Bollywood newbie Athiya Shetty graced the cover of Vogue with Arjun Kapoor ahead of her upcoming movie with the star. And we cannot help but notice that Athiya looks fresh like a daisy on the cover photo. The reason behind Athiya’s flawless skin is her basic but effective skincare routine that she follows to keep her skin looking great all the time. Here is everything you want to know about Athiya Shetty’s skincare routine. (ALSO READ You won’t believe what Katrina Kaif’s morning beauty ritual for skin tightening is!).

Athiya drinks a lot of water during the course of the day to keep her skin hydrated. She sips water throughout the day to flush out the toxins which leaves her skin looking clear and fresh. She always wears a sunblock before she heads out. The one she swears by is Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50+ Sunscreen  because the texture of this particular sunblock is not thick and it also moisturizes her skin well and uses Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Lip Balm for her lips. (ALSO READ Ileana D’Cruz’s beauty secrets: How the Mubarakan star keeps her skin radiant and flawless!).

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Since she uses a lot of makeup products when she is shooting, once she is done for the day, Athiya ensures that she removes all the makeup to let her skin breathe. She never goes to bed with her makeup on to steer clear of breakouts or any other skin problems. Athiya uses Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Make-Up Remover as it instantly breakdown even the most stubborn and long-lasting makeup. She follows it up by applying few drops of Coco Loco virgin coconut oil using a cotton pad on her face as she has dry skin. The raw and cold-pressed oil nourishes her skin overnight.

One thing that not many people know about Athiya is that she ends up spending a lot of time on the internet searching for homemade remedies and face masks. She indulges in homemade pureed tomato and yogurt face masks to pamper her skin. She often rubs tomatoes on her face to tone her skin and to get fresh, glowing skin.  (ALSO READ Priyanka Chopra Uses These 8 Beauty Products to Keep Her Skin Clear and Radiant).

Though the actress does not like massages and spa, one thing she likes to go for is foot massages. She was introduced to foot massages by her managers and off-late the actress enjoys the joy of a foot massage to relax.

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