Fashion trends change within seconds. However the one trend that has remained and will remain are tattoos. Everybody these days loves getting themselves inked. Some people do it because they genuinely feel closely about something and there are some who do it only because tattoos are so cool and in trend. Now whatever your reason is, if you too have an inclination towards tattoos, then we have a bad news for you. According to a recent study it was found out that getting tattoos might out you at a risk of cancer and several other health issues.

The chemicals that are found in the ink goes into your bloodstream and it is said to accumulate that then swells up and obstructs the body’s strength to fight any kind of infections. Also some ink contains titanium dioxide which is a dangerous chemical that has been previously linked to cancer.  Apart from the risk of cancer, getting a tattoo also reduces a person’s immunity levels.

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Apart from all these the other problems are some of the most commonly seen problems like reactions, allergies, skin infections and toxicity in some body part.

You might also be well aware of the fact that after you have got yourself inked you will no longer be capable of donating blood.

The other side effect of getting a tattoo is scars. There are chances of body tissues getting scarred. Since you ate injecting a foreign object into your skin, there might be swelling and boils around the tattoo that can also get worse depending on the type of skin that you have.

Discoloration of skin is another problem that is seen in many people. The area where you ]have got your tattoo done is said to be permanently discolored.

If you ever require an MRI to be done because of any health condition, it can be complicated because MRI might gibe you a burning sensation in the tattooed area.

These are the several side effects of getting yourself inked. We are not discouraging the tattoo lovers here, but just trying to warn you of all the side effects that a tattoo comes with. So whenever you decide to get one, just make sure that you are well aware of these and are mentally prepared.