Conceiving a baby is tricky business. With India’s fertility rate having plateaued, it isn’t unusual to find yourself among that growing list of couples who are trying super hard to get pregnant. Despite being a land of Kama Sutra, India is frightfully uneducated about having sex. Most Indians don’t know the basics of a sexual intercourse or the fact that there are some positions that are better than the others for conceiving. Indeed, how you have sex has a lot to do with whether or not you are getting pregnant. The positions need to be correct to get pregnant successfully. Before we take you through this list of the best sex positions to get you pregnant, there are several other things that you need to be careful about.  If you have been planning to start a family, the most important rule to follow is to… well… have sex and have sex often. If you have sex when you are ovulating, chances of you getting pregnant is high. Ovulating period is the time of the month when you are most fertile. So ensure you have great sex when you are ovulating.  You get an ovulating predicting kit in the market that help you determine when you are ovulating.

The second most important thing is to ensure you are mentally prepared. Bringing a new life to this world is definitely a beautiful feeling. However to bring that child up is nothing less than fighting a war. So before you go ahead with your decision, make sure you are clear and sure about your decision. If you find yourself nodding in positive to the above, it is time to get down to some serious business.  We have listed down some of the best sex positions to help you get pregnant.

Missionary style

This is one of the most popular sex positions. In this position, you have to lie on your back with your husband on the top.  This position will help your man to deeply penetrate and the sperm to travel easily to the cervix. Since your legs are also lifted in the air, the traveling of the sperm to the cervix becomes a lot easier. Conceiving will happen easily in this position. You can also experiment by placing a pillow under your hips. As we mentioned earlier, this is one of the best sex positions in the world. And going by how much our population has exploded over the centuries, we imagine this is also one of the best sex positions to help you get pregnant.

Doggy style

This position is almost every man’s favorite. But not many may be aware that the doggy style is also one of the best sex positions to help you get pregnant.  In comparison to the other sex positions, the doggy style helps your cervix to be more open making penetration deeper and the sperm to reach the cervix easily. For those who don’t know the doggy style, it involves the woman on her knees and the man penetrates by standing behind. This position can feel uncomfortable in the first few attempts, but as time passes, you will definitely get the knack.

Anvil or the rock and roller position

The Anvil position also called as the rock and roller position is very similar to the missionary. The woman will be on her back and the man on the top. The woman in this position has to raise her legs above her head and the man penetrates.  The Anvil lets your partner penetrate deeper and for women it also gives immense pleasure since it hits your G-spot. If you haven’t tried this position yet, do it the next time you hit the sheets and you will soon get your good news.


Now this is a slightly adventurous sex position. Try this only if you know you are physically fit. This involves the woman standing on her hands and her legs in the air.  The man penetrates standing in between the woman’s wide spread legs and holding her legs for a better balance.  This position not only will spice up your sex life, but it also helps in quicker pregnancy.  The best part about the Plough is that because you are facing downwards, the sperms are pulled inside much quicker.


Another pose for the adventure-loving couples! The padlock position requires the woman to sit on any furniture that is tad high. Lock your arms behind you and your partner will stand in front so that you get to wrap your legs around him. This position is not just a lot of fun but is also one of the most recommended positions for any couple who are planning to have a baby.  The sperms will have enough space to move around in this position and that will help you conceive.

The Peg

This position is for those women who love to be on the top and in control.  This position helps a great deal to get pregnant easily.  The man lies on the back and the woman will be on top with legs stretched straight.


Do not let the name of this sex position fool you.  The Butterfly is nothing romantic, instead it is adventurous.  Your baby making process will definitely have more fun with this sex position.  In this, the woman lies back on a table. Yes, you read it right. The woman has to lie down on a table and your partner will lift your hips and penetrate from between your legs.  This is also one of the best positions to get pregnant and the sperms are said to stay longer inside the vagina.

Magic Mountain

The Magic Mountain is a different version of the doggy style.  Perfect for couples who want to get pregnant, in this position, the man bends over holding your back close to his chest and penetrates.  You could also use some pillows under your head so that you get a better balance and there are no goof-ups.  The Magic Mountain also hits the woman’s G-spot and chances of orgasm are higher.

Splitting Bamboo

Now that we are talking about sex and pregnancy, we definitely cannot miss out on the Splitting Bamboo. This is one of the most famous poses of Kama Sutra. Sex without the mentioning of Kama Sutra is definitely incomplete.  In this position, the woman will have to lie down on her back and raise her legs over the man’s shoulders.  The man will hold your legs for support and penetrate you.  The Splitting Bamboo ensures quick pregnancy owing to the deep penetration.

The Indra

The Indra pose is as good as the missionary. However, in this one the woman will have to raise her hips unlike the missionary where the woman lies down.  The use of pillows under your hips will also help.  Try this position for higher chances of pregnancy.

How well do you know the sex positions? This video shows how well we Indians know about sex positions. It is hilarious and also surprising. Watch this fun video above!