Pilates, a popular exercise routine, is named after German-born Joseph Pilates who developed the workout in the early 1900s. The blueprint of pilates begins with physical and mental health that focuses on strengthening both the body and mind.

Posture is the crux of the Pilates method. Exercises are based on six fundamental principles: Centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow.

What sets apart pilates from other fitness systems is that it is suitable for all body types, despite the popular myth that states pilates is for fitness freaks, athletes or dancers. In reality, anyone who is looking to increase their muscle strength and stability, improve flexibility and prevent back pain can begin practicing pilates moves.

Another myth attached to pilates exercises is that, they cannot be done without specialized equipments. However, this is untrue because many pilates moves can be done on the floor with a mat.

Here are a few pilates moves to get you started, and if you like the workout comment below!

1. Imprinting: It is the best way to get centered before you begin your full-fledged pilates workout session. Imprinting is done by lying on your back, keeping your arms by your sides, while your knees are bent and your feet are flat on the floor.

2. Swan Prep: This is a perfect exercise for those who want to strengthen their back and shoulders. This exercise opens up the front body, expands the chest and stretches the abdominals. Throughout the exercise, abdominals, shoulders, back and inner thighs stay engaged.

3. Swimming: Swimming is great full body workout. When you swim, your entire body is engaged, which is extremely beneficial for maintaining, keeping and creating toned muscles. With the Pilates swim move, you do not have to jump in the pool in order to get the benefits of the swim exercise. You can do it on the mat too! The swimming pilates exercise strengthens the muscles on the back of your body, which includes the glutes, thighs and the back muscles.

4. Leg Circle: The leg circle pilates move needs complete focus and total concentration. This is one move in which all of the pilates principles come into play. Your mind and body must work in coordination with each other. If you want to test your core strength, the leg circle pilates move is the one for you.

5. Half Roll Down: The half-roll down Pilates move plays a quintessential role in building the strength required to perform more of the challenging exercises Pilates offers.