Open pores are a common skincare problem that many men and women face and the worst part is, they are easily visible on the skin and can only be concealed with layers of makeup. Your face is one the first things people notice about you and having open pores on it isn’t very pleasing to the eye. If you too have them and have wanted to get rid of them, you have come to the right place. We spoke to dermatologist Dr Shefali Trasi Nerurkar about this worrying skincare problem and here’s what she had to say about open pores. Read on to know what causes open pores and how to treat them. (ALSO SEE Top 15 questions about skincare answered)

What are open pores?

Open pores are dilated openings of sebaceous or oil producing glands present on the face. These pores are bigger in size than the rest of the skin pores and that is why they are easily visible to the naked eye. Open pores can be shrunk in size to reduce their appearance with the help of a few treatments.

What causes them?

Open pores occur because of excessive oil production by these sebaceous glands during adolescence, leaving behind open pores as the skin matures. If you have oily skin, you are more likely to have open pores than someone who has normal or dry skin.

Can they be prevented?

Open pores can be prevented by regular use of oil control face washes containing salicylic acid. Use of comedogenic sunscreens and moisturizers should be avoided to prevent open pores from occurring as these lead to skin problems like breakouts and acne. Use non-comedogenic skincare products as they will not block your pores.

How to deal with open pores?

Regular use of salicylic acid containing creams can help in controlling open pores. Using a skin toner is also a good idea as it will close the pores on your skin and prevent open pores. Use cold water instead of hot so that the pores are not open for too long as they can attract dirt and dust and lead to other skin problems.

Can open pores be treated at home?

Home remedies are not quite effective for the treatment of open pores. It is best to visit a dermatologist who can analyze your skin and suggest creams or a treatment option accordingly. (ALSO SEE How to get rid of acne)

How will a skin specialist deal with it? Can open pores be completely eliminated?

Once the open pores have developed on the skin, topical medications are not very helpful in treating them. Active treatment has to be done under the guidance of a skin specialist. The following treatments can be done:

Microdermabrasion: A non-invasive treatment that involves removing the top layer of the skin to reveal new, younger skin. It helps get rid of dead skin cells and open pores as well if they aren’t too big.

Microneedling radio frequency: This technique helps deal with skin problems like acne scars as well as open pores. In this treatment, the skin is exposed to radio frequencies using a small device with microneedles. This stimulates the body’s collagen which is responsible for keeping your skin looking younger. It is minimally invasive.

Dermaroller: This one is similar to microneedling but does not come with radio frequency. The roller has multiple tiny needles that puncture the skin resulting in a boost in collagen that helps heal it and in the process, reduces the open pores present on the skin.

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