You lower the risk of several diseases and medical condition by staying healthy and the first step to healthy living is healthy eating. Taking a simple step of avoiding sugar can have a huge impact on your overall health. However, it is easier said than done. If you are a foodie (which most often we are) it becomes a challenge not to have that extra slice of pizza or pay attention to that sugar craving. You need to start slow and stay focused to achieve your health goals.  Also, make a realistic plan instead of going for a complete revamp of your diet.  Try to eat frequent small meals to boost your metabolism and to avoid overeating. You can decide to have three meals and two snacks. Here are some other tips to start eating healthy today. (ALSO READ These are the Best Days to Start a Healthy Diet).

1. Eat good fat

You do not have to cut back on all fats. Not eating sufficient amount of good fat can also impact your health. There are four different types of fats, which are transfat, saturated fat, mono saturated and polysaturated fat. You need to avoid just the transfat. Other fats are required by your body as it helps in the production of hormones, for normal functioning of your brain and keeping your skin and hair healthy. Here are some foods that contain healthy fat.

2. Stock healthy food even for guests

You need to stock up your kitchen with healthy foods, even for your guests. Give your friends and family members healthy food instead of junk snack. This will make sure that you are not tempted by the unhealthy snacks in your kitchen.

3. Do not skip breakfast


Breakfast is important because your body has gone without food for more than 10 hours when you wake up in the morning. So, do not skip your breakfast. It will keep you energized through the day and will help you cut down calorie intake. (ALSO SEE Foods to avoid eating in the morning)

4. Eat just a handful of the snacks

Always remember to take just a handful of your snacks and use a small container for snacks. Eating mindlessly can result in the consumption of extra calories and over eating usually happen when you are eating in front of the television. You can avoid this by taking a handful of the snack while watching TV. (ALSO READ Home remedies for weight loss: These easy natural home remedies will help you lose weight naturally).

5. Include more fresh produce in your diet

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be a part of your diet as they provide essential nutrients, fiber, vitamins and mineral. Try to eat fruits and vegetable of different colors. They are loaded with antioxidants and will fight age-related signs.

These steps will help you ease into a habit of eating healthy foods. You will be able to change your diet to a better one and stay healthy.