For many of us, coffee is not just a beverage that we need to get through the day, it is also a daily ritual that recharges us, the smell fills us with hope and the taste gives us a reason to get up and achieve our goals. If you are a coffee aficionado, you’d be delighted to know some amazing facts about the second most consumed beverage in the world. We caught up with the Founder of Coffee by Di Bella Phillip Di Bella, who gave us an insight into the magical world of coffee and revealed some surprising secrets about our favorite beverage. (ALSO SEE Coffee made from poop? 5 delicious foods made from disgusting things)

1) The Italians don’t grow coffee: When talking about one of the finest coffee blends in the world, Italian coffee often crops up. But truth be told, coffee isn’t grown in Italy. While coffee and espresso are synonymous with Italians, they don’t grow coffee. Therefore the phrase Italian coffee should only be used when describing brands manufactured in Italy. 45 countries around the world grow coffee, mostly around central and South America along with Africa, Papua New Guinea and yes even Australia grows coffee. Something we bet you didn’t know.

2) Australians are leading coffee makers: Australia is now recognized as the world leaders in coffee, especially when it comes to milk based beverages like flat white, cafe latte and cappuccino. However it is the Swiss countries that lead the way in the amount of coffee per capita that is consumed on a yearly basis. When in Australia, don’t miss grabbing some fine coffee with milk. (ALSO SEE Coffee in a cone: This is the latest rage on Instagram)

3) Coffee begins as a flower: We call them beans but coffee actually germinates as a flower then becomes a seed. We then harvest that seed and roast it to get what we refer to as a coffee bean. It is then ground and extracted in many different forms so that the consumer can enjoy their cup of heaven. Yes, there is a strict and long process that happens before you get this magical beverage in your cup.

4) Coffee is a big part of the economy for many countries: Most coffee nations trade coffee and this is the backbone of their economy. Coffee is always one of the five most traded commodities in the market and the prices fluctuate every day based on the supply and demand. Take away coffee trading from many countries and you take away their economy. (ALSO SEE Jack Daniel’s is now selling whiskey flavored coffee)

5) Coffee creates a community: Most coffee around the world is enjoyed with friends and loved ones over a meet-up, celebration or a simple hangout session. That magic liquid creates many moments for people all over the world which makes it one of the most loved beverages in the world to bond and make memories.

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