The ‘time of the month’ can be brutal. Everyone experiences different symptoms from being able to exercise regularly to crippling cramps that require you to stay in bed. There is, however, some good news, you can help reduce and alleviate cramps through a few easy remedies.

Check out the following methods and let us know if any of them work for you. If you try any of the two new craziest methods you don’t have to share unless you really want!

1. Exercise

Regular exercise increases blood flow. Increasing blood flow can help reduce the severity of cramps and will, over time, help cramps to go away. Cardio exercise like Zumba or even regular jogging helps with getting your heart pumping quickly and helps blood flow throughout the body. You can also do yoga which will not only improve your overall flexibility but will also help when you are having cramps. Try doing child’s pose when you have severe back cramps.

2. Heating Pad

A heating pad on a low setting does wonders for cramps. There’s something soothing about the low heat that makes muscles relax and helps cramps ease away.

3. Cannabis Tampons

This is not a joke—you read the title correctly. A company called Foria which is well-known for their range of cannabis-infused products just released the ‘weed tampon’. It’s more like a suppository than a tampon, but that’s how it is being marketed. The way the product works is that it will relax your muscles and soothe the pain without giving you a high. It supposedly smells like cookie butter or cookie dough. So what’s in the capsule? THC oil and CBD isolate—THC will focus on your nerves to block out pain and CBD acts like an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic which relieves muscle spasms. It is not FDA approved yet and only approved in California thus far. Would you actually try it? Check out the company’s website.

4. Little Rooster

This alarm clock is changing the way people wake up. Whereas waking up used to be painful, this company says it can now be pleasurable and it can reduce your cramps altogether. It’s a vibrating alarm clock that wakes you up slowly in the hopes of inducing an orgasm. One of the positive side effects of this machine is that it reduces a woman’s menstrual cramps. It’s not available to order as of yet, but you can track the product here.

5. Tea & Healthy Eats

A healthy diet low in fats and higher in vegetables can reduce cramps. A low-fat diet reduces inflammation in the body which reduces the pain you feel during cramps. Drinking chamomile or peppermint tea is also soothing to the body and allows it to relax which aids with cramps.

6. Painkiller/Vitamins

If you really aren’t finding any relief, try taking one painkiller. If you have a bad reaction to ibuprofen try Tylenol. If you don’t want to take any type of medication then you can up your Magnesium and Vitamin D intake which aid in reducing cramps as well.