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Costa Rica vs Greece, Second Round, FIFA World Cup 2014

Costa Rica: Having left former champions Uruguay, Italy and England behind to sensationally win the toughest group at the World Cup, the Costa Ricans have played their best football. With panache and attacking verve and with forwards Joel Campbell and Bryan Ruiz leading from the front Los Ticos can hope to go past the Round of 16 (their best World Cup result).

Greece: Currently the lowest-ranked side in the World Cup so far, Greece have wriggled out of the group stage for the first time. Stubborn as ever Greece can infuriate any side as they pride themselves on defensive solidity and a measured approach. Fernando Santos’ side is completely comfortable with its style and unafraid to play to its strengths.

Form in FIFA World Cup 2014 so far

Costa Rica: 2 Wins and 1 Draw (WWD)

Greece: 1 Win, 1 Draw and 1 Loss (LDW)


The two sides are meeting for the first time.


(235 Mins)

Umana takes Costa Rica into the quarter finals for the first time in their history.

(234 Mins)

Gekas misses. The penalty is well-taken but Navas makes a diving save to push the ball away.

(233 Mins)

Campbell looks super-confident and rolls the ball home to put Costa Rica in front.

(232 Mins)

Holebas takes a wonderful penalty. He fires the ball into the top right corner.

(232 Mins)

Gonzalez hits it strongly straight down the middle to beat Karlezis.

(231 Mins)

Christodoulopoulos levels things up once again by sending the keeper the wrong way.

(230 Mins)

Ruiz fires the ball into the roof of the net. There is nothing Karlezis can do about that.

(229 Mins)

Mitroglou takes a composed penalty to beat Navas. He sends the keeper the wrong way to level things up.

(228 Mins)

Borges sends the ball straight down the middle and puts Costa Rica ahead.

(227 Mins)

Costa Rica will take the first penalty kick.

(225 Mins)

The two keepers are walking towards the designated goal as their teammates gather at the halfway line. The penalty shootout is about to begin.

(223 Mins)

Greece coach Fernando Santos has just been sent off for protesting with the referee. He will be watching the penalties from the stands.

(221 Mins)

Keylor Navas has been the absolute star on Costa Ricas side. He has kept his team in the World Cup with a series of outstanding saves. Will he produce some more magic in the penalty shootout?

(219 Mins)

The referee blows the whistle and its the end of extra-time. The penalty shootouts will decide the outcome of this last 16 game.

(218 Mins)

Gekas flicks the ball to Mitroglou on his right hand side. Mitroglou fires a powerful shot towards goal, but Navas makes another crucial save to deflect the ball away.

(217 Mins)

There are two minutes of added time.

(217 Mins)

Holebas sends a terrible ball into the box that is easily dealt with by the Costa Ricans.

(216 Mins)

Greece have one final chance on a corner kick.

(215 Mins)

Mitroglou lashes a shot from outside the box, but he lacks precision and skies the ball high and wide.

(213 Mins)

Costa Rica are desperately trying to hold on to this result as chances come thick and fast for Greece.

(211 Mins)

Navas is suffering from a knee injury but he is forced to stay on as Costa Rica have run out of substitutions. This could be a real concern in the likelihood of penalty shootouts.

(209 Mins)

Greece break away with five players up against just two Costa Rican defenders. Christodoulopoulos attempts a shot from the edge of the box and wastes a golden chance.

(208 Mins)

Cubero skips past Holebas before sending a dangerous cross into the box from the by-line. Campbell is the only Costa Rican player in there but cannot find the target.

(207 Mins)

We are less than ten minutes away from the penalty shootout unless more late drama is in store for us.

(206 Mins)

Campbell musters the strength to fight for the ball with two Greek defenders and win himself a free kick.

(204 Mins)

Keylor Navas is lying on the ground again suffering from an apparent knee injury. Pinto has already used all available substitutions.

(202 Mins)

Brenes sprints in behind Holebas before firing a volley towards goal. He is under pressure and cannot hit the ball with precision sending it high over the bar.

(202 Mins)

Costa Rica gets the game underway for one last time.

(201 Mins)

Greece are making the most of their one-man advantage and look the most threatening side in extra-time.

(200 Mins)

Katsouranis had a great chance to put Greece ahead in extra time.

(200 Mins)

The referee blows his whistle and the first period of extra time is over.

(198 Mins)

Campbell slices a ball through the Greek backline to pick out Brenes darting into the box. Brenes attempts a low pass towards the centre of the area but the ball is easily dealt with.

(196 Mins)

Costa Rica venture into the opposition half for the first time. But as soon as Campbell gets the ball the Greek defenders double up on him and regain control of possession.

(194 Mins)

Greece are on the front foot again. Holebas dances around with the ball in the Costa Rican area before squaring it to his left hand side. Katsouranis shot is then blocked by Gonzalez.

(193 Mins)

Every single member of the Costa Rican squad huddled together before the start of extra-time. They really need to play as a cohesive unit if they want to win this game.

(191 Mins)

Greece have the near totality of possession now. The Costa Ricans are sitting very deep hoping to take this game into the penalty shootout. It is a sensible strategy.

(188 Mins)

Another chance for Greece. Katsouranis curls in a great cross that gets a deflection before heading towards Mitroglou. The striker cannot see the ball coming and hits it poorly

(186 Mins)

Joel Campbell looks absolutely drained. He is left alone up front and is struggling to chase down any ball coming his way.

(185 Mins)

Torosidis swings a lovely cross from the right hand side into the box. Mitroglou is anticipated by a Costa Rican defender that flicks the ball back to Navas for safety.

(184 Mins)

We are off. Greece get us back underway.

(181 Mins)

It is interesting to see how Pinto is setting up his team for the extra time. The Costa Ricans gave it all to defend their lead and they seemed totally exhausted in the closing stages of the match.

(176 Mins)

Greece left it late once again. In the 91st minute Papastathopoulos powered the ball past Navas to take the game into extra-time. Costa Rica are down to ten men after Duarte got sent off.

(176 Mins)

FULL-TIME - Costa Rica 1 - 1 Greece

(175 Mins)

Emotional scenes in Recife as Papastathopoulos finds a late equaliser.

(174 Mins)

Keylor Navas appears to be slightly injured. Costa Rica have run out of substitutions though.

(173 Mins)

CLOSE. Mitroglou gets on the end of a looping cross and sends a thunderous header towards the top left corner. Navas pulls off a beautiful save to tip the ball over the bar.

(172 Mins)

There are five minutes of added time. Two have already gone.

(171 Mins)

Late drama in Recife. Gekas fires a shot towards goal that Navas can only parry away. Papastathopoulos is on hand and taps it home to score the crucial equaliser.

(170 Mins)

Costa Rica 1 -1 Greece (Papastathopoulos)

(170 Mins)

Keylor Navas is booked for time-wasting.

(167 Mins)

Christodoulopoulos sneaks past Borges and bursts into the box. He passes the ball into the centre, but Navas dives down to block it.

(166 Mins)

Costa Rica are keeping the ball up front as the clock ticks down. Ruiz earns himself a free kick close to the corner flag.

(165 Mins)

Navas comes off the line to catch a dangerous ball before a Greek player can head it home.

(164 Mins)

The Greeks have overloaded the opposition half with players, but they are yet to trouble Navas.

(163 Mins)

The Central Americans make their final change. Brenes comes on to replace Bolanos

(161 Mins)

Costa Rica are just under 10 minutes away from securing a place in the quarter finals.

(160 Mins)

Karagounis wastes the opportunity taking a poor free kick. He skies the ball sending it high and wide.

(159 Mins)

Greece have a good opportunity with a free kick 25 metres out.

(158 Mins)

Costa Rica are sitting with nine men behind the ball and the lone Campbell up front hoping to get chances on the break.

(157 Mins)

Santos spends his final substitution. Veteran midfielder Katsouranis comes on for Maniatis.

(156 Mins)

Pinto makes another substitution. Gamboa is replaced by Johnny Acosta, who earns his first World Cup cap.

(155 Mins)

It is getting rather scrappy out there. Well see how the referee manages to keep his grip on the game in the final 15 minutes.

(152 Mins)

Manolas is booked by the referee for a sliding tackle on Campbell that went nowhere near catching the ball.

(151 Mins)

Samaras floats the ball towards the far post and Navas tries to catch it but lets it slip away. The keeper manages to get a second touch on the ball to punch it away.

(150 Mins)

This is turning into a rather nervous game. Bryan Ruiz gets a yellow card.

(149 Mins)

Santos makes his second change hoping to gain momentum after the sending-off. Gekas replaces Salpingidis up front.

(148 Mins)

Duarte might have just cost Costa Rica an historic qualification with a needless tackle. The Central Americans will have to resist Greeces attacks with ten men now.

(146 Mins)

Unbelievable. Duarte makes a reckless challenge to block Holebas and gets himself a second yellow card. Costa Rica are down to ten men

(146 Mins)

Costa Rica makes their first substitution. Tejeda comes off the pitch for Cubero

(145 Mins)

The referee books Costa Rican substitute Granados. The player has yet to make an appearance in this tournament.

(143 Mins)

Navas takes quite a big risk by delaying a long pass. Samaras chases him around the box and makes a sliding tackle that almost succeeds in getting the ball off him. Living dangerously there.

(141 Mins)

That was Bryan Ruizs second goal in this World Cup after scoring the winner against Italy.

(140 Mins)

Now Greece surely have to come out and play if they want to rescue something from this game.

(138 Mins)

Greece make their first substitution as Mitroglou replaces Samaris. Its a move that marks the switch to a more attacking-minded formation.

(137 Mins)

Ruiz caresses the ball past Karlezis with a low drive. Costa Rica are in front.

(136 Mins)

The referee books one of the Costa Rican players sitting on the bench for time-wasting. The man turns out to be Granados.

(132 Mins)

Ruiz breaks the gridlock to put Costa Rica ahead. Bolanos cuts inside from the left flank and finds Ruiz who is left unmarked on the edge on the box. Ruiz simply passes the ball into the back of the net as Karlezis watches it roll past helplessly.

(132 Mins)

Costa Rica 1 - 0 Greece (Ruiz)

(130 Mins)

Costa Rica attempt to come forward with the ball, but the Greek defenders manage once again to frustrate their attacks.

(128 Mins)

Tejeda gets a yellow card for a late challenge on Karagounis.

(127 Mins)

Samaras leaps higher than anybody else to collect the cross and head the ball towards goal. He does not manage to get enough power on it and the ball is easily blocked by Navas.

(126 Mins)

Just as it happened in the first half, Greece get an early chance with a free kick in a promising position.

(125 Mins)

Greece get us back underway. No changes have been made at half-time.

(124 Mins)

The players are heading back onto the pitch after the break. Lets hope for a more exciting second half.

(120 Mins)

Joel Campbell has been on the receiving end of a few hefty challenges in the first half. Samaris got himself the first yellow card of the match for a rash tackle on the Costa Rican striker.

(118 Mins)

If the Greeks were to reach the quarters, their federation would have to do some admin work. In fact, the contract of coach Fernando Santos expires tomorrow and the Portoguese man has repeatedly declared that he does not intend to stay on any longer.

(115 Mins)

Greece have built their successes on a basic formula made up of solid defending and set-pieces. The Greeks are once again sticking to what they know best today and Costa Rica are finding it hard to break them down.

(108 Mins)

The players are widely booed as they make their way off the pitch for half-time and we can surely understand why. It has not been the most entertaining of games so far with both sides more intent on not conceding goals rather than creating chances for themselves. The most notable event of this first half has been Keylor Navas fantastic reaction save to deny Salpingidis who had tapped the ball towards goal from close range.

(107 Mins)

HALF-TIME - Costa Rica 0 - 0 Greece

(107 Mins)

There will be two minutes of added time.

(106 Mins)

Earlier on, Navas made an outstanding save to deflect a powerful shot away.

(104 Mins)

Karagounis whips the resulting free kick into the middle of the box hoping to find one of the towering Greeks. But Navas comes off the line to catch the ball and avert the danger.

(102 Mins)

Duarte is surprised by a swinging pass and sees Samaras sprint past him. The Costa Rican defender brings him down before he can break free towards goal.

(101 Mins)

Samaris gets the first yellow card of the match after hacking down Joel Campbell.

(97 Mins)

Salpingidis bursts in behind the whole Costa Rica backline at the far post to get on the end of a beautiful cross. He just needs to tap the ball home from close range, but Navas pulls off an incredible save to deflect the ball away.

(96 Mins)

Samaris is the first man to be booked after making a late challenge on Campbell.

(94 Mins)

Costa Rica are enjoying most of possession at the moment as they try to start out attacking actions from the back. We havent had the pleasure to see any real scoring chance so far.

(92 Mins)

Christodoulopoulos makes a sliding tackle to get the ball off Umana.

(90 Mins)

Samaras gets himself on the end of a looping cross coming from the left hand side. He anticipates his marker to head the ball towards goal, but the linesman flag is up. He is adjudged to be in offside position.

(88 Mins)

We are seeing a lot of sluggish passing in midfield. Whenever either side gets hold of possession, it struggles to string a few passes together.

(85 Mins)

Samaras runs in behind the Costa Rican backline to collect a slicing pass. The ball is swept away for a corner before he can get a touch on it.

(84 Mins)

Costa Rica have a bit of Greek flair on their side. Talismanic striker Joel Campbell has spent the last season at Olympiakos on loan from Arsenal, where he scored 11 goals in all competitions.

(83 Mins)

Bolanos whips the free kick into the box, but nobody can make a decent contact with the ball.

(81 Mins)

Campbell dribbles past Karagounis on the edge of the box before the Greek player catches him on the knee to stop him. Costa Rica have a very dangerous free kick.

(80 Mins)

Campbell breaks forward and picks out Ruiz on the left flank with a great pass. Ruiz plays the ball back to Campbell in the middle, but the Arsenal striker is under pressure and fails to get a shot away.

(79 Mins)

The Costa Ricans are quite happy to let Greece have the ball and dictate the tempo as they are definitely more dangerous on the counter attack.

(77 Mins)

On the resulting corner, Papastathopoulos finds himself on the end of a curling cross, but he fails to make a clean contact with the ball.

(75 Mins)

Greece try their luck on the break. Christodoulopoulos sprints into the opposition half before passing the ball to his left hand side where Samaras is on hand. Samaras crosses the ball into the box, but it easily cleared away by the Costa Ricans.

(73 Mins)

Georgios Samaras is having to put in a lot of hard work up front as a lone striker.

(71 Mins)

After an initial flurry of attacking football, Greece are reverting back to their usual defensive strategy. It is not the most enthralling style of football, but it has served the Greeks rather well, leading them to an historic qualification to the round of 16

(70 Mins)

Costa Ricas players gather in a motivational huddle before kick-off.

(67 Mins)

Costa Rica are starting to come out a bit more often now. Bolanos is picked out on the left hand side of the box and curls a shot towards goal. But he lacks precision and sends the ball blazing over the bar.

(66 Mins)

Having both built their fortunes on counter-attacking football, it was also going to be interesting to see who would seize the initiative here. Greece have been the most threatening side so far.

(64 Mins)

FIFA president Sepp Blatter is keeping an eye on the proceedings.

(62 Mins)

Karagounis swings the ball into the box, but it is headed away comfortably by a Costa Rican defender.

(61 Mins)

Samaras is brought down in the Costa Rican half. Greece have an early opportunity on the free kick.

(61 Mins)

Referee Benjamin Williams of Australia blows the whistle to get the game underway.

(60 Mins)

The winner of this match will take on Holland, who played earlier in the day, in the quarter-finals.

(57 Mins)

It is exactly ten years since Greece shocked Europe to win the 2004 Euro Cup in one of the greatest upsets in the history of international football. Will they be able to pull off another historic result?

(57 Mins)

Costa Rica have reached the round of 16 on one previous occasion, in 1990, when they lost 4-1 to Czechoslovakia.

(54 Mins)

The teams are heading out onto the pitch led by their captains. We are just five minutes away from kick off.

(54 Mins)

Greece (4-3-2-1): Karnezis; Torosidis, Manolas, Papastathopoulos, Cholevas; Maniatis, Samaris, Karagounis; Salpingidis, Christodoulopoulos; Samaras.

(54 Mins)

Costa Rica (3-4-2-1): Navas; Duarte, Gonzalez, Umana; Gamboa, Tejeda, Borges, Diaz; Ruiz, Bolanos; Campbell.

(53 Mins)

The starting line-ups are in.

(52 Mins)

Until the 90th minute of their last group game against Ivory Coast, the Greeks were all but bracing themselves for an early end to their World Cup campaign. But, then, their star striker Georgios Samaras rose to the occasion to convert a last-grasp penalty and snatch second place in Group C.

(47 Mins)

Heading into this tournament Costa Rica were widely regarded as the whipping boys of Group D, which featured three former World Cup winners. But the Central Americans have stunned Uruguay and Italy in sequence to earn top spot in the Group of Death while conceding just one goal in the process.

(46 Mins)

Two of the World Cup’s surprise packages, Costa Rica and Greece have upset the odds to reach this stage of the competition.

(44 Mins)

Hello and welcome to the live commentary of this round of 16 match between Costa Rica and Greece. Earlier today the Netherlands scored twice in the last ten minutes to beat Mexico and book a place in the quarterfinals.

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