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United States vs Portugal, Group G, FIFA World Cup 2014

United States: Jurgen Klinsmann’s men qualified for the tournament as CONCACAF toppers but it would still need a miracle of sorts for them to qualify from their group. They have to beat the Ghanians if they are to have any chance of qualifying. They have a very good coach in Jurgen Klinsman and their squad has a mixture of youth and experience. For the Yanks this tournament is all about redefining the US soccer dream.

Portugal: World number 4 Portugal depends a lot on their talismanic captain Christiano Ronaldo to guide them through the group stages. He single-handedly brought them to the World Cup and his fitness will decide their progress in the tournament. That said, Portugal are known for their unity and perform above expectation at major finals.


Total Matches Played: 5

United States 2 Wins, Portugal 2 Wins, 1 Draw


(187 Mins)

Thank you for joining us for this live commentary. The next fixtures will be the last of the Group B games: Australia v Spain and Netherlands v Chile.

(185 Mins)

Germany and the USA are now tied with four points each at the top of Group G. Ghana and Portugal are tied behind with one point each.

(180 Mins)

Goalkeeper Howard is in disbelief after Varela steals a last minute goal.

(176 Mins)

What an exciting end to the game. The USA supporters chanting was premature as the ball was given away at midfield. Portugal take advantage and Ronaldo was able to run to the box and set it up for Varela. He heads it into the back of the net, equalising the score just before the full-time whistle.

(175 Mins)

The full-time whistle is blown, and the game ends 2-2.

(174 Mins)

Portugal steal a goal in the last minute of the game. Varela heads the ball into the back of the net after Ronaldo crosses it in.

(173 Mins)

USA 2 - 2 Portugal

(172 Mins)

The stadium is filled with chants of "USA! USA!" in the last minute of the game.

(171 Mins)

The USA are holding onto possession as much as they can in the last few minutes.

(170 Mins)

We are into five minutes of stoppage time. Can the USA hold onto their lead?

(168 Mins)

The USA make their last substitution, bringing Omar Gonzalez on for Graham Zusi.

(167 Mins)

Moutinho passes the ball into the box, and Ronaldo tries at a header, but with the USAs defenders surrounding him, it doesnt quite end up on target.

(165 Mins)

Captain Clint Dempsey comes off and is replaced by Chris Wondolowski.

(164 Mins)

Portugal appeared to have a chance, but Ronaldo was called offside.

(163 Mins)

Clint Dempsey scores the USAs second goal of the night, as it bounces off his body and over the line.

(160 Mins)

What a goal from the USAs captain. The attackers outnumber Portugals defence in the box. Yedlin crosses the ball, and Zusi is able to kick it towards the goal. Dempsey runs towards the ball and it bounces off his stomach into the back of the net.

(159 Mins)

USA 2 - 1 Portugal (Dempsey)

(158 Mins)

Nani left-foots the ball after seeing a gap in the USAs defence, but the ball goes just over the crossbar. Ten minutes left to play.

(157 Mins)

The USA dont make a substitution as Besler is back in the game.

(156 Mins)

Matt Besler is down and clutching his right leg. He landed badly from kicking the ball away.

(154 Mins)

Jones was booked after a rough tackle, and Portugal take the free kick in quick succession.

(153 Mins)

Jermaine Jones is booked for the USA.

(152 Mins)

Free kick to Portugal after Costa is down from a rough kick to his leg by Dempsey.

(149 Mins)

The USA make their first substitution, bringing on DeAndre Yedlin for Alejandro Bedoya.

(149 Mins)

Jermaine Jones celebrates his goal in the 64th minute of the game, bringing the score to 1-1.

(147 Mins)

Portugal make their final substitution, with Silvestre Varela replacing Raul Meireles.

(146 Mins)

Meireles goes for another shot, after Nani crosses it in, but is called offside.

(145 Mins)

Portugal are trying to respond but Meireles shot doesnt quite make the goal.

(143 Mins)

Jermaine Jones equalises the score after a USA corner. Jones dribbles the ball to line up with the goal and right-footed a shot, which curved around Costa, and slammed into the goal.

(142 Mins)

USA 1 - 1 Portugal (Jones)

(140 Mins)

Ronaldo has a clear run to the goal, but his shot goes far right of the goal. Goalkeeper Howard doesnt need to do anything.

(139 Mins)

Costa makes a fantastic save after Beto leaves the goal open. Bradley takes a shot on target, but Costas defending prevents an equaliser.

(137 Mins)

Free kick awarded after Nani just catches Bradley in a tackle.

(133 Mins)

What a chance for the USA. Johnson finds Bradley in the box, and with the goalkeeper out of the way, it looks to be a clear shot for the USA midfielder. But Costa manages to stop Bradleys shot before the ball hits the line.

(130 Mins)

Despite defender Coentrao being out due to an injury, and Pepe being suspended following a red card in the game against Germany, Portugals defence are looking strong.

(129 Mins)

Cameron is down after landing badly whilst trying to block a shot from Eder.

(127 Mins)

The USAs counter attack results in a corner. It was kicked to the other side of the pitch, and doesnt provide a shot on target.

(126 Mins)

Nani crosses the ball into the box, but the defenders fail to clear it. Eder takes a shot at the goal, but it goes over the crossbar.

(125 Mins)

Portugal start the second half strongly, but Ronaldo cant quite get a clear shot at the goal.

(124 Mins)

Portugal make their second substitution. William Carvalho comes on for Andre Almeida.

(123 Mins)

The second half has begun.

(121 Mins)

The players are making their way back onto the pitch for the second half.

(116 Mins)

Goalkeeper Beto signals to his team during the game. He has made a lot of saves from the many shots the USA have taken so far.

(110 Mins)

The USA are 1-0 down at half-time. Their coach, Juergen Klinsmann, gestures on from the sidelines.

(107 Mins)

HALF-TIME - USA 0 - 1 Portugal (Nani 5)

(106 Mins)

We are into two minutes of stoppage time.

(105 Mins)

What a save from Howard! Nani takes a double shot at the goal, and with the first bouncing off the goalpost, Howard jumps and makes a great save after Nani tries again.

(103 Mins)

Free kick awarded to Portugal after a foul just outside the box. Ronaldo takes it but his shot at the goal goes way over the crossbar.

(102 Mins)

Play has resumed and Ronaldo takes a run at the goal. He passes to Nani, but his shot is blocked by Howard.

(100 Mins)

The clock has not been paused but the players are taking a short break for water. Despite being the evening in Brazil, it is still extremely hot and humid.

(97 Mins)

Beto defends Portugals lead and makes another save against the USA. So far, the USA have had a lot more shots at the goal than their opponents.

(95 Mins)

Jermaine Jones takes advantage of a gap in Portugals defence, and tries his luck at an equaliser, but the ball is saved by Beto.

(94 Mins)

After many attempts at trying to get the ball into the box, Cristiano Ronaldo is called offside, and the USA are back in possession.

(93 Mins)

Just over half an hour has been played here so far at the Arena Amazonia in Manaus.

(92 Mins)

USAs Fabian Johnson is passed the ball on the right wing. He takes a shot at the goal, but his attempt just scrapes over the top right corner.

(88 Mins)

The USA are looking very dangerous here. Bradley takes a shot for an equaliser, but the ball rolls just right of the goalpost.

(87 Mins)

Dempsey with another shot at the goal. Zusi passes him the ball inside the box, but his shot is cleared by Ricardo Costa.

(86 Mins)

Midfielders Meireles and Beckerman clash in a rough tackle for the ball.

(84 Mins)

Chance for the USA. Bradley takes a shot at the goal from outside of the box. It appeared to be on target, but the ball goes over the crossbar.

(82 Mins)

The USA rebounded back on a counter-attack, but Zusis pass from the right side to the left side of the pitch was too long, giving Portugal possession again.

(81 Mins)

Portugal are keeping most of the possession, trying to push through the USAs defence.

(78 Mins)

Nani celebrates after an early goal, which has given Portugal the lead.

(77 Mins)

Dempsey takes a chance at the goal from the right side. Goalkeeper Beto comes forward and saves it.

(76 Mins)

Eder is on for Portugal in an early substitution. Postiga comes off.

(74 Mins)

Meireles is down after a nasty hit in the face from Beckerman after a rough tackle.

(73 Mins)

Captain Clint Dempsey takes the free kick, and it just goes over the crossbar.

(72 Mins)

USA awarded a free kick after Alves knocks down Johnson just outside the box.

(71 Mins)

Zusi takes the corner, but it does not provide the USA with a good chance. However, they are still hanging onto possession.

(70 Mins)

Johnson is given the ball to the right of the box and takes a left-footed shot at the goal. The ball is successfully defended, and the USA are awarded a corner.

(66 Mins)

With that being said, Portugals first shot on target results in a goal! The ball was crossed into the box, and as USAs defender Cameron tries to clear it, the ball fell into the path of Nani. He slams the ball into the back of the net, putting Portugal one goal up, five minutes into the game.

(65 Mins)

GOAL - USA 0 - 1 Portugal (Nani)

(64 Mins)

With a strong set of midfielders on both teams, neither side is managing to carry the ball close to the box yet.

(62 Mins)

Cristiano Ronaldo gets his first touch of the ball, but his pass is too long for Pereira. Possession to the USA. Portugal will need to win this game in order to progress to the next round.

(60 Mins)

The game is now underway.

(55 Mins)

The two teams are now on the pitch for their national anthems. Kick off is in five minutes.

(52 Mins)

The USA took away a 2-1 win against Ghana in their first group stage match, whilst Portugal fell 4-0 to Germany.

(47 Mins)

These two sides have met five times before, but only once in the World Cup tournament. In 2002, the USA beat Portugal 3-2 to reach the final 16.

(45 Mins)

Hello and welcome to the live commentary for the Group G match: USA v Portugal.


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