Dry skin can get itchy and irritated very easily as it does not retain any moisture which makes it look stretched and flaky. If you are someone who has dry skin naturally, you constantly need to care for it by using hydrating serums and moisturizing creams and when you skip these, your skin reacts by becoming extra dry. However, it is important you also consider natural ingredients for your skincare as these can also fix issues like dry skin by moisturizing from within without any side-effects. They also do not cost a bomb like many creams. Here is a banana face pack that is perfect for dry skin. Try this out.

Take a banana, preferably one that is slightly overripe. Now, take a bowl and mash this banana in it. You can use your fingers or a spoon to do this. Now pour a spoonful of honey in it which will add more moisture to this pack. Banana helps moisturizing your skin from within and honey locks it in. Mix the two ingredients well to form a gooey paste. (ALSO SEE Health benefits of banana)

Now use your fingers to apply it evenly on your face. This pack should be kept for 10 minutes at least and then you can wash your face with water. Don’t use soap as it can lower the effects. Just pat your skin dry and then apply a  sunscreen. This will intensely moisturize your skin and keep it supple for long. (ALSO SEE Beauty benefits of papaya)

You can use this face pack every alternate day if your skin is too dry or every week if you feel it is too rich for you. The banana and honey combo will wonders for your skin and make it glow as well after a few weeks. So skip all those creams and try this pack today.

Photograph: Shutterstock