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We are in the midst of the holiday season which, if you’re desi, means a lot of mithai. Sure, it’s convenient to go to your local Indian supermarket and pick up a decorative box of ladoo or jalebi and call it day. However, for those of you who want your holiday desserts to showcase fusion creativity, we have numerous ideas for you that are not time-consuming.

1. Chocolate Jalebi’s

Jalebi is sold at almost every supermarket. Though these sweet pretzels of syrupy heaven are perfect just as they are, we have figured out a way to make them even more scrumptious—by drizzling dark chocolate on them!
We recommend using a good quality dark chocolate, such as 70% cocoa bar. The intensity of the dark chocolate will balance the saccharine notes of the jalebi.

To make these, place the jalebi on a tray lined with parchment paper. To melt the chocolate, break up pieces from the bar and place it in an in a microwave-safe bowl, nuking it in 15-second bursts. Next, transfer the melted (and cooled) chocolate to a plastic bag and snip off a corner with scissors. Don’t snip off too much, your makeshift piping bag will be easier to control with a smaller snip/opening.
Squeeze the bag from the top down to push the chocolate out in a steady drizzle over the jalebi. You can either drizzle both sides of just one depending on how chocolaty you want it.

Another route to go is to dip the jalebi entirely in the melted chocolate. Get creative and use sprinkles to really bling out your masterpiece! Whether you drizzle the chocolate on or dip it entirely, place both versions in the refrigerator for ten minutes to allow chocolate to harden and adhere.

2. Jalebi As a Topping

Another cute and tasty way to utilize store-bought jalebi and transforming dessert staples is by using it as a cupcake topping. Simply place the jalebi in a plastic bag, seal, and use a rolling pin or small cleaver to pound it out into smaller pieces/crumbles. Sprinkle the jalebi crumbles on cupcakes with frosting (so it sticks) for some truly jazzed up and textured cupcakes!

You can use ladoo crumbles as well for a truly decadent topping. Instead of making cupcakes, you can make an entire cake and top it with ladoo crumbles. Trust us when we say the combination and texture work, particularly with a dark chocolate ganache cake.

3. Gulab Jamun Cakes and Cupcakes

Store-bought gulab jamun can be used as a component to re-do both, the American and Indian classic, in one swoop. Get store bought red velvet cake mix (or any flavor) and make the batter according to box directions. Line a cupcake pan with decorative wrappers.
Pour batter into each well about 1/3 up the way. Next, firmly set each gulab jamun in the center of each well. Using a spoon, distribute the cake batter to cover the gulab jamun. Bake according to box directions—once the cupcakes have cooled, frost and/or sprinkle as desired!

gulab jamun cakes and cupcakes

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As seen on Pinterest boards, another popular trend is to chop gulab jamun and put it in the batter before baking. Or you can simply put one perched on top of a cupcake or even around a whole cake for the tastiest wow factor!

Once the cupcakes have cooled, frost and/or sprinkle as desired!