Bank Chor actress Rhea Chakraborty has been busy promoting her new movie. The young star who will be making her presence felt on the big screen is looking prettier than ever. Earlier we shared with you best of Rhea’s  Instagram style files, here is a glimpse of the 24-year-old starlet’s beauty secrets. Let’s take a look at how Rhea Chakraborty takes care of her skin and hair. Here’s the Bank Chor actress’ skincare and haircare regime. 

Rhea Chakraborty’s skincare regime

Since the actress is quite young, she believes that over working on the skin will lead to more skin problems, so she has never indulged in any kind of facials. Instead she prefers to use natural methods to take care of her skin. She applies a natural homemade face mask using yogurt, honey and lemon to keep her skin glowing.

To keep her skin clean, she washes her face at regular intervals to get rid of the dirt and grime. To protect her skin a little bit of aloe vera moisturizer and sunscreen is all she needs. Rhea always carries refreshing rosewater and skin wipes to keep her skin fresh. (ALSO READ Anushka Sharma’s beauty routine that make her skin and hair look gorgeous!).

Rhea uses rosewater spray from Forest Essentials to tone her skin and Kiehl’s ultra moisturizing water-based cream for day wear, as it it light and also does not make her skin greasy. She prefers to keep her makeup as light as possible and likes to use just a dash of mascara and lip balm for a no-makeup look.

Rhea Chakraborty’s haircare regime

Rhea always sports a chic hairdo, the reason behind her healthy hair is consistent use of Kerastase products. Though her hair gets exposed to a lot of heat due to styling tools, she keeps her hair healthy by indulging in a scalp massage using a mixture of castor oil, olive oil and aloe vera oil  to nourish her hair and scalp. She also tries to use a natural hair mask every second-third day. (ALSO READ Katrina Kaif’s beauty secrets: Kat’s skincare and haircare routine makes her look flawless even without makeup!).

To keep split ends and other hair problems at bay, Rhea books an appointment with a hair salon every month and since she works out every day she uses a mild organic or Ayurvedic shampoo and conditioner every day to keep her hair and scalp clean.

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