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United States vs Germany, Group G, FIFA World Cup 2014

United States: Jurgen Klinsmann’s men qualified for the tournament as CONCACAF toppers but it would still need a miracle of sorts for them to qualify from their group. They have to beat the Ghanians if they are to have any chance of qualifying. They have a very good coach in Jurgen Klinsman and their squad has a mixture of youth and experience. For the Yanks this tournament is all about redefining the US soccer dream.

Germany: So near yet so far has been the case for Germans in the past few tournaments. Joachim Loew’s side excel in all departments but will have to make it count when it matters the most. They are placed in a formidable group and with stalwarts like Muller, Ozil, Lahm, Kroos, Gotze and a host of other stars they will be looking to get down to business. One problem area for the Germans can be the striking role with veteran Miroslav Klose the only well known face.


Total Matches Played: 9

United States 3 Wins, Germany 6 Wins, 0 Draw


(170 Mins)

Mueller runs up the left with Schuerrle, he passes to the Chelsea man who is forced out wide but tries a shot thats deflected. The ball plays back to Hummels who exchanges passes with Mertesacker before playing it back to Neuer. The Germans seem very content with things at the end here.

(169 Mins)

There will be at least four minutes of stoppage time at the end of this second half.

(167 Mins)

Ozil comes off at the end to much applause from the Arena Pernambuco crowd and is replaced by Chelseas Andre Schuerrle.

(165 Mins)

Germany look like they are content with things as they are and are winding the clock down with some simple passing between Neuer and the defence and gradually moving up the picture with some patient play.

(165 Mins)

Yedlin gets in the action almost immediately but his first time cross is way overhit after some great work from Dempsey to get the ball to him.

(161 Mins)

Down but not out. The USA look like they just qualify at this stage if the scores stay the same. Jurgen Klinsmann brings on Yedlin to replace Zusi to try and inspire the USAs midfield. Meanwhile Ozil and Mueller exchange passes and the forward is in, he could shoot but takes a second touch and Besler hoofs the ball clear.

(158 Mins)

There are some cheers in the stands from USA supporters after news filters through that Cristiano Ronaldo has scored for Portugal and they lead Ghana 2-1. The goal puts the USA and Portugal now equal on four points in Group G, but the USA have a far superior goal difference and would qualify if the scores stay the same.

(157 Mins)

Klose plays in Goetze down the right who has taken a more forward position than Schweinsteiger. Beckerman tries to ward the forward off but the ball comes off him last and its a German throw in. The ball makes its way over to the left and Howedes has a first time shot but its weak and trickles slowly toward Howard.

(156 Mins)

Jurgen Klinsmann was seen shaking his head on TV replays as Jones made his way back on to the pitch. Maybe wondering how two of his own players could take each other out or wondering how to get back into this match. He doesnt have a lot of option left with just over 10 minutes to go.

(154 Mins)

Whilst the game has a slight pause Germany make a change as Bastian Schweinsteiger makes way for goal scorer against Ghana; Mario Goetze.

(152 Mins)

Now a bizarre collision between Jermaine Jones and Bedoya. The substitute skips in field but Jones gets in his way and they clash heads. Both are down at the moment, Bedota looks okay but Jones slightly worse off after getting hit full on in the face. His nose is a little bloody but hes back on his feet and walking towards the side line, he looks like he might be able to continue.

(150 Mins)

Dempsey comes forward and challenges with Hummels. The German defender gets his head on it but Dempseys down holding his face, the striker broke his nose earlier in the tournament remember? The Germans sportingly put it out but Dempsey seems okay.

(149 Mins)

Bad delivery and its easily cleared. Germany sprint up the other end with Ozil exchanging passes with Schweinsteiger but its a poor final ball and booted clear. The Germans reclaim the ball and come forward again but Lahm fouls Bradley and the USA now have a spot of possession.

(147 Mins)

Howedes and Hummels tussle over a clearance and the German man is judged to have fouled the American midfielder. The free-kick heads into the German box and Neuer tries to keep the ball from going out off a German head but he is too late and its out for a USA corner.

(146 Mins)

The neutrals in Recife definitely seem to be behind the USA at the moment with loud chants of USA, though the statistics make for grim reading as the Americans have played Germany twice before in a World Cup and lost both without scoring.

(143 Mins)

Theres definitely some spice in the game now. Beckerman and Klose are exchanging words and Ozil had a talking to from the referee for an earlier foul. USA may be starting to crack under the pressure as they try to get back into the game as a goal for Ghana against Portugal in Group Gs other game, where its currently 1-1, would knock the Americans out of the World Cup on goals scored.

(142 Mins)

A delightful ball through to Jones cuts out Hummels and Mertesacker and the midfielder looks like hes through on goal but a great starting position from Neuer sees him racing out of the penalty area and calmly passing to Howedes with Jones incoming.

(140 Mins)

A yellow card, this time for Kyle Beckerman, USAs third booking of the game. The USA break after Schweinsteiger tries a back heel in the penalty area, they claim a foul on Jermaine Jones when he loses the ball but the referee says no and Germany come back at them. Beckerman comes in late on Schweinsteiger and its one foul too many.

(138 Mins)

And Bedoyas first involvement is an awful tackle on Schweinsteiger. It looks like a certain yellow but referee Irmatov says now. Bedoya probably lucky that he came on the field just seconds ago.

(138 Mins)

Alejandro Bedoya replaces Brad Davis as USA look to get back into it.

(136 Mins)

The USA seem to be reeling now after Muellers great goal. Zusi makes a poor pass and Mueller almost plays a great cross to Klose but Beckerman comes back and bails his teammate out.

(133 Mins)

What a goal from Thomas Mueller. Kroos plays a corner short to Ozil who crosses in to the box. Mertesacker heads on target and Howard punches clear but the ball comes to Mueller free on the left hand side of the box. He hits a superb, curling shot that swerves around Howard and into the back of the net. Brilliant. Muellers fourth goal of the tournament.

(133 Mins)

USA 0-1 Germany (Mueller)

(131 Mins)

Bradley not having the best game. Lahm slides in to stop a pass but the USA midfielder challenges for the same ball but comes in too late and catches the German capitain. Free kick Germany.

(130 Mins)

Great chance for Klose. Schweinsteiger gets the ball on the left and curls a right footed cross in toward the back past. Klose is there but jumps too soon and is under the ball as it comes over and skims his hair.

(129 Mins)

Lahm threads a pass to Mueller whos taken a position out wide. He cuts in and tries a right-footed cross towards Ozil and Klose in the box but its just over and out for a Howard goal-kick.

(125 Mins)

Schweinsteiger tries a volleyed shot off a USA clearance, its a poor one but it deflects out to Boateng on the right. He crosses in quickly and it almost gets to Ozil but Omar Gonzalez is there to clear once more. His header is also deflected of a German players and goes out for a goal kick. Great play by Gonzalez.

(123 Mins)

Were back underway and a change for Germany at the start of the half. Lukas Podolski is making way for Miroslav Klose who could break the World Cup goal scoring record today. Hes currently tied for top on 15 goals with Ronaldo.

(121 Mins)

The sides are coming back out onto the pitch as we head towards the second half.

(115 Mins)

However thats certainly not the case tonight with both sides going for the win. The last four fixtures between these two sides have seen 19 goals, an average of 4.8 per game, can we reach those heights in the second half?

(114 Mins)

After the Germans went 1-0 against Austria the two sides seemed to run down the clock as the one goal advantage was all that was needed to ensure both of the two sides qualified.

(112 Mins)

As USA and Germany simply needed to draw to qualify for the knockout rounds there were fears before this match that it could be similar to the Disgrace of Gijon a infamous match between Austria and Germany in 1982 World Cup.

(110 Mins)

Will Joachim Loew be happy with what he has seen from his Germany side at half-time? Theyve scored in 19 of their last 20 World Cup group games but have yet to truly challenge Howard.

(108 Mins)

Germany started off the better half and it looked like the worst would happen after Germany dominated the first 20 minutes with chance after chance. However, USA have come back into the game and a few crunching tackles and quick breaks and the Americans have had a couple of great chances to go ahead.

(107 Mins)

Its 0-0 at half time. No goals but its certainly a half that hasnt lacked in chances or incident.

(107 Mins)

HALF TIME - USA 0-0 Germany

(105 Mins)

Nasty challenge by Bradley. Hes off the floor as he flies in on Mueller but theres no card for the USA man. Scweinsteiger and Jones cash again after a tussle a few minutes earlier but no action is taken.

(104 Mins)

Beasley almost plays in Davis but the long legs of Mertesacker are back to cover and the ball rolls out for a goal kick. Up the other end Ozil wants the return pass from Howedes but the left back plays an awful ball and send it straight out for a throw-in.

(101 Mins)

Chance for the USA with less than five minutes to half-time. Zusi wins a corner off Mertesacker and Germany have everyone back to defend here. The ball comes in but its over everyone and goes straight out for a goal kick to Germany.

(99 Mins)

Hummels with a brilliant marauding run forward, he rides a couple of challenges and plays through Podolski on the left. the forward tries a cross to Mueller but theres a shout of "TIMMYS!" and USA keeper Tim Howard races out to claim the cross.

(98 Mins)

Omar Gonzalez is the second man to be booked. He fouls Schweinsteiger after the Germans break.

(97 Mins)

Bradley again with a great pass that almost releases Dempsey. He beats Hummels and controls the ball of his head but Mertesacker can recover to clear.

(95 Mins)

Mueller plays a delightful ball to Ozil who drops his should and tries to curl the ball around Tim Howard. The keeper can just parry with his legs but the ball is cleared. Howedes then almost gets in but the ball is just too short and Johnson can clear.

(93 Mins)

Great vision from Bradley and he sends a great ball in toward Jermaine Jones who finds himself in between Mertesacker and Hummels and with a path through to goal. However he loses his footing a the vital moment and the ball skims off the surface all the way back to Neuer.

(91 Mins)

Mueller thought hed beaten the offside trap but is flagged just off. Minutes earlier Kroos tested Tim Howard with a powerful left footed drive toward the top corner but the keeper had it covered.

(87 Mins)

Johnson gets down the right and just keeps the ball in he crosses the ball into the German box, it doesnt find anyone but Jermaine Jones is down on the edge of the penalty area. Replays show the midfielder accidently ran into referee Ravshan Irmatov as he tried to get on the end of Johnsons ball. Unlucky.

(85 Mins)

Theres a roar from the crowd with each US attack, its Zusi breaking forward again but the Germans get back to cover. The USAs move breaks down when Podolski retrieves the ball and is fouled by Beckerman.

(84 Mins)

A great tackle by Schweinsteiger robs the ball from the USA, he plays a lovely ball to Kroos who dances through a could of challenges in the penalty area but is eventually outnumbered. Some great pressing by the USA.

(82 Mins)

USAs best attack of the game. Some crisp passing in the build up lets Johnson pass the ball out to Zusi on the left. He cuts inside and lets rip with a great right footed, curling shot. Its high and wide but had Neuer worried.

(80 Mins)

Its been a physical first 20 minutes between the two sides. Germany have definitely had the better chances and have been bombarding the USA defence, but the Americans look dangerous on the break and are slowly growing into the game.

(77 Mins)

Germany break and the referee plays a great advantage after Schweinsteiger is fouled by Beckerman off the ball. Kroos sends the ball out wide and its played through to Mueller but just too much pace means Howard can come and collect. No further action taken by the referee against Beckerman.

(76 Mins)

And again Germany are almost in, the USA living dangerously. Mueller is almost on the end of a low cross but Gonzalez makes a great interception. Just seconds later Podloski looks in but his cross is just over Muellers head.

(75 Mins)

It definitely looks like Germany have targeted the USAs wings as the point of attack, a number of crosses from Howedes and Boateng have peppered the USAs central defence.

(74 Mins)

Mueller and Lahm exchange a few passes deep in the USA half, Lahm receives the ball and plays it out to Boateng whos cross again almost gets to Mueller but its cut out.

(72 Mins)

And Howedes is the first player to go into the book. The USA almost break after Germany give away the ball cheaply, it looks a great chance before Howedes takes out Johnson and stops the move in its track.s

(70 Mins)

Again, some great play by Germany almost gets them ahead. German defenders are still in the box from a corner and Ozilplays in a great cross. It looks like Howedes just has to tap it in and Germany are ahead but Mertesacker goes for the same ball and the two defenders get in each others way.

(68 Mins)

Probing play by the Germans. A patient passing move leads to Ozil curling a great ball behind Johnson and playing Podolski in, the Arsenal mans cross is a dangerous one and Mueller almost gets on the end of it but Howard gets there first.

(67 Mins)

The USA have actually brought the most fans of any nation to the World Cup. And theyre certainly making themselves heard tonight. Chants of "USA USA" can be heard whenever their team is on the ball.

(65 Mins)

Schweinsteiger with a great ball to Boateng who is well free on the right. Boatengs cross isnt as good and his mis-kicked effort cannot get to Mueller and Howard comes out to collect it.

(62 Mins)

Mueller almost with the perfect start for Germany. Some neat passing gets the ball to Ozil deep in American territory, he pass to Boateng who sends a great cross into the box. It misses one USA defender and Mueller tries the spectacular with an overhead kick but misses the ball. Podolski gets it but blazes well over with his effort.

(61 Mins)

KICK OFF - Uzbekistani referee Ravshan Irmatov blows his whistle and we are away. USA in an all white kit, Germany in all black with a red stripes.

(59 Mins)

There are a few empty seats in the stadium due to the heavy rain and flooding in some areas of Recife. But its done nothing to quieten the anthems and we are just a few minutes away from kick off.

(57 Mins)

There is some narrative between these two sides. US boss Jurgen Klinsmann coaches the likes of Lahm, Schweinsteiger and Mertesacker when he was Germany boss in the 2006 World Cup. And current Germany coach Joachim Loew was his assistant. The two go head to head tonight.

(55 Mins)

For Germany, its a welcome back to the starting eleven for Bastian Schweinsteiger and Lukas Podolski gets his first start of the tournament in the place of Mario Goetze. Miroslav Klose, who equalised against Ghana late on, starts on the bench and is just one goal shy of becoming the record World Cup goal scorer.

(50 Mins)

There are a couple changes to the US team which drew with Portugal. Geoff Cameron being replaced by Omar Gonzalez the most notable. The USA will be hoping to make a better start than against Poturgal, Nanis early goal the seventh they have conceded in the first five minutes of a World Cup match. The most in the tournaments history.

(47 Mins)

The weather has done nothing to dampen the spirits of the USA supporters. Second in Group G, the USA are in a wonderful position to qualify. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann has even post a personalised letter online urging US businesses to let their workers off work in order to watch the match and support the US national team.

(45 Mins)

Hello and welcome to the live commentary of the Group G game between USA and Germany in a flood hit Recife. It may be wet and rainy conditions but the pitch has been deemed acceptable and the match is to go ahead on schedule at the Arena Pernambuco.


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