the referee waves to play on.

(66 Mins)

Responding to suggestions that Belgium are not playing the spectacular football many expected from them, coach Wilmots said: “Its not about being beautiful - but about being effective. Pretty, pretty, pretty makes no one happy."

(65 Mins)

Both teams are battling it out for possession in midfield and struggling to break forward once they get it.

(62 Mins)

Januzaj is eager to show off his skills. He attempts an optimistic back-heel pass in his own half, but fails to link up with any teammate.

(60 Mins)

We are off. Australian referee Benjamin Williams blows the whistle to get the game underway.

(59 Mins)

This is the fourth time Belgium are facing South Korea in an official international match. The Red Devils are yet to lose against them, having picked up two wins and one draw in previous encounters.

(56 Mins)

South Korea’s creaking defence was exposed in the Asians’ last match when they conceded three goals in the first 45 minutes. The Koreans, however, might take some solace in the notion that they will be facing a weakened Belgium line-up as Wilmots has left many key players on the bench.

(55 Mins)

The teams have headed out onto the pitch and are now lining up at the halfway line waiting for the national anthems.

(53 Mins)

Belgium have already booked a place in the last 16 following back-to-back wins over Algeria and Russia. A point today will be enough to seal top spot in Group H and match up the Red Devils with USA in the next stage.

(52 Mins)

South Korea’s hopes of progressing to the knockout stages hang by a very flimsy thread. The Asian side has to pick up all three points here and also hope that Russia beat Algeria, but by a smaller winning margin. A draw in the other Group H game would require South Korea to overturn a three-goal swing; a remarkable feat given their defensive woes in previous matches.

(50 Mins)

Team News - Belgium: Having secured qualification with one game to spare, Wilmots has decided to change two-thirds of the Belgium defence, giving the slightly- injured Kompany and Vermaelen a rest. Up front Man United Adnan Januzaj will make his first start of the tournament replacing Romelu Lukaku. Axel Witsel and Toby Alderweireld, both of whom are on yellow cards and risk missing the next game through suspension, will be sitting on the bench.

(48 Mins)

Team News - South Korea: Coach Hong Myung-bo has made just a single change to the formation that took on Algeria five days ago. First-choice goalkeeper Jung S has been dropped in favour of S.G Kim after letting in four goals against the North Africans.

(48 Mins)

Belgium: 1-Thibaut Courtois; 5-Jan Vertonghen, 15-Daniel Van Buyten, 18-Nicolas Lombaerts, 21-Anthony Vanden Borre; 8-Marouane Fellaini, 14-Dries Mertens, 11-Kevin Mirallas, 19-Mousa Dembele, 16-Steven Defour; 20-Adnan Januzaj

(47 Mins)

South Korea: 21-Kim Seung-gyu; 12-Lee Yong, 3-Yoon Suk-young, 5-Kim Young-gwon, 20-Hong Jeong-ho; 16-Ki Sung-yeung, 14-Han Kook-young, 17-Lee Chung-yong, 9-Son Heung-min, 13-Koo Ja-cheol; 18-Kim Shin-wook

(46 Mins)

The line-ups are in...

(44 Mins)

Hello and welcome to the live commentary of this Group H match between South Korea and Belgium. We are just 15 minutes away from kick-off.

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