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Argentina vs Belgium, Quarter-Finals, FIFA World Cup 2014

Argentina: Being led by the best player in the world who is desperate to win the World Cup isn’t too bad. Even when Argentina were probably second-best against Bosnia, Iran and then Switzerland, Lionel Messi single-handedly got them out of the rut. The Barcelona forward has been remarkable so far scoring four goals and one assist– three of those goals brilliant ones. Messi’s fine form will be looked forward to in this exuberant Argentinian side. The euphoria of the late win against Switzerland will help that momentum.

Belgium: Boasting a squad full of talented players who have established themselves in the biggest clubs in Europe, Belgium have disappointed everyone with the lack of balance and chemistry. Besides that, the red devils have still won all their four matches. Their last win against USA being a better performance than their earlier drab ones. Called the Golden Generation of Belgium, they will look forward to making a great impact in this tie and then ahead in the World Cup.

Form in FIFA World Cup 2014 so far

Argentina: 4 Wins (WWWW)

Belgium: 4 Wins (WWWW)


Total Matches Played: 4

Argentina 3 Wins,0 Draw, Belgium 1 Win


(183 Mins)

Thank you for joining us. Up next we have the last game of the quarter-finals, where we see The Netherlands play Costa Rica for the last spot in the semi-finals.

(182 Mins)

Argentinas players celebrate their win.

(180 Mins)

Argentina have now remained unbeaten in the last 26 games that Messi has played in.

(179 Mins)

Both teams won the maximum nine points in their respective groups, but the host nations neighbours will play the winner of The Netherlands v Costa Rica in the semi-finals.

(176 Mins)

Well the Belgians efforts just werent quite enough to see them through the quarter-finals. Argentina came out on top with more determination, whilst Belgium seemed to hold back more times.

(174 Mins)

FULL-TIME - Argentina 1 - 0 Belgium

(174 Mins)

The full-time whistle blows and Belgiums chances are over. Argentina progress to the semi-finals.

(173 Mins)

What a last minute chance for Belgium. Lukaku cant quite get around the defenders whilst in the box, and passes it back to Witsel. He shoots at the goal, but the ball goes just over the crossbar. Game over?

(172 Mins)

Messi breaks away and takes a free run to the goal in a last minute attempt for a two goal lead. But Courtois comes forward and stops him.

(171 Mins)

The stadium is filled with the sounds of Argentinas fans singing and cheering for their team.

(170 Mins)

We are into the five minutes of stoppage time.

(169 Mins)

Perez receives quick treatment on the pitch as he clashes with Zabaleta. Both players going for the ball resulted in Perez getting a hit to the stomach.

(166 Mins)

Van Buyten is caught knocking the ball against his arm in the box. Possession given back to Argentina. Belgium are becoming clumsy in their desperation.

(165 Mins)

Both teams are doing everything to gain possession, in the frustration of these last few minutes.

(164 Mins)

The corner doesnt provide a great opportunity, and the offside flag is raised shortly after, denying Belgium yet again another chance.

(163 Mins)

Belgium are given a corner, to be taken by De Bruyne. This could be a vital chance for them.

(160 Mins)

Argentina are tightening up their defence and keeping the ball in the midfield area to prevent them from conceding at the end. But soon after, the ball is crossed into the box but Palacio cant quite get high enough to hit it on target.

(159 Mins)

Argentina make their final substitution, as goal scorer Higuain comes off and is replaced by Gago.

(158 Mins)

Witsel wins the ball back for Belgium, but it is a wasted possession as they lose it again shortly after.

(156 Mins)

Belgium are falling back as Argentina take possession again. The European side are taking a few more risks to get an equaliser as we approach the last ten minutes.

(154 Mins)

Belgium make their final substitution, as Chadli replaces Hazard.

(152 Mins)

Biglia is booked after he barged into Vertonghen in a rough tackle.

(151 Mins)

There are signs of frustration coming from both sides now as we enter the last 20 minutes of the game.

(148 Mins)

Argentina make another substitution. Lavezzi comes off and is replaced by Palacio.

(147 Mins)

Alderweireld comes in too hard in a tackle and takes down Biglia, giving him the yellow card. He will miss the next match.

(146 Mins)

Toby Alderweireld gets a yellow card for Belgium.

(143 Mins)

Belgium are retaliating more now. The ball is crossed in to the box, but instead of finding a Belgian forward, the ball comes off Argentinas defence and lands dangerously close to the bottom right corner of the goal. Romero comes out and makes the save.

(141 Mins)

Fellaini reacts after his header just goes over the crossbar, denying Belgium an equaliser.

(139 Mins)

Straight after their substitutions, Fellaini narrowly misses the goal with a header. Vertonghen crosses the ball into the Belgian midfielder, but his header goes just over the crossbar.

(138 Mins)

Mertens also comes on for Belgium, as Mirallas comes off.

(137 Mins)

Belgium make a substitution, as Lukaku replaces Origi.

(136 Mins)

Belgium are just not able to hold onto the ball for very long. They havent had many opportunities to create a good chance so far.

(133 Mins)

Argentina have yet another chance to score. Higuain makes the run, kicks the ball around Kompany and shoots hard at the target, but the ball just bounces off the crossbar.

(132 Mins)

Messi takes the free kick and the ball narrowly misses the goal, but Courtois just hits it out of play.

(131 Mins)

Hazard runs in to tackle Biglia, but barges into him too hard and knocks him over, resulting in the yellow card.

(131 Mins)

Eden Hazard given the first yellow card of the game.

(130 Mins)

What a chance for Argentina. Higuain makes a shot at the goal, but the ball bounces off defender Van Buyten and out of danger.

(129 Mins)

Fellaini and Messi both vie for the ball in the second half.

(126 Mins)

The free kick doesnt provide Argentina a good chance, but they are back in possession of the ball, and are constantly challenging Belgium. The European side will need to make more advances soon if they want to equalise the score line.

(125 Mins)

Argentina are awarded a free kick after Kompany knocks down Higuain in a bad tackle.

(123 Mins)

The second half is now underway at the Estadio Nacional.

(117 Mins)

Argentinas coach, Alejandro Sabella, gestures to his team during the first half.

(111 Mins)

This is only the second time that Belgium have reached the quarter-final stage of the tournament.

(110 Mins)

It was a great start from both sides, but Argentina currently hold the lead. Higuain took advantage of the gap in the Belgian defence, putting the South American side 1-0 up.

(108 Mins)

HALF-TIME - Argentina 1 - 0 Belgium

(107 Mins)

Argentina are running down the clock here, and are playing more cautiously to ensure they dont lose the ball in the final minute of the game.

(106 Mins)

We are into two minutes of added time.

(106 Mins)

Messis free kick which flew just above the target.

(105 Mins)

Belgium break away, but only temporarily, as their attempts at penetrating Argentinas defence are stopped once again.

(102 Mins)

Mirallas has a close shot at the goal for Belgium but his header flies just left of the goalpost. Both teams are responding well as the tempo of the game picks up again before half-time.

(101 Mins)

Messis free kick was just off target. He aimed to the top right corner of the goal, avoiding nine of Belgiums players making up the defence wall. His shot went just over the crossbar.

(99 Mins)

Messi is awarded a free kick just on the outside of the box in the centre of the pitch. His footwork got him through a few Belgian defenders, but they came to surround him and bundled him down.

(96 Mins)

De Bruyne looks like he can make a mark on the score line, but he is outnumbered by the Argentinian defence. Mirallas goes for the ball near the box, but trips after his first touch as the ball rolls out of play, giving Argentina possession again.

(93 Mins)

Argentina are forced to make their first substitution just over half an hour in. Di Maria walks off with suspected thigh strain after his attempt at scoring earlier. He is replaced by Enzo Perez.

(91 Mins)

Argentina are trying to penetrate through the Belgian defence again, but the European side has fallen back to block as much as they can.

(89 Mins)

What a great block from Belgiums captain, Kompany. The ball finds Di Maria on the run to the goal. He takes a shot at the target, but Kompany runs infront of the Argentinian midfielder to clear the ball out of the way.

(87 Mins)

De Bruyne creates a great opportunity for Belgium. He crosses the ball into the box from the left side, but it doesnt quite reach Origi.

(85 Mins)

Belgium were advancing quickly, and Hazard, who had weaved his way around some of the players, found himself surrounded by blue and white shirts. Argentina were quick on this counter-attack, but the ball was stopped before it created any sign of danger.

(82 Mins)

Di Maria flicks the ball towards the goal in a back kick, but it is stopped just in time. Argentina are growing dangerous once again.

(82 Mins)

Argentina are again holding onto the possession in the midfield area, waiting for a chance to make the run to the goal.

(79 Mins)

Argentina concede a free kick after Messi fouls Witsel. He comes from behind in a tackle, knocking Witsel to the ground.

(77 Mins)

Vertonghen crosses the ball into the box, in the hope of finding someone there to receive it, but the ball comes off Argentinas defence dangerously close to the crossbar. That was nearly an unintentional 1-1.

(76 Mins)

The ball flies over the players in the box and out of the reach of De Bruynes team mates. Wasted chance there for Belgium.

(75 Mins)

Belgium are given the first corner of the game. De Bruyne to take it.

(74 Mins)

Belgium go for goal from just outside the box. De Bruyne takes a chance at the target after finding an opening but the ball flies past the left of the goal.

(71 Mins)

The moment Higuain gave Argentina the 1-0 lead.

(69 Mins)

And the South American side have taken an early lead! Messi ran the ball down the pitch, and found Higuain through a gap in the Belgian defence. He instinctively right foots the shot into the left corner of the goal.

(68 Mins)

Argentina 1 - 0 Belgium (Higuain)

(66 Mins)

The game has got off to a quick start. Although Belgium were hanging onto the ball in the first two minutes, the Argentinians are retaliating well, and are challenging the Belgian midfield and defence.

(65 Mins)

Lionel Messi has earned his 91st cap from this match.

(62 Mins)

Belgium are stealing the possession so far, navigating their way around the midfield area. But Argentina were quick to take the ball back. Lavezzi is passed the ball from Messi and tries an early shot, but it is easily saved.

(61 Mins)

The game is now underway.

(59 Mins)

The Belgian players on the pitch for their national anthem.

(55 Mins)

Belgium starting XI: Courtois, Alderweireld, Van Buyten, Kompany (c), Vertonghen, Fellaini, Witsel, De Bruyne, Mirallas, Origi, Hazard.

(53 Mins)

Argentina starting XI: Romero, Zabalata, Demichelis, Garay, Basanta, Lavezzi, Biglia, Mascherano, Di Maria, Messi (c), Higuain.

(53 Mins)

The teams are now making their way onto the pitch. Kick off is in just under ten minutes.

(50 Mins)

A fan of Argentina cheers in the crowd.

(48 Mins)

This is the fifth time these two teams have met. The previous four matches saw Argentina win three times. Can they win again and progress to the semi-finals?

(45 Mins)

Hello and welcome to the third quarter-final game of the tournament, which sees Argentina take on Belgium at the Estadio Nacional in Brasilia.

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