Are you planning to take up yoga as your first step to healthy living and to get a fit body? Well, yoga can turn out to be a perfect way to improve cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and balance. It is also known for reducing stress and anxiety. All you have to do is research a little bit and then enroll in your neighborhood yoga class. But recent studies also suggest that though a lot of people find yoga to be the perfect way to improve their lives, but it can also result in muscle and bone pain and even worsen existing injuries if not done correctly. We share with you few tips to follow before you join your yoga class to stay safe while practicing yoga. (ALSO READ Have you heard about ganja yoga? Here’s everything you need to know about weed yoga).

Do your research and look for small classes

Research well before you head to your class, look out for a professional practitioner who will be able to guide you well. Also, make sure that you look for small classes with fewer number of people in each batch. This will ensure that you get enough attention while practicing yoga and will have your practitioner’s guidance. Large classes make it challenging for yoga teachers to pay attention to everyone and this is when many injuries occur.

Follow your gut felling

Whenever you practice something new your body is quite vulnerable and if you already have an old injury, you should pay attention to your body. Avoid doing something strenuous or some complex pose that might make your old injury worse. Go with the flow and follow your gut feeling and do what’s best for you.

When in pain, speak up

Do not be intimidated in the class and never be afraid to express yourself if you cannot work through any particular yoga pose. Also, listen to your body and when in pain, speak out. Everyone’s tolerance level to pain is different, it is better that you speak out if you are unable to get things right.

Respect your limits

You do not have to go all the way to try something that does not feel comfortable. So you should always remember that just to keep up with the class, you do not have to go through pain. Respect your limits and do what you can do best, stretching yourself to do everything can lead to pain and injury. Ask the practitioner to modify the poses for you.

Go at your own pace

You do not have to be perfect, so do not rush and take your own time to get the poses right. Master each and every sequential pose at your own pace. AS guidance from the practitioner if you need any help. Many a times they will either make your skin a pose or modify it to suit your pace and comfort so as to avoid any kind of injury.

Photograph: Shutterstock