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France vs Germany, Quarter-Finals, FIFA World Cup 2014

France: France’s performance in group stages was quite impressive. Les Bleus scored 8 goals in its first 2 matches. They displayed yet another clinical performance against Nigeria in the round of 16. Didier Deschamps manages a well-balanced and happy squad, which France have not had for many years, even at the cost of individual brilliance. And now with Karim Benzema and Mathieu Valbuena in great form, the French can believe in themselves. The two linked up well to score the second goal against Nigeria.

Germany: Seven goals in the group of death shows that Germany are lucky enough to have two players, Thomas Mueller and Miroslav Klose, with an unerring ability to find the net under pressure. With players like Toni Kroos and Bastian Schweinsteiger controlling the midfield, it would be difficult to break Germany’s resistance at the center. Germany managed to shake off Algeria’s counter-attacking threat with two late goals for a place in the last eight. They now know that they must improve their performance if they have to lift the coveted trophy.

Form in FIFA World Cup 2014 so far

France: 3 Wins, 1 Draw (WWDW)

Germany: 3 Wins, 1 Draw (WDWW)


Total Matches Played: 25

France 11 Wins, 6 Draws, Germany 8 Wins


(184 Mins)

Thank you for joining us for this commentary. Next up, we have the host nations quarter-final game against fellow South American side, Colombia.

(182 Mins)

Germany will play in the semi-finals on Tuesday against the winner of Brazil v Colombia. Their unbeaten streak now rises to 16 international games.

(180 Mins)

Germanys players celebrate after their win.

(178 Mins)

Benzema created many chances for France to score during the game, but they were unsuccessful.

(176 Mins)

France made some great shots, but they just failed to get a goal against the German side. It seemed as though they picked up the tempo a little too late in the game, giving Germany the advantage.

(175 Mins)

FULL-TIME - France 0 - 1 Germany

(175 Mins)

The full-time whistle blows and France are out of the competition. Germany make their way to the semi-finals.

(174 Mins)

Benzema takes what could be his last shot at the goal. It looks hopeful, but from the bad angle at the left of the box, Neuer makes a save.

(173 Mins)

France are becoming more frustrated, conceding a free kick to Germany for bad tackle. They cant seem to hold the ball for very long in these last few minutes.

(172 Mins)

Germany make their final substitution in the added time. Kroos comes off and is replaced by Kramer.

(171 Mins)

Germany just need to keep hold of possession now to ensure they go through to the World Cup semi-finals.

(170 Mins)

There will be four minutes of added time.

(169 Mins)

The desperation is showing now for both teams.

(167 Mins)

What a close chance for Germany to make a last minute goal. Schuerrle is in position to shoot as Mueller passes him the ball, but it doesnt make it past the French defence. The last few minutes are shaping up to be very exciting.

(166 Mins)

We are into the final four minutes of the game now. Germany are slowing France down as much as they can.

(164 Mins)

Mathieu Valbuena is taken off for France in their final substitution. He is replaced by Olivier Giroud.

(163 Mins)

Ozil is replaced by Goetze for Germany.

(162 Mins)

Germany are quick on the counter attack. Mueller passes the ball to Schuerrle, who takes a shot at the goal, but Lloris falls to make the save. The ball flies off him but there is no one there to take the second attempt at the goal.

(161 Mins)

Valbuena takes a free kick, but it deflects off Hummels and goes behind the goal line. France takes the corner, but Neuer jumps to make the catch.

(159 Mins)

Schweinsteiger is booked for deliberately tripping up Griezmann. He sticks his leg up into the path of the French forward, who falls down.

(159 Mins)

Lloris makes a save, preventing Germany from getting a second goal.

(156 Mins)

France responded brilliantly well on the counter attack, with Benzema going for yet another shot at the goal. But Hummels slides in and clears the ball.

(154 Mins)

Mueller creates a great chance for Germany but the French defence anticipate the pass and manage to get it to goalkeeper Lloris.

(153 Mins)

Loic Remy replaces Yohan Cabaye for France.

(152 Mins)

France with another opportunity. Benzema takes the ball and tries to turn it towards the goal but it is blocked in time.

(151 Mins)

Koscielny comes on for Sakho, as France make their first substitution.

(149 Mins)

What a chance for Mueller. He takes a shot at the left side of the goal from the right side, but it narrowly misses. The referee awards a goal kick, but the ball appeared to deflect off defender, Sakho.

(148 Mins)

Germany make the first substitution. Schuerrle replaces Klose.

(147 Mins)

Whilst the tempo of the game seems to be gradually slowing, neither team has created a good chance for themselves for a while. The ball isnt staying in play for very long in the midfield area.

(145 Mins)

Under half an hour left to play in the second half. Both teams are scrapping for possession of the ball.

(143 Mins)

He is back on the pitch shortly after and play resumes.

(142 Mins)

Valbuena is down on the pitch after a hard challenge by Schweinsteiger.

(140 Mins)

Another attempt for France. Varane heads the ball to the top right corner of the goal, but Neuer anticipates the move and makes a last minute save, preventing the French side from equalising.

(139 Mins)

Matuidi runs with the ball to the box, and kicks it across in an attempt to find Griezmann, but Germany get there first.

(138 Mins)

Khedira is given a yellow card for his foul on Griezmann.

(136 Mins)

Valbuena steals the ball in the box, but his run is too fast to get a good angle to shoot at the goal.

(134 Mins)

Sami Khedira is booked for Germany after pulling back Griezmann and tugging on his shirt.

(133 Mins)

Missed opportunity for Griezmann. He couldnt control the ball and it runs off his leg prematurely, making it an easy stop for the German defence.

(132 Mins)

Germany are given a corner, taken by Kroos. The ball is cleared by Lloris, and France are back in possession.

(130 Mins)

The German defence dont make the run into the box as the free kick was taken, but Neuer catches the ball, halting Frances advance.

(129 Mins)

France is given a free kick as Valbuena goes down after backing into Schweinsteiger. Although it is questionable whether this was a foul on the German midfielder.

(127 Mins)

Germany are unbeaten in their last 15 international games. They will be looking to defend the current score line in order to maintain this streak.

(126 Mins)

France are attacking the German defence here in the first minute of the second half, doing everything they can to get the ball into the box.

(125 Mins)

The game is back underway.

(124 Mins)

The players are making their way back onto the pitch for the second half.

(121 Mins)

German goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, makes a great save in the first half.

(116 Mins)

French coach, Didier Deschamps, is hoping for a goal from his team in the second half. France have scored 10 goals so far in the tournament.

(113 Mins)

The first half saw a lot of chances from both teams, but Germany were the only ones able to put the ball into the back of the net. They have dominated the possession in the first half. France have also created many chances for themselves but havent found their way around the goalkeeper.

(110 Mins)

Valbuenas shot at the goal is saved well by Neuer.

(109 Mins)

HALF-TIME - France 0 - 1 Germany

(108 Mins)

There is one minute of stoppage time in the first half.

(107 Mins)

Benzema with another chance at equalising. His ball to the goal cuts past the German defence, but is in a perfect position for Neuer to catch it.

(105 Mins)

Benzema given the ball in the box again, with the hope of equalising. He heads the ball to the side and it strikes Hummels in the stomach, which was previously thought of as a handball.

(103 Mins)

Germany are awarded a free kick from the same spot as where the goal came from. It doesnt have the same drive to it, and doesnt give Germany a chance to score a second.

(102 Mins)

The players took a quick water break whilst Khedira was being treated for his injury. He runs back onto the pitch and play continues.

(100 Mins)

Khedira goes down in the box after the ball hits him hard in the face from close range.

(97 Mins)

Another great chance for France. Griezmann crosses the ball into the box and Valbuena takes a shot from the left side to the right. Neuer saves it successfully by diving to the left. Benzema takes another shot but it is deflected off the German defence and over the goal post.

(96 Mins)

Mueller is given the ball, but Debuchy chases him down and prevents him from getting a clear shot at the goal.

(93 Mins)

The ball is kicked over the goal and Germany are given the first corner of the game. The French defence get rid of it before it turns into a threat.

(92 Mins)

Germany are awarded a free kick after Evras leg catches Kloses leg. The free kick is taken on the right of the box.

(90 Mins)

The ball is played into the box for France, but none of the players can quite reach it before goalkeeper Neuer. Germany take advantage and use it as another opportunity to knock down the French defence.

(87 Mins)

The ball is passed to Klose in the box. Debuchy tries to tackle him on the way to the goal, but Klose goes down and shouts for a penalty. However, his theatrical fall wasnt enough to convince the referee.

(86 Mins)

Both teams are defending strongly. France make an attempt to penetrate through the German defence but are not successful.

(84 Mins)

The game has slowed down slightly, as both teams are waiting for an opportunity.

(83 Mins)

Klose is knocked down in a nasty tackle by Cabaye, but no yellow card is awarded.

(81 Mins)

France take a run at the goal, but Lahm sprints forward to clear it. Germany are coming in strong on the French side again.

(80 Mins)

Both teams are scrapping for the ball in the centre of the pitch, trying to keep hold of possession.

(78 Mins)

The German players celebrate the goal from Hummels. They lead 1-0.

(76 Mins)

Germany took the first goal, after being given a free kick. Kroos takes it from just outside the box, and crossed it into the German players by the goal. Hummels gets a good header on the ball, knocking it into the top right corner of the goal. Goalkeeper Lloris couldnt quite judge from where it was coming from.

(75 Mins)

France 0 - 1 Germany (Hummels)

(74 Mins)

Good chance for France. The ball is taken from the centre of the pitch to the goal, but Benzema cant quite reach it before it was cleared by the German defence. France are looking more dangerous here.

(73 Mins)

Germany come back with an attack on the French goal. Ozil kicks the ball into the box for a cross, but it is cleared by Sakho. The tempo is beginning to pick up here now.

(72 Mins)

Mueller goes down after the foul by Evra.

(70 Mins)

France are retaliating well. Valbuena crosses the ball into the box from the goal line to Benzema. He reaches it but his shot goes just to the left of the goal. That was Frances best chance so far.

(68 Mins)

Mueller is fouled by French defender, Patrice Evra, who is already on a yellow card. Evras leg just catches Muellers during a tackle.

(66 Mins)

France are struggling to get the ball here. They havent let Germany have a good chance at the goal, but theyre finding it hard to retain the possession.

(65 Mins)

Germany are taking the possession so far, pushing the ball up to the goal early on. But France have fallen back and are defending well.

(64 Mins)

The players shake hands before the game begins.

(63 Mins)

The first half is now in progress.

(61 Mins)

Kick off is slightly delayed due to team group photos. The game should be underway in a few minutes.

(58 Mins)

The national anthems of France and Germany are now being played.

(56 Mins)

Germany starting XI: Neuer, Lahm, Boateng, Hummels, Howedes, Mueller, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Khedira, Ozil, Klose.

(54 Mins)

France starting XI: Lloris, Debuchy, Varane, Sakho, Evra, Pogba, Cabaye, Matuidi, Valbuena, Benzema, Griezmann.

(54 Mins)

The teams are now making their way onto the pitch.

(49 Mins)

France and Germany have met 26 times previously. France have won 11 of these games, Germany have won eight times, and there have been six draws.

(46 Mins)

German fans inside the stadium before the game. We are 15 minutes away from kick off.

(44 Mins)

The winner of this game will face the winner of the Brazil v Colombia fixture taking place later on, to progress to the semi-finals.

(42 Mins)

Welcome to the start of the World Cup quarter-finals. This game will see France take on Germany at the Estadio do Maracana in Rio.

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