The way you cook your meals helps in increasing, decreasing or retaining its nutritional value. When you deep-fry food items or overcook them, chances are they lose their essential nutrients and that makes them unhealthy. They only add calories to your body without really giving the full benefits. So, it is really important that you cook the right way to reap in all the benefits. Here are some cooking methods that help retain the nutrients and do not add on excess calories on your plate.

Pressure cooking

This is a common Indian cooking method for making rice, dals, curries, etc. Pressure cooking is one of the best methods as it does not require much oil and the vegetables cook in water that retains the nutrients. The excess pressure built inside cooks the food faster as well so make sure that you cook as many vegetables as you can using this style. (ALSO SEE How to eat more greens)


For some veggies, you do not need to too much pressure and so steaming works just fine. You also need lesser water and this one too does not require too much oil, in fact, you can cook without oil as well. Steaming or boiling veggies retains the nutrients and you can season them with spices and eat them as it is without any other accompaniments.


Grilling your favorite veggies by marinating them first is a great way to enhance taste as well as keep the health quotient high. From meat to veggies, you can grill anything you like and even make mains that are fully cooked and taste yum. (ALSO SEE Top 5 Indian superfoods to include in your diet)


Roasting is similar to grilling and then there is something called dry-roasting as well that is often done for spices and a few herbs. But you can use this cooking style for meals as well. From roast chicken to paneer and gravies, try this method to stay healthy.


Barbeque isn’t very common in India but due to the influence of western countries, it is slowly picking up. Barbeque also does not need much oil but heat from charcoal that is fit for cooking and marination that adds taste to veggies and meat you use. These days, you can even find small barbeque sets that can be used at home for cooking or even electric barbeques. So try this method at home for some healthy cooking. (ALSO SEE Healthy diet for children)

So avoid frying and sautéing your veggies too much and switch to these cooking methods instead.

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