Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan has showed us time and again  how he is passionate about cinema. The dedication and commitment with which the actor prepares for each of his role has always left us in awe and respect for him. You saw his body transformation for the movie Gajini. Aamir Khan’s physique and six pack abs for the movie was much-talked about topic during that time. He worked hard to get the chiselled look for the movie. And now there is once again a buzz about Aamir Khan’s body transformation for the movie Dangal. The challenge was too extreme this time. UTV, the production house of Dangal, released a video of Aamir Khan’s transformation for the movie and we cannot stop wondering about his amazing journey from 97 kilograms to losing 25 kilograms in three to four months.


In the video, Aamir Khan says that he wanted to gain 28 kilos in the beginning and shoot for the part where he plays an older man with a paunch and then get lean for the part where he will be shown as a young wrestler. Aamir Khan enjoyed the phase where he had to gain weight and gorged on vada pav, samosas and chocolates. However, the extra weight affected his physical movement. He also admitted that he had difficulty in breathing and tying his shoelace. Aamir Khan chose to gain weight instead of wearing a body suit as it would not have felt real. Gaining weight made him live his character. He gained 97 kilograms and 38 percent body fat.

Aamir Khan

For the part where he is shown as a young wrestler, he had to shed those extra kilos and the body fat. The video shared on Facebook shows the actor struggling, cringing and working out to achieve a body like a wrestler. He successfully managed to lose 25 kilos and reduce the fat percent to 9 in just three to four month.

The star agreed that gaining and losing fat fast is unhealthy and for those who have set goals for weight reduction, he said that take one step at a time and you will reach your goal. Check out the video here and get inspired.