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Russia vs Korea Republic, Group H, FIFA World Cup 2014

Russia: Russia comes into the World Cup finals riding high a nine game unbeaten run and have a found a new lease of life under master tactician Fabio Capello. The Russian team failed to qualify for the 2010 event in Africa and Coach Fabio Capello too had a nightmare with England. Hence for both of them, this tournament provides an added incentive to do well.

Korea Republic: Qualifying for the eight consecutive World Cup finals should be morale lifting for Korea Republic. The only Asian nation to reach semi-finals in 2002, Korea Republic features themselves along with Belgium, Algeria and Russia in Group H in this World Cup. Korea Republic would like to better their record of the previous edition where they were knocked out in round of 16. Ja-cheol and goalkeeper Jung Sung-Ryong are the key players for the Reds.


Total Matches Played: 1

Russia 1 Win, Korea Republic 0 Win, 0 Draw


(178 Mins)

Thank you for joining us. We will back with commentary for the next game, which will see Australia take on The Netherlands.

(176 Mins)

South Korean players applaud the crowd after their 1-1 draw with Russia.

(173 Mins)

The second half of the game saw a faster pace from the two sides. After a slow first half, both teams were able to create more chances, resulting in a lot more shots on target.

(171 Mins)

The full time whistle is blown as the match ends on a draw. Belgium remains top of Group H from their win over Algeria earlier.

(170 Mins)

FULL TIME - Russia 1 - 1 South Korea

(170 Mins)

Russia miss a chance. Kokorin makes a good run but Kerzhakov hits the ball above the goal.

(169 Mins)

We are into four minutes of stoppage time.

(167 Mins)

The South Korean captain is booked after a suspected hand ball.

(166 Mins)

YELLOW CARD - Koo Ja-cheol is booked.

(165 Mins)

Kokorin heads the ball towards the goal but it goes too high. The 23-year-old hasnt had many chances to make a mark on this game.

(164 Mins)

Both teams are trying to keep hold of possession in the last few minutes of the game.

(161 Mins)

Players are cramping up on the pitch. South Korean captain, Koo, was quickly treated for cramp in his right leg.

(160 Mins)

SUBSTITUTION - Kim Bo-kyung replaces Son Heung-min.

(158 Mins)

Six minutes after the first goal, Russian forward Kerzhakov equalises.

(157 Mins)

Kombarov takes a corner for Russia but is not successful at creating a good chance at a goal.

(156 Mins)

Corner awarded to South Korea. Ki takes it, but the Russian defence clear the ball away.

(154 Mins)

Akinfeev fails to save the shot taken by Lee Keun-ho. Russia equalise six minutes later.

(152 Mins)

Lee Keun-ho brings the ball towards the box, but his attempt at crossing the ball towards the goal is blocked.

(150 Mins)

Russia get the ball into the box, and after a fumbling for it with the South Korean defence, the ball comes off defender Eshchenko into the path of Kerzhakov, who slams the ball into the back of the net.

(150 Mins)

GOAL - Russia 1 - 1 South Korea (Kerzhakov)

(149 Mins)

SUBSTITUTION - Hong Jeong-ho comes off and is replaced by Hwang Seok-ho.

(148 Mins)

SUBSTITUTION - Another substitution for Russia. Denisov comes on for Glushakov.

(146 Mins)

SUBSTITUTION - Kerzhakov comes on for Yury Zhirkov.

(145 Mins)

After being substituted on to the pitch just over ten minutes ago, Lee Keun-Ho runs from midfield to inside the box and slams the ball towards the goalkeeper. After a fumble by Akinfeev, the ball goes over the line.

(144 Mins)

GOAL - Russia 0 - 1 South Korea (Lee Keun-Ho)

(142 Mins)

Missed chance for Russia. The ball is kicked into the box, and goalkeeper Jung runs out to clear it.

(140 Mins)

Goalkeeper Akinfeev has not always caught the ball first time as it comes towards the goal. This could prove dangerous for the Russian side.

(138 Mins)

Ki takes the free kick and Hong heads it towards the goal, but the ball is saved by Akinfeev.

(137 Mins)

Free kick awarded to South Korea after Eshchenko slams into Yun Suk-young.

(135 Mins)

SUBSTITUTION - Alan Dzagoev comes on for Oleg Shatov.

(133 Mins)

Free kick awarded to South Korea just outside the box. Taken by Kim Young-gwon. The ball bounces off the goalkeeper and he runs forward to grab it.

(132 Mins)

SUBSTITUTION - Park is replaced by Lee Keun-ho.

(131 Mins)

Goalkeeper Jung makes a save after an early shot at the goal from Russia.

(129 Mins)

Ki takes a corner for South Korea, but the ball is headed over the goal by Lee Chung-yong.

(127 Mins)

The second half is already looking to be a lot faster than the first half. Both teams showing a lot more determination to create more chances.

(127 Mins)

Ki Sung-yueng also takes a shot on target. The ball bounces off keeper Akinfeev.

(126 Mins)

Shot on target for South Korea. Koo takes a shot at the top right corner of the goal, but the ball is successfully saved by Akinfeev.

(125 Mins)

Shatov is booked after a rough tackle on South Korea captain, Koo Ja-cheol.

(125 Mins)

YELLOW CARD - Oleg Shatov is booked. First yellow card for Russia.

(123 Mins)

And another chance for Russia. Berezutskiy heads the ball towards the goal after a corner, but it hits the side of the net.

(122 Mins)

Early shot taken by Fayzulin, but the ball is saved.

(121 Mins)

The second half is underway at the Arena Pantanal.

(117 Mins)

South Koreas coach Hong Myung-Bo will be hoping his team will create more chances in the second half. Hong was the captain of the 2002 South Korean team, who finished fourth overall in the tournament.

(111 Mins)

Belgium currently tops Group H after a 2-1 win against Algeria earlier. A draw in this game will see Belgium retain their lead.

(108 Mins)

Russias coach Fabio Capello looks on as his side are yet to score.

(108 Mins)

HALF TIME - Russia 0 - 0 South Korea.

(106 Mins)

The half time whistle is blown as neither team take a chance at a goal in the last minute of the game.

(105 Mins)

There will be just one minute of stoppage time.

(105 Mins)

The Russian defence are outnumbering the South Korean players in their defending half, denying South Korea a chance to get near the goal.

(102 Mins)

South Korea are back in possession playing the ball cautiously towards the box.

(100 Mins)

Russia are looking dangerous here, penetrating through South Koreas defence, but are not successful at gaining a shot on target.

(98 Mins)

Missed chance for South Korea. Park Chu-young passes the ball to Son who is lined up, but his attempt at the goal goes over the crossbar.

(97 Mins)

Hong is being treated by medics on the pitch after falling badly from a header.

(95 Mins)

The moment Ki was booked with a yellow card after slamming into Samedov.

(94 Mins)

Missed chance for South Korea. Koo takes a shot at the goal, but it is deflected to the right off Ignashevich. Corner to South Korea.

(93 Mins)

South Korea gives the ball away, leaving Kokorin to run with it from midfield. The ball is passed to Zhirkov, but he misses the goal.

(91 Mins)

Ignashevich takes a shot at the goal with the free kick. It looked hopeful but goalkeeper Jung successfully saves it.

(90 Mins)

Ki is booked after slamming into Russian forward, Alexander Samedov in a rough challenge. Russia awarded the free kick.

(90 Mins)

YELLOW CARD - Ki Sung-yueng is booked.

(88 Mins)

The corner didnt provide a shot on target. A header from Kokorin could have proved hopeful, but the ball goes over the crossbar.

(86 Mins)

Shatov runs the ball to the box from midfield but is successfully tackled by Ki. Corner awarded to Russia.

(84 Mins)

Yun hits the ball into the box at an attempt to reach the goal, but the ball is safely caught by Russian goalkeeper, Akinfeev.

(82 Mins)

The game has been moving at a fairly slow pace so far. No team seems to be in a rush to get the ball into the box.

(80 Mins)

Another attempt blocked for Russia. Hong hits away Kokorins cross.

(79 Mins)

Samedov crosses the ball into the box, but it is headed away by the South Korean defence.

(78 Mins)

The first yellow card of the game given to Son.

(77 Mins)

Russia are trying to break through South Koreas defence, but each attempt has pushed them back. Possession returns to South Korea.

(74 Mins)

Son is booked for a rough tackle on Russian forward, Alexander Samedov.

(73 Mins)

YELLOW CARD - Son Heung-min is booked for South Korea.

(70 Mins)

Son takes a shot at the goal but the ball goes over the crossbar. South Korea have had the most chances so far.

(69 Mins)

Missed chance for South Korea. Lee Chung-yong passes the ball into the box, but Park cannot get there in time.

(67 Mins)

Kombarov takes a corner for Russia, but no one could get a shot at the goal.

(67 Mins)

Samedov crosses the ball in for Russia but cant seem to penetrate through South Koreas defence.

(65 Mins)

Foul by Koo, the captain of the South Korean team. Berezutskiy takes the free kick.

(62 Mins)

South Korea have had the most possession so far, but cannot get the ball into the box.

(60 Mins)

KICK OFF - The game is now underway.

(56 Mins)

Both teams are on the pitch for the national anthems.

(55 Mins)

South Korea starting XI: Jung, Lee Yong, Kim, Hong, Yun, Ki, Han, Lee Chung-yong, Koo, Park, Son.

(52 Mins)

Russia starting XI: Akinfeev, Eshchenko, Ignashevich, Berezutskiy (c), Kombarov, Fayzulin, Glushakov, Zhirkov, Samedov, Kokorin, Shatov.

(49 Mins)

South Korean fans in the Arena Pantanal before the match. Kick off in ten minutes.

(47 Mins)

The two teams faced each other in an international friendly last year, and Russia triumphed with a 2-1 victory. Can they win again?

(42 Mins)

Hello and welcome to tonights live commentary where Russia take on South Korea at the Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba.

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