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Belgium vs United States, Second Round, FIFA World Cup 2014

Belgium: Boasting a squad full of talented players who have established themselves in the biggest clubs in Europe, Belgium have disappointed everyone with the lack of balance and chemistry. Even though the red devils won all three of their group matches, they won only by one goal each time. With quality and depth in defence and midfield, Belgium still have to find a spark.

United States: Coach Juergen Klinsmann has built a superb side which can grind past talented teams. United States play with the shape, commitment and attacking intent which was evident in the 2-2 draw against Portugal. With experienced players like Jermaine Jones, Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey, USA can surely match their best record (Third Place) in the World Cup this time.

Form in FIFA World Cup 2014 so far

Belgium: 3 Wins (WWW)

United States: 1 Win, 1 Draw and 1 Loss (WDL)


Total Matches Played: 5

Belgium 4 Wins, United States 1 Win


(211 Mins)

A cross is floated across to Yedlin but the right-back cant control his pull-back on the volley and it goes behind for a goal-kick. Was that the last chance for the USA?

(210 Mins)

Lukaku plays a lovely ball over the top of Cameron but it just evades Mirallas at the back post. Its risky stuff from the Belgians when they could have simply ran the ball into the corner.

(207 Mins)

Gonzalez has gone up to play as an auxiliary forward as USA throw everything at Belgium. Yedlin gets another chance to fire in a ball from the right and his ball is dangerous but no-one can apply the finishing touch - not even Gonzalez - and the ball is back with Belgium.

(207 Mins)

Four minutes of extra-time to go. Can the US fashion one more chance?

(204 Mins)

Dempsey is denied by Courtois! The most ingenious free-kick routine from the US leads to a shot from almost point blank range from Dempsey but the Belgium keeper takes the ball off Dempseys toes.

(203 Mins)

The youngster has made a massive impact since his introduction.

(203 Mins)

Green halves the deficit.

(202 Mins)

Chadli is on for Hazard. The Belgian fans dont like that one but Im sure Wilmots will be forgiven if they can hang on here.

(201 Mins)

Gonzalez makes a mess of his header and Lukaku is almost in to make it 3-1. His finish is straight at Howard though and as he has done all evening the US keeper saves well.

(200 Mins)

Jones comes so close to an equaliser! The ball is headed down from a cross and Jones pokes it towards goal only to see his finish fall agonisingly wide.

(198 Mins)

What a finish from Green! The ball is floated over the top of the Belgian defence and Green fires his volley first-time into the back of the net. The comeback is on for the USMNT,

(198 Mins)

Belgium 2-1 USA (Green)

(197 Mins)

The US have an early chance to pull one back from a free-kick but Bradleys ball in is poor. The clearance is even worse though and it almost drops for Dempsey. He cant get the ball under control though and the ball is eventually cleared.

(197 Mins)

Lukaku scores Belgiums second.

(195 Mins)

The referee blows the whistle to signal the end of the first period of extra-time. Its heartbreaking for the USA who have defended so well for so much of this game but eventually succumbed to the Belgian pressure. Can they mount a remarkable comeback in these last 15 minutes?

(194 Mins)

Julian Green of Bayern Munich is on for the US. Off goes Bedoya.

(193 Mins)

Lukaku latches onto a perfectly weighted ball from de Bruyne and finishes confidently past Howard. The 19-year-old has contributed more in these first 15 minutes of extra-time than he has so far in the entire tournament. Can this game spark him into form for the quitter-finals?

(192 Mins)

Belgium 2-0 USA (Lukaku)

(192 Mins)

Its an excellent chance to kill this one off for Mirallas but he can only hit the ball at Howard who is there again to block.

(191 Mins)

De Bruyne whacks the ball straight into the face of Jones when he tries to clear and the midfielder receives some treatment.

(190 Mins)

Howard is finally beaten.

(189 Mins)

Dempsey helps the ball out wide to Beasley and his ball in is excellent. Unfortunately for the USA the interception by Alderweirweld is even better and when the ball comes back out to Beasley he can only volley it over the heads of those waiting in the middle.

(188 Mins)

USA need to try and contain Lukaku hear who has really made an impact off the bench. He works another good opportunity which is well saved by Howard but Klinsmanns men are living dangerously right now.

(186 Mins)

Dempsey lets the ball roll across him to evade Kompany and Cameron picks up the ball. He tries to play it through for Dempsey but it rebounds off the former Fulham and Spurs strikers heel and the danger passes.

(185 Mins)


(184 Mins)

De Bruyne feeds Lukaku in the box and he lets the ball run across his body before firing the ball at Howard. The goalkeeper blocks well though and the resulting corner is cleared.

(183 Mins)

Belgium take the lead.

(183 Mins)

De Buryne celebrates the opener.

(182 Mins)

USA have got plenty of time to get back into this one but they need to avoid conceding another. Vertonghen almost makes them pay for committing too many forward but he dallies on the ball and his shot is blocked.

(182 Mins)

Wondolowski skies a great chance.

(180 Mins)

Belgiums top scorer in qualifying has given them the lead in Brazil. Lukaku made an instant impact with a run down the right before pulling the ball back to de Bruyne. The defender almost intercepts but de Buryne pinches the ball back before firing the ball across Howard and into the back of the net.

(180 Mins)

Belgium 1-0 USA (de Bruyne)

(179 Mins)

And extra-time is underway. The USA fashion an opportunity almost immediately through Beasley who crosses to Johnson but he heads over.

(177 Mins)

Origi has done well tonight but he clearly lacks that cutting edge in front of goal, as is to be expected from a 19-year-old. Unfortunately for Belgium his replacement, Lukaku, is the same age and can be equally frustrating in front of goal. The Everton man is yet to have a shot so far in this World Cup but hes being trusted by Marc Wilmots to win this one for Belgium.

(177 Mins)

Lukaku is coming on for extra-time replacing Origi.

(172 Mins)

FULL-TIME - We saw a brilliant goalless 90 minutes between Algeria and Germany last night and this game has been no different. Both teams had so many chances to not just open the scoring, but kill the game off, however the lack of a finishing touch coupled with some impressive goalkeeping has kept the score 0-0. The last few minutes saw a barrage on the USA goal but Belgium and Howard stood firm before Wondolowski fired over from close range up the other end.

(171 Mins)

Now theres drama at the other end! The ball drops perfectly to Wondolowski a couple of yards from goal but he can only shank the half-volley high over the bar. The forward is spared his blushes by an offside flag but replays show that Alderweireld was playing him well onside.

(170 Mins)

Its going to be another corner for the Belgians after Hazard pokes in a cross which Howard is forced to put behind. The ball is aimed in towards Fellaini who climbs highest to meet the ball but its agonisingly over the ball.

(167 Mins)

Bedoya threatens the Belgiumgoal but Kompany is there to make the crucial tackle. The captain then embarks on an enterprising run from defence which ends up with the ball being played in towards him by de Bruyne. Kompany connects with the ball but Howard, who has been excellent this evening, is able to scramble across and turn the ball behind for a 15th Belgium corner.

(166 Mins)

Hazard has a great chance to win it for Belgium when he escapes down the left-hand-side. He elects to shoot from a narrow angle though when he had teammates in the middle and the ball goes wide.

(165 Mins)

Yedlin controls the ball.

(163 Mins)

A good turn and shot from Origi forces Howard into a save and its going to be another Belgium corner. The ball in from de Bruyne is better this time but Belgium only have four men in the box and USA can easily defend. Belgiums set-pieces have been really poor tonight.

(161 Mins)

Great chance for van Buyten but its a even better block from Besler! The Belgium centre-back suddenly found himself in acres of space in the box following a corner but Besler dives in to deny him an opener.

(160 Mins)

Yedlin is in behind the Belgium defence again after Hazard fails to track the full-back. His ball in finds Jones but he cant control it and the ball is cleared. Yedlin does excellently to chase down Hazard though with the Chelsea star threatening to break and its out for a throw.

(158 Mins)

Mirallas does really well to skip between two US challenges before playing the ball in to Fellaini. The Manchester United man brings the ball down and lays it off to Hazard who curls a shot towards the far post which Howard does well to parry away.

(156 Mins)

Hes going to continue though, just plenty of grimacing from the centre-back.

(156 Mins)

Omar Gonzalez has fallen awkwardly on his ankle jumping with Kompany and he looks in some pain.

(154 Mins)

Mirallas is one-on-one but its a brilliant save by Howard to deny Belgium. Its going to be the tenth corner of the evening for Belgium but Komapany cant direct his header on target.

(154 Mins)

Dempsey finds a yard of space on the edge of the Belgium box but can only shoot straight at the goalkeeper.

(152 Mins)

Zusi has been offering very little protection to Yedlin on the right for quite some time now and his ill-discipline had been allowing Vertonghen ample opportunity to gallop forward from left-back. Klinsmann will be hoping Wondolwski can keep tabs on the Spurs defender.

(151 Mins)

Here is the change. Its Zusi who trots off to be replaced by Wondolowski.

(149 Mins)

Dempsey elects to shoot on his weaker foot from outside the box but its easily saved by Courtois who can spark a counter-attack. He throws the ball out quickly and the ball is worked to Mirallas. The Everton attacker shows some neat footwork and almost burst into the USA box, Hes tackled but the ball falls kindly for Origi and he smashes the ball straight at Howard.

(148 Mins)

Theres movement on the USA bench. Chris Wondolowski is being readied to come on.

(147 Mins)

Witsel hits a decent strike a few yards wide of Tim Howards post. The Zenit midfielder has really struggled to impose himself on this game so far. Hes been neat in possession but Belgium really need more than that against an inferior USA side.

(147 Mins)

Bradley tussles with Kompany.

(145 Mins)

Yedlin is getting a little more joy now and he puts a dangerous ball in which Courtois does really well to catch with Dempsey lurking nearby.

(142 Mins)

Vertonghen smashes a shot from distance which should be dealt easily by Howard, and is, eventually. He spills the initial effort but no-one is around to take advantage and Howard can pounce on the ball.

(141 Mins)

Mirallas has options on the edge of the area but the ball is intercepted as he tries to play Fellaini in on the right. Belgium regain possession and Mirallas gives it to de Bruyne but he cant find the room for the shot and the ball is blocked.

(140 Mins)

Yedlin, who has been quieter this half, gets a cross in which is headed clear by Belgium. They look to break after Origi wins the ball back from Besler but the Lille youngster is unbelievably casual in possession and hes robbed of the ball when well placed.

(139 Mins)

Howard watches the bal strike the bar.

(138 Mins)

Origi does really well to fashion a crossing opportunity which Mertens can only flick just wide of the post. Thats going to be Mertens final act of the game as his number is called an hes replaced by Mirallas.

(136 Mins)

Mirallas is being readied to come on for Belgium.

(134 Mins)

Its Alderweirelds turn to put the ball in this time and Origi leaps to meet it and head towards Tim Howards goal. Howard is either the calmest man in the stadium or beaten all ends up as he watches the ball drop on top of the crossbar and behind for a goal-kick.

(132 Mins)

A teasing ball from Vertonghen almost falls to the attackers waiting in the middle. Its just in front of de Bruyne and through the legs of Origi when both players had the goal at their mercy. Nice ball, deserved a finish.

(131 Mins)

Belgium are enjoying a spell of possession here without really looking like threatening the US backline. They work the ball over to the left hand side of the opposition box but Mertens trips Beasley and the foul is given.

(129 Mins)

Fellaini chases Dempsey.

(128 Mins)

Alderweireld hits an ambitious shot from the corner of the box and it deflects over to Mertens who volleys the ball across the box. Its overhit though and the balls sails over the heads of those waiting in the middle.

(127 Mins)

Its Mertens with the corner but again its poor and he cant beat the first man. The Napoli forwards delivery has been consistently disappointing so far this evening.

(125 Mins)

Some neat footwork from Origi gives him the space to play the ball out to de Bruyne who crosses the ball towards Mertens. His looping header almost catches Howard off-guard and the USA goalkeeper is forced to tip the ball over his bar for a corner.

(124 Mins)

The second-half is underway. Its Belgium who get things started kicking from right to left.

(121 Mins)

12 of the 16 goals scored in the second round have come in the second-half. It all bodes well for this second period.

(120 Mins)

So can one of these sides break the deadlock in the second-half? The first 45 minutes were engaging with plenty of opportunities for both teams so hopefully we wont have long to wait for the first goal. Surely this World Cup isnt going to give us two goalless 90 minutes on one day?

(114 Mins)

De Bruyne heads the ball.

(112 Mins)

Jones challenges Witsel.

(108 Mins)

HALF-TIME - It was indeed. Belgiums best chance came in the first minute when Origi suddenly found himself one-on-one with Howard but their talented attackers have failed to shine since. Both teams have had plenty of joy down the USA right/Belgium left where Vertonghen and Yedlin have almost abandoned their full-back positions to join in as many attacks as they can. With Hazard and Zusi also not offering much defensively there have been plenty of opportunities to attack down that side but so far neither team can make them count.

(107 Mins)

De Bruyne plays in a corner for Belgium which is headed clear by Jones before USA win a free-kick. Was that the last chance of the first-half?

(106 Mins)

Were going to have three minutes added on at the end of the first-half.

(105 Mins)

Zusi runs at Vertonghen and almost goes round the Tottenham man. Vertonghen recovers well though but he cant prevent the corner. Its Zusi to deliver the ball but Belgium head clear and have an opportunity to counter through Origi. Origi gives the ball the de Bruyne in the middle and he hits the ball first time but Howard is ready for it and he saves with ease.

(103 Mins)

Klinsmann and Wilmots look on as their teams fight it out for a place in the quarter-finals.

(102 Mins)

YELLOW CARD - Kompany picks up the yellow for a late tackle on Dempsey.

(101 Mins)

Its Yedlin again who rampages down the right. He pulls the ball back to Zusi but he cant connect properly with his shot from the edge of the box and Belgium regain possession.

(98 Mins)

Yedlin whips in a dangerous ball towards Dempsey but van Buyten is there to head clear. Yedlin has looked dangerous on the right flank so far. Klinsmann could have chosen the more experienced and defensively sound Timmy Chandler to replace the injured Johnson but he went with the 20-year-old who can also operate on the wing and is better known for his attacking runs than his defensive positioning. It was a bold move from the USMNT coach especially when Eden Hazard is stationed on the oppositions left-wing but so far it looks like the gamble might just pay off.

(97 Mins)

Kompany challenges for the ball.

(96 Mins)

Michael Bradley chips a ball in towards Jones but van Buyten heads the ball clear and Belgium can break. They work the ball over to Hazard who shoots from outside the box but hes surrounded by defenders and the effort is blocked.

(93 Mins)

Yedlin makes an early impact with a darting run down the right. He wins the corner which is played in by Zusi towards Dempsey who brings the ball down on his chest and lays the ball off to Jones. The midfielder can only fire his shot wide however and its going to be a Belgium goal-kick.

(91 Mins)

This is a big blow for USA. Johnson has been excellent in their first three games but hes unable to continue here. Its a like-for-like change with Seattle Sounders right-back Yedlin coming in.

(90 Mins)

Johnson is down and it looks like hes going to have to be replaced. Hes pulled up with a hamstring problem and DeAndre Yedlin is being readied to replace the right-back.

(88 Mins)

Hazard is looking really dangerous. He picks the ball up in the USA half and dribbles down the left flank before firing a ball into the middle. It comes off the defender for a corner and the USA head clear. The ball comes back to Hazard quickly though and he hits a speculative effort from distance which Howard can save comfortably.

(87 Mins)

Mertens hits the deck after a challenge from Cameron.

(85 Mins)

Vertonghen is suddenly in behind the USA defence and he plays the ball across the box dangerously. Its past Howard but Beasley is there on the line to hook the ball away. Fellaini and Origi were both well placed in the middle there if Vertonghen could have picked them out.

(83 Mins)

Brilliant chance got Belgium! Zusi loses the ball carelessly in midfield and suddenly Belgium are breaking on USA with a man advantage. The ball is played to de Bruyne on the left but his shot trickles wide. De Bruyne should have done much better with that.

(81 Mins)

Klinsmanns side attack again this time through Bradley and Dempsey. Dempsey runs at the heart of the Belgium defence and slips the ball through to Bradley who gives the ball back to his teammate. Dempsey gets his shot away but the ball is somewhat stuck under his feet and Courtois can cling onto the shot.

(80 Mins)

USA have won a corner off Jan Vertonghen. Geoff Cameron climbs the highest to meet Zusis ball in and he aims his header towards the back post only to it drop wide. Dempsey retrieves the ball on the left but he is tackled and Belgium clear.

(79 Mins)

The pitch invader is removed.

(78 Mins)

YELLOW CARD - That is not a nice tackle from Cameron. Hes about half-an-hour late in his tackle on Mertens who crumples to the floor.

(76 Mins)

Weve got an intruder on the pitch! Its the most excitement weve had over the last ten minutes in all honesty. Hes escorted off the pitch and play can continue.

(74 Mins)

Marc Wilmots looks on. Can his team maintain their 100% record?

(73 Mins)

Origi is down here after a challenge for Vertonghen. The physio is on but the striker should be fine to continue.

(72 Mins)

Its Belgiums third corner and again they fail to work an opportunity as Alderweireld is penalised for a foul. Free-kick USA.

(70 Mins)

Things have quietened down somewhat after a lively opening ten minutes. Neither side has really been able to string enough passes together build any significant pressure as Belgium win a throw which is aimed in towards Fellaini. The big midfielder gets his head on the ball and it deflects of Cameron for a corner.

(69 Mins)

Fellaini jumps with Cameron.

(66 Mins)

DaMarcus Beasley embarks on a rampaging run down the right flank, pursued all the way by Fellaini. Beasley tries to get the cross in but the pressure from Fellaini is enough to put him off and the ball lands on the roof of Courtois net.

(65 Mins)

Howard saves from Origi.

(64 Mins)

Cameron picks up the ball in the Belgium half and plays a neat through ball to Zusi but the USA attacker cant quite get there before Courtois who gathers up the ball. First opening for the Americans.

(63 Mins)

USA huddle prior to kick-off.

(63 Mins)

Its another corner for Belgium who have started strongly here. Mertens is the man who whips the ball in but again its headed away by the USA defence.

(61 Mins)

Early chance for Origi! The ball is played through to him by de Bruyne and Origi shrugs aside the defender to find himself one-on-one with Tim Howard. The Everton stopper makes himself big though and is able to spread himself enough to keep out the shot. The ball is behind for a corner but nothing comes of it and USA clear.

(60 Mins)

Its the USA who get things underway kicking from right to left.

(58 Mins)

So far all seven last 16 ties have been won by the group winners. Can Klinsmanns USMNT buck the trend tonight? Kick-off is just moments away.

(54 Mins)

The winner of tonights game will be rewarded with a daunting match against Argentina in the quarter-finals. Alejandro Sabellas men eventually came out on top against Switzerland earlier today thanks to an extra-time strike from Angel Di Maria.

(54 Mins)

Belgium supporters cheer on their team.

(53 Mins)

Teddy Goalsevelt, the USAs unofficial mascot, prepares for their clash with Belgium.

(44 Mins)

USA meanwhile drop Beckerman and Davis to the bench with Bedoya and Cameron coming in. Cameron has spent most of the season playing in defence with Stoke City but is likely to start in midfield alongside Jones and Bradley. Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley will likely be the main men for USA in this one but also watch out for Fabian Johnson whose marauding runs from right-back have been an important feature of his teams performances so far.

(41 Mins)

Probably the most surprising aspect of the USA line-up is the inclusion of Divock Origi who comes in for the out-of-form Romelu Lukaku. Lukaku had been tipped by many to achieve great things at this tournament but has so far been utterly anonymous while the unheralded Origi has come of the bench to score two crucial goals for his team. Origis performances have attracted the attentions of Liverpool who appear close to completing a £10m deal for the youngster but it is still a mild shock to see him replace Lukaku today.

(40 Mins)

USA (4-3-3): Howard; Johnson, Besler, Gonzalez, Beasley; Cameron, Bradley, Jones; Bedoya, Dempsey, Zusi.

(38 Mins)

Belgium (4-2-3-1): Courtois; Alderweireld, van Buyten, Kompany, Vertonghen; Fellaini, Witsel; Mertens, de Bruyne, Hazard; Origi.

(36 Mins)

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Belgium vs USA. Kick-off is less than 30 minutes away so to fill the gap heres the line-ups...


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