Septum piercing is being done by everyone from celebrities to college girls. It is basically piercing the wall between the two nostrils and accessorizing it with a ring or some jewellery. It has been done in India since thousands of years and has now become popular in western countries. It is considered a cool-girl accessory. If you are thinking about getting a septum piercing then here are five things you should know.

1. It will hurt

This is the first question people want to ask about septum piercing. Yes, it will hurt but you will be able to tolerate it. The pain will be little to none if done through the “sweet spot.” When the piercing is done at this spot, it is less painful and heals faster. However, many people have deviated septum and do not possess the sweet spot.

2. It will take about three months to heal

Healing time varies from one person to other but it usually takes about three months to heal completely. If you are taking proper care it may heal faster. You must consult your doctor if you have fever and swelling as they are the signs of infection. You must keep your piercing clean to avoid infection.

3. It will be sore for sometime after piercing

The area will remain sore after piercing as it is healing. Make sure you are not hitting the ring while eating. You also need to keep the piercing and the nostrils clean. You will also have to get used to having a ring between your nostrils.

4. There will not be any visible scarf if take it out

The septum is pierced so the scar tissue is inside your nose and will not be visible. So, if you are tired of your septum piercing and want to remove it, just go ahead. It will not change the look of your nose or the septum.

5. Gold is a big trend and is safe

Gold ring or septum jewelry is a big trend. You will get several designs and types of the ring in gold. It is also safe to use gold and it is an inert metal and will not cause any infection. You can also try the infinity ring, which looks endless without any clasp or opening. It doesn’t even have a bead.

So, are you ready for septum piercing?