In India, marriage is a big deal. Usually, the elders of the family find an ideal match for a boy or a girl in arrange marriage. They look for the conventional attributes like attractiveness, educated and well-settled in their search for the perfect bride and groom. The would-be bride and groom also have their preferred attributes they want in their partners. It is often assumed that men want a good-looking wife and women prefer a well-educated man but it may come as a surprise that beauty is no longer the most preferred attribute. A study was conducted by Banihal, a matrimony website, using the data provided by 10,000 users from Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. The sample study size included 40 percent females and 60 percent males. The study revealed some surprising misconceptions about the preferential attributes in women and men while searching for the perfect match. Here are some facts revealed by the study.

Men prefer kindness over beauty

According to the study, only 8 percent of men preferred beauty as compared to 27 percent of men who preferred kindness. Majority of the men population voted kind-heartedness as a desirable trait in their future wife.

Men from Bangalore prefer independent women

17 percent of men from Bangalore prefer independent women as compared to 8 percent in Delhi and 14 percent in Mumbai.

For men, the role model is their mother

Well, it is a well-known fact that men considered their mother as their role model and the same was revealed by the study. Mothers are role models for most of the men from all three major cities.

Bangalore men consider sister as their role model

For men in Bangalore, their sisters are also a role model. A total of 12 percent of men from Bangalore considered sisters as their role model, whereas only 7 percent of men in Mumbai and Delhi.

For women, the role model is their father

Most of the females from Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi considered father as their role model.  For women in Bangalore, friends are also their role model. A total of 41 percent of women in Bangalore said that they consider their friend as their role model as compared to 34 percent in Delhi and Mumbai.

Education is not the most preferred attribute by women

Only 6 percent of women prefer education. For women, the most desired attribute is intelligence.

The CEO and the Co-founder of Banihal Ishdeep Sawhney said, “This study clearly shows the changing mindset and preferences among modern Indians and how they are approaching matchmaking and matrimony with much more clarity of their preferences. At Banihal, we pride ourselves on being able to use such data and insights to simplify the matchmaking process and find the perfect match for a person.”