First dates can be quite tricky and confusing.  Even after days of planning you will never feel prepared to face the big day.  If you too have been anxiously waiting for your first date, let us help you with some tips that will work wonders.  Follow these and see how your date turns out to be just perfect.

1. Just breathe and relax

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Do not feel under pressure to impress or try to be too witty or smart. If you get caught in this web of being somebody you are not, you are sure to fail. Just be you and go with the flow. Whether you are talking or just listening, be you and respond exactly how you would otherwise. Your nervousness will show on your face, so just smile throughout and look and feel happy.

2. Dress smartly and don’t go overboard

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First impression is definitely the last impression. However, you do not really have to go out of your way to dress up.  If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing, you will be restless and distracted on your date, which obviously you don’t want.  Pick a dress that will keep you in comfort and at the same that looks great. An overly revealing dress is also not a great idea on a first date. It might give out a wrong impression.

3. Keep your phone aside

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This is the most important rule of all. In between a romantic date, phone calls or messages should never be attended. Show him that you are interested in him and his talks. So keep your phone aside and give your hundred per cent to him. This will certainly make a good impression on him. Do not forget that this is a date between two people and not your Facebook friends or your Instagram followers.

4. Do not be confused; be decisive

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Saying things like, “ I don’t know”, “ Whatever you like” isn’t really an impressive thing.  You do not have to take complete control of the date either. You just have to be sure of what you want and where you want to go. If he has given you options for food or the place of date, just pick one and tell your choice. Hearing “I don’t know” or “It is up to you” can get a tad annoying.

5. Talk about yourself but do not spill too much


Remember that this your first date and not an arranged marriage set up meeting. So, talk about yourself, but do draw boundaries. Do not share too many details about your life.  Keep him wanting to know more and make him curious. You can share a lot more, maybe on your next date with him.

6. Never have sex on your first date


Having sex on your first date is never a good idea. If you think he seems too eager, draw a line. Maintain physical boundaries and be clear about what you are expecting out of this. If you have sex on your first date, chances are that by the time you actually know him; you loathe and regret every minute of that night. So save yourself from any kind of guilt trip and avoid having sex on your first date. A kiss is okay by the way!

Follow all the tips mentioned above and wait for his call. Do not be desperate and make the first move after your date. You need to be patient for his call and if you have followed these tips, we are sure your phone will ring.