Don’t you love the creamy, even complexion you get after applying your BB or CC cream? This tinted moisturizer cream is the easiest way to get a dewy skin without the hassle of applying foundation, primer or serum. Thanks to the BB and CC creams you can get ready quickly when you have to rush to your office. All you have to do is take a drop of the cream, apply it on your face and blend it with your finger or a blender. You do not even have to apply powder. Although it doesn’t cover the imperfections of your skin, it evens out your complexion. There is an array of BB and CC creams for different types of skin and complexions. DD cream is the most recent addition to the collection. Here is the difference between BB, CC and DD cream.

BB cream

BB stands for beauty balm or blemish balm. It is all-in-one cream with primer, moisturizer and sheer coverage. It also contains added benefits like antioxidants and SPF. It is one of the most popular creams available in the market. BB cream is heavier than other moisturizers by lighter than foundation. It is apt for dry skin. This tinted cream does not provide adequate protection against the sun as you will be using just a drop of the product.

CC cream

CC means color correction. This non-brightening cream can be used for concealing skin imperfections. It is lighter and provides sheer coverage. It minimizes oil production, moisturizes your skin and contains SPF. It is used to address skin problems like swollenness or redness. The light, whipped and fluffy finish of the product feels light on the skin and is like an upgraded version of BB cream. You need to figure out the cream best suited for your skin tone.

DD cream

DD stands for dynamic doo-all or daily defense. It is the latest member of the array and protects your skin against the sun. It moisturizes your skin and offers sheer coverage. Apart from that, the cream also has anti-aging protection. The cream was earlier introduced as foot and body cream because of its heavy texture. You can use DD cream if you want to conceal wrinkles and fine lines.

It is advisable to select a cream that is suitable for your skin and complexion. The skin benefits of the creams vary depending on its brand.