We don’t need to tell you about how good orgasms feel. However, sometimes you get busy with work, new Netflix series or just life and miss out on the euphoric sensation you experience during an orgasm, but it is not something you should be missing. During an orgasm or climax, you release endorphin as well as neurohormones, prolactin and oxytocin. Oxytocin is called the pleasure hormone or love hormone as it plays an important role in facilitating attachment and bonding between humans. The release of this love hormone makes you feel awesome. But that’s not all, orgasm has several health benefits. So, read on to know about health benefits of having an orgasm.

1. Cures common cold and headaches

If you are avoiding having sex because of a headache, then it is what you should do- have sex. There is proof that having an orgasm can relieve pain. So, before you reach out for a tablet, give sex a chance. Pain is blocked by orgasm. The hormone released during an orgasm will help to increase the threshold of pain. You don’t even need to go all the way, just stimulation will do the trick. Ladies, some self-love during menstruation will help you to reduce the cramps. It will also protect you from a common cold.

2. Helps keep looking younger

Now forget makeup and botox, just head to the bedroom for some steamy sex. According to a study, having sex thrice a week can help you look ten years younger, yes you heard it right. Although the reason is not very well known, the human growth hormone released during an intercourse is said to make the skin look younger.

3. Relieves stress

The release of the hormone oxytocin during orgasm relaxes you and relieves stress as it stimulates feeling of relaxation and warmth. Having an orgasm is the easiest way to relieve your stress. Oxytocin released at climax is your medicine for stress. According to a study conducted by Groningen University in the Netherlands, during orgasm, in women, the part of the brain associated with anxiety and fear does not show much activity.  So, you can use it as a secret weapon to overcome your fear.

4. Improves immune system

A study has proved that having sex once or twice a week will increase your immunoglobulin A 30%. Immunoglobulin A strengthens your immunity system. Your lymphatic system, which helps in natural detoxification of the body, also gets a massage. Orgasm also increases the number of leukocytes, the killer cells of your body. So, if you are not well and want to get better soon, have sex to boost your immunity.

5. It is a great form of exercise

If you are too lazy to workout, just get sweating with your partner. Sex is really good cardio exercise. You can burn more than 85 calories with 30 minutes of sex. It uses several muscles and raises your heart beat. Daily sex (workout) will not only make you feel good but will also help you to lose some calories.

6. Improves blood circulation in the pelvic region

Ladies, pay attention, sex will help you to keep your girly parts happy and healthy. Making out with your partner will improve the blood circulation in that region and keep your organs supple. Your menstrual cycle will be regular and the genital tissues healthy. Have an intercourse once a week to have a regular menstrual cycle and healthy vagina.

7. Improves sleep

It is not your fault that you doze off after sex. Orgasm releases prolactin hormone, which makes you sleepy and relaxed. According to a study, 32% out of 1,866 women in the US admitted that they masturbate to fall asleep. So instead of popping a pill, have an amazing orgasm and sleep like a baby.

8. Keeps you brain sharp

With all that blood rushing to your brain, orgasm is one of the fun ways to keep your brain active and sharp. So, when you have an orgasm, it improves blood circulation in your body and all parts of your brain oxygenating it. Improved blood circulation to your brain keeps it healthy. It will stimulate your brain.

9. Good for your heart

Keep your heart healthy by having a breath-taking orgasm. Not only it will keep your heart healthy but will also decrease the risk of stroke and cardiac arrest. It will also reduce the risk of bigh blood pressure and heart disease.  Sex will improve your relation with your partner. The love hormone oxytocin released during the orgasm will promote bonding and deepen the connection between your two.

10. Alleviate pain

Orgasms have magical power to alleviate your pain. According to a study, an awesome orgasm can increase the tolerance for pain in women. It is a great analgesic. Although it will suppress the pain, it will not affect the sensitivity. So, be ready for some rough sex and a great orgasm. Now that you know the health benefits of having an orgasm, happy orgasming!