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Argentina vs Switzerland, Second Round, FIFA World Cup 2014

Argentina: Being led by the best player in the world who is desperate to win the World Cup isn’t too bad. Even when Argentina were probably second-best against Bosnia and then Iran, Lionel Messi single-handedly got them out of the rut. The Barcelona forward has been remarkable so far scoring four goals – three of them brilliant ones.

Switzerland: Ottmar Hitzfeld boasts a generation of young, exciting and dynamic players. With Xherdan Shaqiri getting into form at the right time, Switzerland could fast football and catch out any side they wish to cause damage to.

Form in FIFA World Cup 2014 so far

Argentina: 3 Wins (WWW)

Switzerland: 2 Wins and 1 Loss (WLW)


Total Matches Played: 6

Argentina 4Wins, 2 Draws


(216 Mins)

Emotional scenes in the stadium on the full time whistle. Argentina jump for joy. Switzerland fall to their knees. Shaqiri is being consoled by his teammates, hes in tears.

(215 Mins)

FULL TIME - Argentina 1-0 Switzerland

(215 Mins)

HITS THE WALL! And thats it!

(214 Mins)

It all comes down to this. Shakiri over it to try and take it to penalties.

(214 Mins)

The Argentina wall isnt 10 yards back and referee Eriksson forces them back.

(213 Mins)

Shaqiri is fouled on the edge of the Argentina box. The Argentineans are claiming a dive but the referee says its definitely a free kick and books Garay.

(213 Mins)

Switzerland come again. They lose the ball and Benaglios up field in the attack. Di Maria tries the shot from distance but its wide.

(211 Mins)

OFF THE POST. The first corner comes to nothing but is whipped back in. It comes to Dzemaili whos free and his header hits the bar. The rebound comes back out, hits his foot and goes just why. Unbelievable. It looked in. Swiss players are on their knees in the box. Heads in their hands.

(210 Mins)

And they have a corner. Even Benaglio has come up. Swiss substitutes watch from the sidelines with their hands on their heads, waiting for this corner.

(209 Mins)

Di Maria who has been so poor for the majority of the game with the winning goal. Switzerland look absolutely devastated. But will have three minutes of added time at the end of extra time to try and get an equaliser.

(208 Mins)

Argentina break forward after Palacio wins the ball on the left. Messi with probably his last ounce of energy breaks forward and passes in to Di Maria. And the forward doesnt waste his chance, firing in first time with his left foot, placing his shot around Benaglio and into the bottom left corner.

(207 Mins)

Argentina 1-0 Switzerland (Di Maria)

(202 Mins)

Switzerland make their final change with Blerim Dzemaili coming on for his 37th cap replacing Mehmedi.

(201 Mins)

Di Maria takes a shot but its deflected off the back of Djourous head and out for a corner. Messi whips it in and it comes to Di Maria again outside the box but this time his half volley is high and wide.

(200 Mins)

Switzerland almost break forward three on two but the move breaks down when Seferovic dallies in possession. Players are dropping like flies here, however, the match taking it toll on both sides with a number of Switzerland players going down with cramp.

(198 Mins)

Di Maria almost makes up for his abject performance by letting rip with a thunderous left footed shot on the right. Benaglio is acrobatic in his save and keeps it out. Its as if we are destined for penalties.

(197 Mins)

Argentina are just stroking the ball around at the start of this period of extra time. No bursts forward yet as Switzerland just sit back and wait. Argentina might not be able to rely on Messi now however, hes looking very tired indeed.

(195 Mins)

BACK UNDERWAY - The second period of extra time kicks off.

(194 Mins)

Gagos coming off for Lucas Biglia at the start of the second period of extra time. A conservative, defensive change by Argentina it would seem.

(192 Mins)

So its still 0-0 here. Neither side managing to break through. Messi is on the floor at the moment getting his legs shaken, he looks absolutely exhausted.

(191 Mins)

Argentina come forward now but all their chances go to waste. First Higuain, then Di Maria elects to shoot when he could have passed and the referee blows for half time in extra time.

(190 Mins)

Argentina make a switch before the first period of extra time finishes. Rojo is coming off to be replaced by Basanta.

(188 Mins)

Ole say the Brazilian locals in the Arena de Sao Paulo trying to annoy the large Argentinean support. Theyve been loudly cheering Switzerland all game.

(187 Mins)

Switzerland have a break on and Inler tries to get the ball through the Gelson, Rojo is equal to it and stops the move but the ball comes to Seferovic. He lets fly from 30 yards and its not pretty. Into the stands.

(184 Mins)

Very untidy at the moment, the ball is hardly touching the floor, going back and forth in the air between sides. Shaqiri thinks hes played through Seferovic but hes offside and Argentina get the ball back.

(182 Mins)

Argentina are dominating possession but not doing much with it. Messi crosses the ball to Higuain who is brought down, he plays the ball whilst on the floor to Messi who tries to keep the ball in with a first time cross but its over the line says the assistant referee. Goal kick to Switzerland.

(179 Mins)

Some calamitous defending from both sides. Djourou tries to clear a ball but falls over and sends it out for a throw-in. Schaer comes forward to try and clear but misses the ball completely and Behrami has to cover. Switzerland then come forward and Garay isnt any better, completely mis-kicking the ball but luckily no danger comes of it.

(178 Mins)

Argentina have a free kick after Djourou brought down Di Maria. Palacio somehow gets something on the end of it and send the ball toward goal from the back of his head. Benaglio snatches it from the air and keeps it out.

(176 Mins)

And Argentina immediately get forward. Di Maria has a corner and Garay almost heads in but Bengalio gets it away. The keeper didnt know whether to grab or punch the cross then. It comes in again from Di Maria and Benaglio takes more decisive action and punches the ball clear this time.

(175 Mins)

KICK OFF - The first period of extra time is underway.

(173 Mins)

Switzerland are doing what theyve been set up to do. We havent seen many teams, if any, sit back and defend during this World Cup but Switzerland are here. Sitting deep, pressing in packs, not letting Argentina into the game.

(171 Mins)

Its been a pretty poor game for 90 minutes. Argentinas big name players just havent performed in this match, Di Maria for instance has lost possession 36 times in the first 90 minutes. Astounding. Messi is the only one who has had any decent chances.

(169 Mins)

FULL TIME - We will have extra time. The referee blows his whistle and its Argentina 0-0 Switzerland after 90 minutes.

(169 Mins)

Just seconds left of the three added minutes and we look set for extra time.

(167 Mins)

And Schaers on the end of it as he gets away from Fernandez but its over Romeros goal.

(167 Mins)

Now Switzerland have a late free kick. Schaer and Djourou are up there in the box.

(165 Mins)

Its back and forth here. Messi has a corner that comes toward the back post. Higuain and Garay are there but get in each others way and the ball breaks away. Rodriguez looks to race up the other end but Rojo cynically cuts him down. Yellow for the Argentina left back who will be banned if Argentina reach the quarterfinal.

(162 Mins)

Theres a break in play as the referee has words with Behrami and Messi. Behrami fouls Messi who then tries to take the free-kick quickly. He pushes away the Swiss midfielder with his body to which Behrami decides to fall down theatrically. No cards, but its all getting a bit testy as both sides look for a winner.

(160 Mins)

A big diagonal cross finds Di Maria. He tries to play it into the box with the inside of his left boot but its cleared in front of Palacio. It comes to Rojo who has probably been Argentinas best player this match but his shot is well over and doesnt trouble Benaglio.

(158 Mins)

Switzerland want a winner. Drmic is coming off for Haris Seferovic, the forward got a late winner against Ecuador in the group stages, can he do the same here?

(157 Mins)

Mascherano and Shakiri exchange words after the Swiss forward collides with the Barcelona man. The game has certainly livened up. Is there a winner here or are we destined for extra time?

(155 Mins)

Benaglio looks a bit worse for wear as a corner comes in, he fumbles it away but the referee said it had gone out of play before it reached the box. Poor corner from Di Maria.

(153 Mins)

Almost in from Argentina. Messi gets the ball and ghosts passed two Swiss defenders before striking on goal. Benaglio gets down well but only parries the ball, Palacio tries to get the rebound but collides heavily with the goalkeeper. Argentina want a penalty, Switzerland want a yellow card for Palacio. Corner says the referee.

(151 Mins)

Messi gets a great ball into the box and Palacio almost has the perfect impact but the cross is just too high and his glancing header goes wide. Di Maria then gets down the right but again the cross is over Palacio.

(149 Mins)

Argentina do respond and Rodrigo Palacio comes on to replace the ineffective Lavezzi, hes worked hard but hasnt had the impact Sabella would have wanted.

(148 Mins)

Gelson Fernandes with a terrible tackle on Di Maria, his second action in the game, the forward looked away there.

(148 Mins)

Argentina must be thinking about making a change now. Switzerland have come back into it in the last five minutes. Mehmedi gets forward and is met by Fernandez. He cross a ball in but its to nowhere in particular.

(145 Mins)

Gelson almost gets the ball through to Drmic and the forward looks away but Rojo battles shoulder to shoulder and recovers well to get the ball away.

(143 Mins)

Messi almost with the spectacular. He bounces a ball of his chest and lets fly off the half volley, its just over the top right with Benaglio scrambling. Higuain almost with a goal a few seconds earlier after Zabaleta dinked a delightful cross in towards him. Argentina getting closer.

(141 Mins)

Switzerland the first team to try and force a chance. And its the man with the yellow card, Xhaka, who makes way for Gelson Fernandes. Smart move by Hitzfeld, Xhaka looked like a red card waiting to happen.

(141 Mins)

Argentina have done better this half and have had a great 10 minute spell. But Benaglios been there equal and its still 0-0.

(138 Mins)

Great save from Benaglio. Rojo gets down the left again and finds Higuain with an inch perfect cross. The Napoli man gets his head on it and its heading for goal but Benaglio is equal and theatrically pushes it over the bar.

(136 Mins)

Madness from Di Maria. The winger gets in behind the Swiss defence properly for the first time and has so much time but instead of trying a simple cross the Real Madrid man tries to do a rabona. The ball foes straight of of play and Di Maria with it, who falls toward the advertising boards as hes off balance.

(134 Mins)

Rojo almost in. Messi gets in space in midfield he passes wide to Lavezzi who immediately shits the ball out again to Rojo in the penalty box. The leftback gets a shot away first time that seemed to swerve and almost catch Benaglio out but he manages to push it away.

(132 Mins)

Moment of panic in the Swiss area. A great cross is swerved in by Marcos Rojo and Benaglio is forced to punch it away from the incoming Higuain. It comes to Di Maria on the right who tries a quick control of his chest and shot thats blocked and Switzerland break out of their area.

(131 Mins)

Romero with the most entertaining bit of play so far today. Fumble after fumble, its amazing he kept it in the penalty area.

(128 Mins)

The ball is going back and forth here with no side managing any sustained period of possession. Rodriguez shoots from distance with his left but its well, well wide.

(126 Mins)

But Shakiri elects to go straight for foul. His left footed shot almost catches Romero off guard. The goalkeeper looks like hes got the ball under control but drops it, knocks it forward off his legs and has to pounce on it to stop any Switzerland players benefitting from his mistake and the ball rolling out of the penalty area. Incredibly fortunate from Romero.

(125 Mins)

The half-time break hasnt done much to stop the relentless fouling in this game. Another from Mascherano gives Switzerland a free-kick on the right and allows them to get men into the box.

(123 Mins)

Heart in mouth moment for Granit Xhaka. The only man booked in the first half goes in late on Messi and when the referee blew you thought there was only one outcome. But no card, one last chance for the Swiss midfielder.

(122 Mins)

Argentina with a brilliant chance at the start of the second half. Messi gets a ball and is in acres of space in the middle. He passes it through to Lavezzi who finds Higuain but Djourou gets a foot in and its a corner.

(-1058997143 Mins)

KICK OFF - Were back underway in the second half, Switzerland with the kick off.

(116 Mins)

A worrying stat for Argentina, since 1990 theyve only beaten Mexico in normal time during knock-out phases of competitions. But they have been eliminated only once in their six previous last 16 matches at the World Cup, so even if they were taken to extra time here, the odds are firmly in their favour.

(111 Mins)

Messi hasnt had the best of times this half. Hurried and pressed every time he is on the ball and not getting much help from his team-mates. But he was quiet against Iran and we all know what a brilliant goal he scored then. He only needs one chance.

(109 Mins)

Switzerland will be the happier side as theyve managed to keep Messi at bay whilst creating a couple of chances, the best of the game Xhakas chance from a short corner.

(107 Mins)

The referee has been a busy man this half. Foul after foul by both teams, its surprising its just one player who has been booked at the break.

(105 Mins)

HALF TIME - No added time at the end of this first half and not really much to report. 0-0 at the break with not a lot of chances for either team.

(104 Mins)

Mehmedi gets forward with Drmic in support. He plays in the forward and he almost gets pass Fernandez who went to ground far too early but the defender gets lucky and manages to knock the ball as he falls. Out for a corner.

(103 Mins)

Djourou has been good if a little shaky in a firm and compact Swiss defence. Argentina finding it hard to break through at the moment, but never count out Messi.

(101 Mins)

Messi rides a couple of challenges, tries a pass to Higuain but it deflects back to him. Its all a bit too tight as Switzerland are sitting deep and pressing, the ball gets to Di Maria who shoots first time but its got little power and is straight at Benaglio.

(98 Mins)

Chances at both ends. Lavezzi with his first real involvement almost gets a cut-back to Higuain. But Switzerland immediately break and Shaqiri plays a delicious to split the Argentina defence right open. Romero should come and collect but hesitates and stays back. Drmic gets on the end of the pass but his effort is so, so poor and an easy save for Romero.

(96 Mins)

The referee has had enough of the fouls. Xhaka is the first player to go into the book after pulling on Lavezzis shirt and bringing him down.

(95 Mins)

It curls in and Romero punches away. Rodriguez almost crosses it back in but is blocked by Zabaleta. Better in the past 10 minutes from both sides.

(94 Mins)

Shaqiri looks like hes dancing as he jumps away from challenge after challenge. He gets further and further down the right cuts away from Garay before eventually being fouled by Lavezzi. Another free kick, deep in the Argentina half on the right.

(92 Mins)

Some great skill from Djourou who not only dispossesses Messi, but comes forward out of defence and tricks his way past a couple of Argentina challenges. Almost a one man counter attack from the defender.

(90 Mins)

Another Argentina chance. the best of the game so far. They have a corner and Garay races through the Swiss penalty area and almost gets a great glance off a Messi corner. This time Benaglio was nowhere to be seen and just a touch would have put it in the net.

(89 Mins)

Argentina try to immediately respond and come forward themselves. The ball is crossed into the box and bounces off a few heads before Lavezzi gets a shot away but its weak and straight at Benaglio.

(87 Mins)

Brilliant save Romero. Shaqiri takes the corner short and Argentina are caught off guard, he cuts it back to Xhaka whos alone in the box. He fires in and Romero saves it with his feet. The ball rebounds out and Switzerland have another shot and Romero saves again.

(87 Mins)

Switzerland have a free kick in the Argentina half. It comes to nothing but the ball gets back to Shaqiri who tries to get past Rojo but can only win a corner.

(85 Mins)

It curls in and Higuain is on the end of it. Its well over however - still no goals at this tournament for the Napoli striker.

(84 Mins)

Another foul, and once again its on Di Maria who has popped up on the right. Free-kick for Argentin deep in the Swiss half, Messi stands over it.

(82 Mins)

Inler dispossesses Messi in the middle of the field, he gets the ball away but is fouled by Mascherano. Another free-kick and youd expect its not long until the referee starts getting his cards out. More fouls than chances at the moment.

(79 Mins)

Messi gets down the right and is tracked all the way by Rodriguez and Behrami. The Swiss men look like they have Messi penned in but a flick of his leg gets the ball away from them both, he gets past Behrami and looks like hes away from Rodriguez and into the penalty area before the left back recovers well and gets the ball away.

(77 Mins)

Di Maria has been the most involved player so far. Hes raiding down the Argentinean left. Hes almost in again on the end of a sublime Messi pass but its just too heavy. The winger almost flies into the photographer area after failing to slow down.

(75 Mins)

A busy start for Jonas Eriksson. Another Argentina free-kick after Messi is immediately hacked down after receiving a pass. Thats one way of handling him, I suppose.

(73 Mins)

Messi gets away from Behrami and is immediately surrounded by five Swiss players. He pokes an early ball into the box and almost catches the Swizterland defence napping but Benaglio comes out quickly and snatches the ball.

(71 Mins)

Di Maris is causing all sorts of problems down the Switzerland right. Lichtsteiner and Xhaka have to work together to try and get the ball off him and eventually end up fouling the Argentinean winger. Another free-kick but it comes to nothing as the ball is cleared by Johan Djourou.

(70 Mins)

The ball comes to Inler and he fires one toward goal from 20 yards. Its well over but Argentina looked far from confident when Switzerland ran at them giving them far too much time and space.

(68 Mins)

Switzerland with their best chance of the game. Inler breaks forward from midfield and finds Mehmedi, he exhanges passes with Shaqiri and tricks his way past Fernandez. Theres no-one in the box to cut back to so gives the ball to Shaqiri who is immediately tackled by Zabaleta and Switzerland have a corner.

(65 Mins)

Argentina are patiently passing the ball and looking for any opening in the Swiss teams formation. Di Maria tries to get past Lichsteiner and looks away until the right back steps over and blocks him off the ball. Foul says the referee and Argentina have a free kick just past the half-way line.

(62 Mins)

Rodriguez surges forward for Switzerland but is dispossessed by Ezequiel Lavezzi. The Paris Saint Germain man tries to start a move but is then fouled by Shaqiri.

(61 Mins)

KICK OFF - Swedish referee Jonas Eriksson blows his whistle and Argentina get us underway. Switzerland are in a full red kit, Argentina in their blue shirt with white stripes and white shorts.

(59 Mins)

There have been six competitive meeting between these two sides before today and Switzerland are yet to win. Four wins for Argentina and two draws. Messi starred in their last match together, a friendly in which he scored a hat-trick .

(58 Mins)

The teams are out, the anthems have been played and were just three minutes away from kick off.

(56 Mins)

Von Bergen was sent home by the Swiss after an injury in the game against France, his replacement against Honduras, Fabian Schaer, starts again tonight. Mario Gavranovic was injured on Saturday in training and has been ruled out of the rest of the tournament. And hat-trick hero Shaqiri and his partner in crime Josip Drmic both start.

(53 Mins)

For Switzerland, their 11 previous World Cup wins have come in the group stages and theyve never won a match in the latter rounds at a World Cup in the modern era. However, theyve only lost two of their last 21 matches and coach Ottmar Hitzfeld will want to go out with a bang after saying he is to retire after this tournament.

(51 Mins)

In terms of team news, Lavezzi replaces the injured Aguero. Striker Higuain is yet to score but keeps his place in the starting XI. No Maxi Rodriguez who it was rumoured might start after an Argentinean training session he was involved in.

(48 Mins)

However, there have been suggestions theyve had to rely on their talisman Lionel Messi to get them out of tricky situations in their group stage games, their man man scoring four of Argentina six goals in those three games. However, theyve been getting better with each game and are many peoples pick for the tournament.

(46 Mins)

As with every game involving Argentina at this World Cup, their supporters are out in force and making their presence known. On paper, Argentina look like they had an easy time of getting to the second round of the tournament, winning a maximum nine points in qualification.

(43 Mins)

Hello and welcome to the live commentary coverage of the last 16 tie between Argentina v Switzerland coming to you from the Arena de Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo.

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