Just like your bones, your boner can also break. It is not like the usual fracture as your penis is devoid of any bone. To understand penile fracture, let us start by understanding the structure of the penis. The shaft of the penis contains three cylinders: two corpora cavernosa called as corpus cavernosum of penis and corpus spongiosum. Corpus cavernosum, which facilitates erection of the penis, is enveloped in tunica albuginea. Penis fracture is rupture of the tunica albugnea. It can cause hematoma or bleeding on the area as the blood is flowing out under the skin instead of going through the arteries and veins. (ALSO READ Increase penis size naturally: 5 most effective exercises for penis enlargement).

Signs and symptoms of penis fracture

Penile fracture is associated with a cracking or popping sound, immediate loss of erection, swelling, hematoma and severe pain. Sometimes, it also involves injury to the arteries and veins or complete or partial rupture of urethra. The fractured penis resembles an eggplant and it is called eggplant deformity.

Causes of penis fracture

Fracture of penis is a relatively uncommon condition and can happen due to blunt force on erect penis, aggressive masturbation or vaginal intercourse. Penis can bend or get traumatized during sexual intercourse. Acrobatic activities and aggressive position can bend the erect penis beyond its strength and lead to fracture. (ALSO READ Best foods for your penis: 10 super foods to improve phallic health & performance).

A practice called as taqaandan is another reason for penile fracture. Taqaandan is performed by bending the top part of the erect penis until a click is felt or heard. This click is similar to cracking the knuckles and is said to be painless. This practice has caused penile fracture.

Big, rigid erections are more at risk and injuries among older men are less common since they usually do not get full erection. Another factor responsible for fracture of the penis is the sensitivity of the penis. Men who have decreased sensitivity use excessive force during masturbation or vaginal intercourse and this ups the risk of penile fracture.

Treatment for broken penis

As soon as you hear a popping sound or lose erection suddenly, run to your doctor. If you see your doctor within 24 hours of the incident, then the outcome will be excellent.  Your urologist will either use a non-invasive medical management or invasive surgical management to treat the fracture. (ALSO READ How to increase sperm count naturally: Eat these 11 food items to improve male potency).

Non-invasive medical management includes cold compress, which will relieve the hematoma and pain due to the broken penis; stabilization of the fluid, which involves replacement of the blood lost due to hematoma; and administration of medication. Estrogen is administered to stop the erection of the broken penis, antibiotic to avoid infection, anticoagulant to avoid blot clotting and pain killers to relieve pain.

Invasive surgical method is done to correct the damaged tunica albuginea and avoid erectile dysfunction, complications and urethral damage.


To prevent penile fracture, one should avoid bending the penis too much. Fracture of the penis can also happen when it is banged against a hard surface or partner’s pubic bone.

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