Technology is a godsend. From the idea of communicating a thought to another person within seconds to freezing a moment in time—technology has made life more memorable, productive, and helpful. One search can result in a multitude of pasta recipes and life advice. One swipe could you find you a potential partner. A few movements and you’ve reminded your sister to feed the dog.

As easy as technology is, my life experiences have driven me to always be in the pursuit of more and more life altering apps to step up my act in being spiritual, healthy, productive, and social. Below are just a few.

1. Breathe

breathe app

[Photo Source: Stop Breathe Think]

For someone as busy as me, relaxing is hard. For starters, being a night owl and having too many episodes of “Master of None” to see in one day is tough work that can prove to be draining. This is where Breathe, the most user-friendly, and helpful meditation app comes into play. Although there are in-app purchases, most meditation segments are free and if purchased, all proceeds go towards good, charitable causes. The meditation segments are also practical: they are labeled by time and listed in terms of time of day. They are also personalized through a quick “mood test” before presenting matching segments.

All in all, this app has aided me in becoming more aware and alert. The meditation segments are also practical: they are labeled by time and listed in terms of time of day. They are also personalized through a quick “mood test” before presenting matching segments. All in all, this app has aided me in becoming more aware and alert.

2. Off the Menu

This app is for the secret menu seeker within us all. Although many restaurants are notorious for their secret menus that feature hidden choices for customers to select, this app highlights and unveils a listing of secret menu listings at restaurants, bars, coffee shops and more around both the U.S. and Canada. The app features popular restaurant chains such as Chipotle, In-N-Out—but doesn’t leave high-end spots that are city specific. Today, the app includes guides for sixteen cities and has big hopes and dreams for expansion.

3. Zen: Coloring Book for Adults

zen coloring app

[Photo Source: iTunes/Zen Coloring Book for Adults]

A new phenomenon, referred to as “ an adult coloring” is taking the world by storm in the forms of paper, digital notepads—and thankfully—apps. This app is exactly what is sounds like coloring digital images such as birds, trees, and much more. It can be used anywhere: from the subway ride to waiting in line at Whole Foods. Because who says kids get to have all the fun?

4. Lastpass


[Photo Source: Facebook/LastPAss]

LastPass is a free password manager and secure vault with private notes for people like myself who can’t remember what they had for breakfast. The app is secure and is sure to get your back at all times: it doesn’t open without a fingerprint or passcode. It is secure, helpful, and most importantly, free!

5. Sleep Cycle ($1.99)

sleep cycle screenshot

[Photo Source: Screenshot via Sleep Cycle]

Sleep Cycle is a critically acclaimed app that has been featured on CNN, Wired, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, and the New York Times. The app is basically an intelligent alarm clock that analyzes sleep and wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase, which is the best and most natural way to wake up feeling energized. The company’s patented technology monitors the sleeper’s movements via the magic of sound and vibration analysis. As one sleeps through phrases (from light to deep), the phrase your alarm rings in is vital to wake up refreshed and prepared to take the world by storm.

6. Splice

As an avid documenter via vlogs and photographs on my iPhone and camera, I am constantly on the hunt for cheap and easy apps that produce visually appealing and smooth results. Once I downloaded Splice through a recommendation from a friend, I had found my match. Splice is simple and powerful and helps effortlessly create slideshows, videos with no limits of length, annoying watermarks, or ads. The app also includes free songs, sound effect, text overlays, smooth transitions, filters, and easy fix editing tools. Along with quality production, the app also features visual effect, easy download features, audio options in terms of soundtracks that can also be layers, narrations, multiple text options and so much more.

7. Thought Catalog

thought catalog

[Photo Source: Facebook/Thought Catalog]

As a person who enjoys reading, quick and easy articles, Thought Catalog is my safe haven. It possesses over thousands of articles on any type of article you feel like reading: from zodiac sign interpretations to detailed and poetic accounts about life’s instances. As a writer, I find it easier to connect and be inspired by other readers through this app. I learn from other articles and use the context they provide to improve my thoughts and life choices. Reading quick and easy articles on the thought catalog allows me to open my mind to new ideas, perspectives, and places and is a source of inspiration that just doesn’t end. There are my seven apps for success, productivity, and relaxation. As mentioned before, technology is advantageous—only if used correctly! Be sure to delete all form of technology and apps that are damaging your mental thoughts, self-confidence, and making you unproductive.